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Blue Sea

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Reviews of Blue Sea Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Batorsk-international from Netherlands sent 15 Jun 2010
A small neighborhood coffeeshop in De Pijp. Menu with Jack Herrer, various Hazes and nice hash that you might find on any menu of the most popular and frequently visited coffee shops in Amsterdam but with much, much better prices overall. Mostly Arab, Turkish and Moroccans but so what, go in check out the menu. Best not to go in as a loud speaking novice. Note: in my long history of visiting coffeeshops and living in Amsterdam, some shop assistants do not smoke or are very knowledgeable about what is on the menu so don't be put off if you simply get a response of "I don't know" when you ask for recommendations. A park nearby to smoke on nice weather days and plenty of cheap food next door and in the area when the munchies hit. Go here when you have had it with other tourists crowds in the center. Tram 4 from central station and get off at stop Centuurbaan; walk across Centuurbaan street then you are on Van Woustraat 87.
Negative Review Ogrodnik from Netherlands sent 24 Jan 2010
The worst coffeeshop I've ever been to. First time I walk in, they sell me something, what was not what I've asked for. Second time, I'm attacked by asshole that keeps place, because they have the doors that do not close, and I, he said, should take care about does. Really unpleasant experience. Blue Sea of Sorrow.
Positive Review Koen from Amsterdam sent 16 Jan 2006
Very good quality, friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere. I have seen a lot of coffeeshops. This one is the best; for both weed and hash.
Positive Review Carling from UK sent 19 Nov 2005
Not a bad shop. Cheap prices but a real locals place.