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The Bulldog No. 90

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The Bulldog No. 90
coffee shop The Bulldog No. 90, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of The Bulldog No. 90 Number of Positive Reviews 16 Number of Neutral Reviews 5 Number of Negative Reviews 6
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 25 Feb 2012.
Very friendly dealer, nice weed (Super Silver Haze?)
Positive Review Skyy from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2012.
Has an OK selection. Not too exciting, it pretty much has the same as every other shop. Selection quite small for such a known tourist spot. All skunks are 11€ a gram.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 22 Feb 2011.
"Climbing the charts" from only one and a half years ago. Since the cup entry last year, Silverstar something. 1/2
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2011.
Lovely vibe here! Lovely cowskin seats and wooden tables. One of the best hot chocolates in town. Good menu just a bit cliche, bought nothing here.
Positive Review Dambuster from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2008.
Walked past this place on recent trips to 'Dam but never been in so decided to give it a try this time and I must say I'm glad I did! Went in and got a bit confused at first as I couldn't find the bud menu at the bar on the ground floor then somebody told me you had to go downstairs to the bud bar. Downstairs had plenty of seating and me and my mates got a private booth at the front, right next to the bud bar which was handy! I bought some Jamaican weed which I was very disappointed with as it was like a lump of coal and very hard to grind and tasted disgusting. My mate however bought some Strawberry Haze which had a fruity taste and was an amazing smoke. Also enjoyed looking at some of the exhibits around the room like the stash stool above our table and the Jackass poster signed by Steve-O saying thanks for the free weed! I noticed they had a volcano vaporiser to borrow as well but unfortunately somebody was already using it during our visit.
Positive Review LGM from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2007.
Easily the best place we visited. The prices where good (we got 4 Jamaican reefa 12euros, 4.0 grams of Thai grass for 12euros, 3.5 grams crystal 25euros, etc). The quality was excellent and there was a huge variety of weed there, of which we tried most of it. We sat for a long time in the Bulldog and even bought t-shirts with the Bulldog logo on. The service was great (behind the bar they were nice and polite and the "dealer" downstairs talked us through all the different types of weed and was incredibly helpful). I would recommend this place to anyone going to Amsterdam, it was an excellent place to visit.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 9 Jan 2007.
We went 3 times. Super weed the "Chrystal" one they have. Very nice smell, very nice taste, very nice stone for a very nice price (3 gr/12€ if i remember). The Afgan they have was also good but I like tasty hashish and the Afgan hash (and some Nepalese) make feel very good. Wasn't the strongest highs we had 'cause we tried lots in lots of coffeeshops.
Positive Review Crosby from England. Sent 18 Nov 2006.
Went here every day on our 6 day trip, not only because of the up-beat well known music but the friendly staff and super friendly dealer. That man is a legend. Decor is really cool and the prices for weed and drink are pretty reasonable. Has a nice touch of letting customers stick Rizla to the inside of the lampshades (nice personal touch).
Negative Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
This place is really commercialized. Products are only average for high prices. Drinks are expensive; the place looks cool, but plays stupid music and attracts a bad crowd. I would only give this a 2/10 because they have a decent selection of smart products.
Negative Review Richard from Canada. Sent 20 Sep 2005.
Horribly commercial.
Positive Review Johny from UK. Visited 30 May. Sent 18 Jun 2005.
This was my very first trip to Amsterdam and my very first coffeeshop I went to and my first impression was the unforgettable sweet smell as I walked up the stairs. The Dealer is located downstairs and what a cool cool Dealer. He showed us his little drawer with all the weed in there with so much enthusiasm I got a 3 grams of the infamous White Widow and a gram of Purple Haze back upstairs sat off on the internet and they even had web cams so I showed all my mates the gear! Very good chilled out shop worth going to!
Positive Review Rob from England. Sent 11 Apr 2005.
