De Bovenstad

coffeeshop in Gorinchem
Reviews of De Bovenstad Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited October 2022; sent 22 Dec 2022
Bright, modern and inviting looking koffieshop here. If I'm not mistaken there is a boat theme going on which sorta would refer to the name. Serves about twenty-five seats and a glass cage with six for consumption; also a football table around and an outdoor area sadly not to be used anymore. After entering one follows a narrow corridor leading to the bar for purchasing gear as well as beverages . Funnily priced wiet menu came up with: Big Bomb (listed 'Bio', 7,5€), Cbd Sky Walker (7,9€), Gruis Mix (10€), Pineapple Bud (10,75€), Enemy Of The State (10,8€), Haze (11,75€), Groen Genoegen (lol, 12€), Amnesia (12,6€), Pink Runtz (13,2€), Ice Cream Cake ('Cali', 20€). Hasj: Black Lux (?/g), Flame (7,5€), Black Candy (9€), Maroc 10 (11€), Banana Kush (11,5€), Ketama Gold (11,5€) and Gorilla Glue (14€). Offers are pre-packed and coming in two sizes. They also had a section with about seven options for space cakes, supposedly all home made and ranging from 7 – 8 €. Too one extra section with edibles and most of them coming from the Kandy Krew pseudo brand, 8-15€ per piece including Milkshake (15€) and Bonbons (15€). We opted for the Ice Cream Cake and Gorilla Glue. The wiet was good enough but overpriced though the other variants looked nice enough as well. The sticky and very dark Gorilla Glue the same, also strong enough. Staff was very patient as well as friendly and so were the locals. It is only allowed to smoke pure but this was no problem for our mostly bong crew as we brought our own as so often but they also had one if memory serves me right. Our level of satisfaction was definitely reached here (pun intended)! So all in all a lovely coffeeshop with nice enough wares and probably the place to be when sitting down and consuming in this little town atmosphere and all that considered. Particularly recommended as we would come back!
Positive Review Bilsfmr from France sent 17 Jul 2012
A very good c/shop, the atmosphere is really relax; my favorite place to stay. The guy was helpful and help me in my choice. I thought the weed was expensive but quality; I advise the Moonflower and the Bubble, the hasj is also good!
Positive Review Suki from England sent 4 May 2012
This is an excellent coffeeshop. I purchased the weed Moonflower and the hashish Marroc. The Moonflower was very good and I can not remember its price, the Marroc was 7.70 euro a gram and also was very good. The coffeeshop staff were helpful and their coffee was very good. The coffeeshop has table football, music, tv and a garden. Unlike so many of the takeaway, in-out coffeeshops of South Holland this coffee shop is a very good place for a smoke and I felt very comfortable there.
Positive Review Fish and Chips from England sent 15 Apr 2006
Lovely place. Little touches r they break off big stalks b4 they weigh ur skunk. lol. Weighs nothing but nice touch. The scales r linked up to the register so u see the weight of everything. It weighs up, I checked. rofl. Try the Amnesia Haze is outstanding best I had on the last 2 half weeks I was there.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 23 Jul 2003
Nice accommodation, absolutely not shabby, very nice chairs and stuff, not a take away. Good weed (groen genoegen) and hasj (puntjes). Nice people too. They weigh the stuff when you buy it on a scale in the shop. You always get what you paid for. The best shop, although not the best grass. Average prices.