The Box

coffeeshop in Scheveningen
Reviews of The Box Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited Summer 2023; sent 13 Dec 2023
Going here for a while now since they stocked up on various hashish offerings with foreign genetics from Morocco I got told which they sell a small range of beside traditional offerings from there; for a price as usual though, up to more than 20€ a gram and pre-packed full grams but I often go for taking a look at least. Most of what I tried there was quality and up to date stuff; also they sell so called Cali wiet but as usual my interest in that is pretty limited. Menu changes regularly. Employers are friendly and relatively helpful. Negative point is that it's just a take away place and only alternative in this area is coffeeshop Blue and White. All in all a good menu for everyone's taste to some degree so recommended.
Positive Review GerlaghBaard from Netherlands sent 17 Jan 2010
Good shop, quality weed but inferior hashish. Not much of an atmosphere for tourists as only local regulars hang around. Good stop & go shop. Fair prices.
Positive Review Paula from Netherlands sent 2 May 2009
I was referred to The Box by another coffeeshop in Den Haag that happened to be out of hashish. The Box has a small sales counter, with a clearly-posted menu of what is available for sale. They had a great variety of marijuana and hashish! I bought some excellent black Afghan hash at a reasonable price: 5 grams for 28 Euro. I'm really impressed with the quality of what I purchased. The counter service was friendly and efficient. I was only in the shop for a minute, so I didn't go into the back smoking area. I would definitely recommend this low-key coffeeshop for buying high-quality smoking material.
Positive Review Didi from Netherlands sent 25 May 2006
I come there regularly for some years and think it's very friendly. If they want you out of the door, you must be a very unfriendly person, and that makes it your own fault. I like it there, they talk to anyone who's nice and friendly. Not too big in there, and the drinks are cheap too.
Negative Review Jos from The Hague sent 30 Mar 2005
Not a very good shop! The crew is not friendly at all (it seems like they want you out of the shop a.s.a.p.) and the customers aren't very friendly either. You have no choice in this shop: You either buy 'skunk' or 'hash', so no 'white widdow' or 'fruity' or somethin. Good thing: skunk from The Box is always good, you'll get high guaranteed. I would not recommend this shop though, especially not if it's your first time in a coffeeshop!