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The Brothers

coffeeshop Heerlen
Reviews of The Brothers Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review Jesscass visited June 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Bit of a dark place but at the two counters wares were displayed behind glass. Relatively big selection of more than ten strains when it comes to weed and about eight when it comes to hashish. One mate went for their AMG Haze for overpriced 14€ which was OK enough and myself for one blondish Moroccan for 8€/g which was nothing special too but nice enough. There was more pricey hash around by the way but for some reasons opted for that. Staff was polite enough and told us smoking room is only for Dutch locals. If you're after variation probably worth a look but don't expect too much.
Neutral Review Tom from Germany sent 8 Jan 2014
Open again (but for how long?) No Germans welcome (doorman told me that they are not allowed to sell anything to Germans)!
Negative Review Marvin from Germany sent 28 Oct 2011
This Shop is closed!
Negative Review RastaJo from Netherlands sent 7 Jun 2010
Even when you come here regularly, the doorman doesn't even answer when you say hello or goodbye (in Dutch!) Oh and be sure you're waiting in the right line depending on which weed you want, if they have one kind only on the other side, they won't walk the max. 1,5m to grab it for you. Regarding quality, you've to be lucky, even the most expensive hazes (10-12€/g) might be wet.
Neutral Review Simon from Germany sent 1 Oct 2009
Please respect that the shop is in a residential zone. Don't make noise - you can chat inside and turn up your car's radio on the motorway again. The shop is not the most cosy one but OK. The weed quality is very unsteady. Hardly ever perfect, often OK but nearly as often low. But the quality seems to be a problem in nearly every shop in Heerlen.
Negative Review Durv from Netherlands sent 30 Jul 2008
Well the place is ok and ok to sit there and smoke ur joint. But the weed, they have 3 kinds of weed (sometimes they have something else) White Widow 7 euro, Santa Maria 7 euro, Snowball 5 euro and Maroc hasj 3 euro and Ketema hasj 5 euro?, and another hasj. They present it good underglass and light. But I bought once 1 gr White and 1 gr Santa it was both 0,85 gram and the Santa Maria was not dried (I dried it, it was 0,3 gr) bad thing I was in a hurry and didn't look. But ok, the Snowball, don't buy man, it's so bad useless. The hasj was ok but weight nah.
Neutral Review Alex from Germany sent 4 Jul 2008
The menu is great and they have good stuff but I dislike the small room and the loud music all time. Just for shopping its ok, but I like not to stay there for a long time.
Neutral Review BillyBrause from Germany sent 28 Jan 2008
The coffeeshop opens at 6.00pm! I went there at 2.00 pm )-: on the bus from Aachen. On Sunday they open at 3.00 pm.
Negative Review Lucky from Germany sent 4 Jan 2008
Positive Review Corb from Netherlands sent 6 Aug 2007
A very nice coffeeshop, very friendly people who help you and even a nice doorman! When he see you one time, he don't ask for your ID anymore, nice! You don't have to wait to order, even when its press. The prices are the same as many other coffeeshops around here, nothing to complain. They have one arcade game (touchscreen) and also games like chess and card and a football table. In the back of the shop there's a large TV to watch movies and stuff. Also if you bring your laptop with you, you can use internet on every table in the back of the shop. It's a bit dark and the music plays sometimes loud, but that's no problem I think.
Positive Review Sharif from Netherlands (resident!) sent 30 May 2003
It's quite a nice one and if it weren't for my mates, I hadn't even known of it's existence.