Blue and White

coffeeshop in Scheveningen
Reviews of Blue and White Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass visited Summer 2023; sent 13 Dec 2023
Only shop in this area where one can sit down for consumption but only inside, holding about fifteen to twenty seats some bar stools at the counter included and also a patio outside with two tables; though only pure and as said only inside. Unfortunately their menu was nothing worth looking at as far as I remember which is zero by the way. Though what springs to mind is their bad looking traditional off their three offers of Moroccan hashish the budtender showed. Better bring your own hashish here, very average.
Positive Review S. Manning from USA sent 13 Jul 2012
Came back to my favorite coffee shop in April 2012. Even after five years, I just love how the staff treats tourists. In fact, most of the Dutch I know has been picked up here! I'm a bit old to be doing this, but they are very knowledgeable and make you feel quite at home. I especially like their hash recommendations, along with something mellow to facilitate smoking. I've been coming here off and on for a long, long time (mid-90s) and was originally referred to it by the VVV. I wish all coffee shops were so well respected, clean and decently run. I inevitably buy too much and make it a point to leave what's left on the counter when I have to go home. It's my own little way of paying it forward. During all this time, I've never been disappointed in their wares.
Positive Review GerlaghBaard from Netherlands sent 17 Jan 2010
Moderate to good weed and hash. Has a really nice atmosphere with friendly personnel. Serve all kinds of drinks and small snacks. Nice shop to take a break from your busy day (Y).
Positive Review Paula from USA sent 1 May 2008
One of the friendliest atmospheres I've come across in neighbourhood coffeeshops. They sell snacks, drinks, and the space is set up for wi-fi computer use. Very knowledgeable and courteous salespeople. This is actually a coffeeshop you can feel comfortable hanging out in! Highly recommended, especially for us ladies who might not feel at home at many of the sleazier coffeeshops in Nederland. Blue and White is a five-star establishment - do yourself a favour and find this place, which is actually in Scheveningen and not Den Haag.
Positive Review Benny from Italy sent 15 Mar 2006
The service is very good (they are very nice and coffee and food are very good too). It is also an internet point. I went there every day, and I'll go there again. Power Plant is my choice there (also White Widow) but all the grass and hash is excellent there. The hash I recommend there is HIA. Very relaxing and warm atmosphere in that shop. Really, I miss them all. It is also a music studio.
Positive Review Sue and Neville from N. Ireland visited July 04; sent 13 Aug 2004
Atmosphere is great, really chilled, staff are the best and really helpful and friendly. The food and indeed the coffee are so good you just have to keep going back. Our first experience was on a wet cold stormy night when we got blown in through the door but the welcome soon had us feeling well chilled and warmed through. It was so good we just had to keep going back and back and back.