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Reviews of Bronx Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Jim Skaf from Netherlands. Sent 23 Nov 2017.
I've been there for 8 years. Never a problem. But 1 day after my birthday I was refused to sit there. This is a bad shop with very aggressive people. Please visit coffeeshop next to it further on ['t Keteltje].
Positive Review OffieBoss from UK. Sent 8 Feb 2013.
Went on a trip here after a recommendation of their hash from a Barneys BT. On entry I thought that this was a buy and fly shop as there is no apparent seating? So I went to the counter and there was a 50ish Moroccan, he only spoke a little English so it was a bit hard to explain why I was there but as soon as I mentioned the Primera, he smiled and pulled out a big lump, this was top notch Moroccan, and he was proud to show it off, bubbled easily and was pliable and at 2g for €16 is a steal. I then asked if there was anywhere I could smoke, with a confused look on his face he pointed to a double glazed door, of course! They have partitioned the smoking room from the bar. Down a few steps. Two tables on your left and right about space for 8max on each, then stairs run up the middle of the room to computers on one side and wc on the other. Nice neighbourhood shop with a real smokers den feel. 8/10 only due to the fact that there was some terrible music (bieber) and it being dark inside made the place feel intimidating.
Positive Review B&E from USA. Sent 11 Oct 2008.
Nice and relaxed coffee house. We didn't feel rushed here and the guy tending the place was friendly enough. They have a few computers with internet access. Lots of places to sit. If you're not in the neighborhood, I wouldn't travel all the way out here for this place, but if you're nearby you should stop in (or if you're at Sound Garden cafe down the street, which is awesome and no one seems to mind if you smoke herb out back).
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 15 May 2008.
In a quiet part to the west of the Centrum, Bronx is a typical small neighbourhood shop with locals in mind, as you walk in the bar is to the right and to the left there are 3 tables each with 2 chairs, all the seats were taken in this area of the shop by local Moroccan guys. The dealer was also Moroccan and much older than most dealers you find, he struggled with English but was well friendly and welcoming. They had 2 hashes and 2 weeds on the menu plus 1 type of pre rolled hash and 1 type of pre rolled weed. Purchased 1gm of Super Pollum for 8euros and sat at the back of the shop which is down a few steps, there is loads of comfy seating in this area as well as a couple of arcade style game machines, a telly and a large aquarium that had some rather impressive koi carp swimming around. Raised above this area is the toilet on one side and 3 computers with Internet on the other. The Super Pollum was indeed super, very oily and sticky, great taste and great high. Only slight gripe with the place was the music playing, a bizarre mixture from The Foo Fighters to The Spice Girls to Gareth Gates to Motorhead. Top place though. Will go back.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Visited 16 Dec 07. Sent 7 Mar 2008.
We had visited here in the spring, had drinks and smoked pre-purchased weed, but this time went for the Bubblegum (1g/E8). Nice specimen. Cool shop, tri-level (restrooms on top), quite airy. A nice stop if you're in the area.
Positive Review Rks0 from UK. Visited Nov 06. Sent 18 Mar 2007.
A quiet and hospitable coffeeshop. It is a split-level place, with internet access, and I was made to feel quite welcome by the Moroccan guys manning the shop. I sampled the Bubblegum, which was a fine example of the strain. The menu is somewhat smaller than those in and around Centrum, but don't let that detract from making the 15-20 minute walk from Centraal station to Bronx. Although I didn't try any, it seemed to be big on blonde hash, and had a number of locals come in and 'buy and go' whilst I was there. One thing that did make me chuckle though, was a slight language problem - like most ignorant Britons, I asked for a cup of coffee (in English), and got a can of Coke in return!
Positive Review Dane from UK. Sent 11 Nov 2006.
A pretty big shop with internet and usually two types of skunk at 6e/g, two hashes at 7e/g and Thai weed on the menu. They have won Highlife awards in the past and it is easy to see (and taste) why. I had the White Widow and the Bubblegum, both as they should be, well worth the price. The real star of this menu is the Primeur hash - I don't normally like Maroc hash but this is sweeter and smoother and a lot stronger than average and gives a joint a rounded flavour when only a small amount was added to a skunk joint.