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coffeeshop Hoorn
Reviews of Zuiderzee Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Very busy place due to being the only coffeeshop in town where one can sit; the other one is in an industrial area and only take-away, also part of an Amsterdam coffeeshop chain offering the same products they sell at all of their shops and that's why skipped by us as just boring. So this was it then here for something 'new' and even though it was constantly busy more or less it was ok for sitting down for half an hour. Place itself is like a classic Dutch pub where the bar is in the centre of the room plus a few wooden bar stools and a couple of benches, at least cushioned, too. Very loud music aimed at the mostly young crowd seemingly so a lot of rap and weird pop music on the stereo. Menu wietwise: Jamaican Lams (sic!, 5,5€/g), Haze Gruis (6€/g), Bookies [Outdoor] (6,5€/g), Swiss Sense (9€/g), Orange Bud (9€/g), Orange Haze (9,5€/g), Pineapple Kush (10€/g), Power Plant (10€/g), Amnesia (10,5€/g), Mohan Ram (11,5€/g), Crystal Sensation (12€/g), White Haze (12€/g) and Big Buddha Cheese (12,5€/g). Hasjwise: Maroc (5€/g), Power Afgaan (6€/g), Polm (6,5€/g), Super Polm (8€/g), Candy Kush (8€/g), Lemon Ice Glue (9€/g), Nikol Choche (9€/g), Sour Diesel Glue (9€/g), Sour Diesel Glue (9€/g), 24K Gold (9,5€/g), Riff Gold (10€/g) and IceOLator (25€/g). Got shown their flagships when it comes to wiet but was nothing more than the average stuff around so purchased a bag of their Riff Gold which was classic piney Moroccan hash. Conclusion: lively place with a nice enough selection and quality but probably not so pleasant for a longer stay.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 21 Apr 2015
Nice small shop with bar and few tables. Good quality and friendly locals. If you're in Hoorn and a smoker, simply go there.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 29 Mar 2009
Very good quality in their weed and hash menu. Take away shop. Recommended if you are in the beautiful city of Hoorn.
Positive Review Hervé from France sent 11 Jul 2007
I always do a bit of shopping in this place each time I am in Hoorn. I usually get hashish (Indian/Nepal at 10 euro/gram), and I must say that so far, I have always been amazed by the quality of their stuff. They also have cheaper offers that I haven't tried yet. Not to be missed if you're in Hoorn, a beautiful city close to even more beautiful Enkhuizen.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 28 Jun 2005
Located near the Station. This is a rather busy shop, with an incredible amount of in and out traffic at the dealer's booth. These guys are making some money. It's a fair sized shop with nice tables, and a woody decor. Staff was pleasant enough, but too busy to really chat. Most of the patrons were of the in and out variety, though there were others sitting at bar and table. Kind of an old bar ambience.