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Blue Lagoon

coffeeshop Amsterdam
Reviews of Blue Lagoon Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Jason from Sweden sent 17 Jan 2015
I think this is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They always have good quality sativas, nice flavors and the price isn't that bad either, compared to the coffeeshops in the center. I tried the Bubble Gum and the Lemon Haze. I really liked them both. Impressive. I also tried their indicas, also really good quality. And if you love Moroccan hash, I mean like the kind that makes you want to roll another one 'cause the flavor is so good, then you should be lucky you found this place. They have their Blue Special hash, OMG, incredibly good. Staff is very friendly and helpful. A lot of locals visit this place instead of others around, I've been told.
Negative Review Jules from Amsterdam sent 10 May 2013
This is a typical tourist-coffeeshop where you get too little weed for what you pay. Last week I walked in and bought a gram of White Widow, which is the basic good weed for not too much money. The weed was fine, got me stoned quite good and it smelled great. The big deal for me was that I got 0.60 grams (wild guess) for 7,50 instead of a whole gram. It was a very small bag. When I go to my own coffeeshop in the centre I get bags twice as big for the same price.
Positive Review Claudio from Brazil sent 30 Oct 2012
Very nice place. Nice bud-tender. Great coffee. Best hash I did in Ams - Blue Special and very nice Edelweiss. Good prices. I went there 5 times or more. 9/10
Positive Review Raikva from UK sent 12 Mar 2011
Like a taxi office would be in heaven - joints; pool table; internet; a few small tables; friendly dispatcher; coffee & juice; no taxis. Limited selection but fresh and quality - €12 Blue Special Moroccan v nice.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 22 Feb 2011
Nice staff, also Superpolm very nice.
Positive Review Mikkel from Denmark sent 13 Nov 2010
The bud-tender was awesome. Making jokes about everything. Bought 2 g's of Petrol for 15E - Kept me buzzing for several hours. It's worth it to leave the center and go where the locals are going.
Negative Review Richie from Amsterdam sent 7 Aug 2009
Due to medical needs I buy plus or minus 5 grams per day. Twice not they have dumped me with a bag of fire wood at 11 per gram. If you buy make sure you look at what you get 'cos they will dump any rubbish on you if they are short! Till the last week this has not been a problem. I will not get stung again my self and I recommend caution when dealing with these people.
Positive Review Camsterdam from UK sent 5 Apr 2009
Has some excellent Chocolope Haze at 10 Euros G. Very tasty, hazey blazey but still Skunky chunky choco! Very functional weed but still good and strong. Not a good one for people worried about smells as it stunk the train out from my pocket.
Positive Review Qahouaji from USA visited many times; sent 30 Aug 2003
Friendly place, relatively popular with locals. Their bartenders are pretty friendly, easygoing types who sell grass and Moroccan hash. The grass is good quality if a little expensive (White Widow was 7 EURO a gram), and most of their Moroccan is good. Once in awhile, they get what's called "rif special" hash--absolutely the best Moroccan I've tried so far. They have a pool table and generally play techno music, so fragile people like me don't stick around too long. But a good place otherwise to get stoned and drink a cola.