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coffeeshop Utrecht
Reviews of Pleasure Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review JustinCase sent 19 Nov 2018
Pleasure offers Nederlands and U.S. weed. U.S strains for 40-50€, Dutch ones 12,50€
Positive Review Andy from USA sent 19 Jan 2013
Best prices of any of the shops I visited, and probably the best selection of strains too. Weed comes in €5 and €12.50 bags, the cheaper bags having about 3/4 of a gram depending on strain. Can't remember how much came in the larger bags, I think it was just over 2 grams. If you like sativa strains, this is the place to get them. Buy on entry, after purchasing you can go to the smoking area. Has a kind of dive-bar atmosphere. They were pretty busy both times I went, but were willing to give a quick description of their strains. If you just want to pick up some good weed at a good price, this is the place to do it.
Neutral Review Manasinho from Czech republic sent 24 Nov 2010
Probably the largest range of weeds even if price and quality is not that much. I got to the last two models for free papers and the whole pack of filters.
Neutral Review Craftybrewer from UK visited 23/06; sent 25 Jun 2010
Somewhat unfriendly I thought, but I am a middle aged English guy out of normal habitat I suppose and perhaps this is unusual. Equally this being a counter on entry with the coffeeshop behind kind of lends itself that way, but here's the rub, 1g Jack Herrer, 5 yes that's 5 euros and the best grass yet.
Positive Review Autumn from Australia sent 20 Mar 2010
A pretty consistent place for good weed and not a bad place to sit and smoke in either. I'm pretty sure it's buy on entry (I always buy anyway so don't know for sure). The atmosphere kind of resembles a bar. Staff are usually very busy but quite prompt and seem nice. They have some good weed and hash choices, some are not to be found in other coffeeshops in Utrecht, all fairly good value and they do amnesia muffins.
Positive Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
Small shop with limited selection but nice quality. The guy was friendly. It was very busy when we went and had a nice atmosphere. I think it's open quite late.
Positive Review Martins from Latvia sent 22 Jan 2007
Nice, small coffeeshop, which from outside looks more like a beer bar, not a coffeeshop.
Positive Review Sbeciazza from Italy sent 20 Aug 2006
Good coffeeshop. Very good hash, very good weed. The room is nice. Yes, a little dark, but it can contain a lot of people (the night when I goes the coffeeshop was full and there was a lot of smokers!). And sometimes worked a really pretty blond girl.
Positive Review Prashant from England sent 2 Oct 2003
Really nice, friendly - but pricey. They mostly seemed to close at about midnight, even Saturday nights,
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 24 Sep 2003
A 'gatekeeper' shop (buy on entry) with a miniscule buying area - only enough room for one or two people! However, they seem to give a complimentary pack of red Smoking papers with each purpose. Once inside, it's quite a dark shop, despite being large, open, and airy, with about a dozen tables and comfy seats. Decor is French in influence, but seemed overdue for a new paint job. Jamaican music and feel here, certainly nice enough to spend some time in.