In the two days spent in Amsterdam for my Stag do, this and The Other Place were the only coffee shops we visited. Although not being much of a smoker anymore, I took a couple of mates here for a small afternoon break away from the beer. We wondered in and immediately noted the girl behind the upstairs counter to be rude and ignorant. Not having been there before, we obviously asked to look at the menu. She somewhat angrily advised us it was downstairs. We were pleased about this as it meant we need only have little contact with her. We ventured downstairs and all headed toward the counter. My friend (who is a big smoker) bought some Top 44, some Purple Haze and some expensive squidgy hash, all of which he was very satisfied with, off a very helpful dealer behind the counter. We managed to get a seat and got comfortable in the pleasant ambience, drinking coffee and fruit drinks and watching my mate get increasingly caned. Overall the Bulldog exceeded all expectations. I'd been to the Bulldog Palace on a previous trip to the Dam and although it's situated in a location I prefer I probably enjoyed this one more. The atmosphere was nice, the lighting great and I had good reports about the weed. The only downside was the girl serving drinks upstairs. What a stupid bitch!
Neutral Review Bubba from Australia. Sent 17 Jan 2005.
We went to the Bulldog 90 to retrace the steps of a close friend who had been there in the late 70's. It was a nice enough place, but looked a little like a smokers' Hard Rock Cafe or franchise to me. The girl behind the bar was indifferent, but I grabbed two straight coffees and a spacecake for my partner. It was good to get the warning message inside the cake wrapper, explaining the consequences of the space cake when eaten by a non smoker. My partner had half and saved the rest for later. It gave a good few hours buzz as I witnessed. The smoke bar downstairs was a bit cramped, but I got a four pack of pre-rolled Jamaican for 12 Euro. The guy dealing was also indifferent. They were very small, and after smoking all four within an hour, I was very mellow but not very stoned. The internet access was handy though.
Negative Review Webber from N. Ireland. Sent 16 Apr 2004.
Didn't like the vibe at all and the skinhead girl behind the bar was nice at times and was just a c*nt at others. Only went in because our friend from Oosterpaark said that it's the same guy who owns the Bulldog as owns the pub that he pretty much lives in. Lenja or something I think it was called, smoker friendly, nice breakfast menu.
Neutral Review Flyski n Skinz from UK. Visited 2-4 FEB 04. Sent 5 Feb 2004.
We went in here just to say we had been in and didn't stay long. The plusher seating was welcome but with it came the realisation that The Bulldog is about making money and it's hard to avoid. The prices were more expensive than other coffee shops and it felt very much like visiting a branch of a large corporation. It's worth a visit for the old pictures of the area on the wall and also the laughable chaining of the ashtrays to the tables. Pants Bulldog - you could do better and could do with gaining a bit of individuality instead of filling the streets with your large offensive blue neon signs!
Neutral Review Tony from UK. Sent 15 Jan 2004.
Nice and friendly upstairs but I found the dealer downstairs had an attitude problem and the Thai was unimpressive.
Positive Review Mark from USA. Sent 8 Jan 2004.
I recently returned from my first trip to Amsterdam in almost 20 years. I went looking for a coffeeshop without having done any research, and I assumed that the red-light area would be the place to go, so that is where I headed. I walked by a few places that had some unsavory-looking people hanging out in front of them, so I passed them up. In fairness I must confess that I am 52 years old, so it was probably my old age that thought those people unsavory rather than any specific incidents. But I digress. I saw the Bulldog, not knowing any of its history, and it looked a little more mainstream than the other places, especially since it had a gift-shop next door and a nearby hostel, so I went inside. I was just looking to buy some smoke, not a place to hang-out, so its mainstream exterior didn't bother me. The bartender directed me downstairs after I hesitantly inquired about purchasing some pot (remember this was all new to me, buying pot legally). The man behind the counter was very friendly and handed me a menu. I was a little sceptical at first; after all, I've been smoking pot since 1968 and I've seen it all. For convenience purposes I bought some already-rolled joints, four to a pack. The joints were small, and they also had a small filter attached to their ends, which served as a roach-clip. At first I didn't like the idea of the filters, but they enabled you to smoke the joint to its end, so they turned out to be a good thing. Anyway, after buying a 4-pack, I went upstairs and decided to order a cup of tea, even though my original plan was to buy the pot and leave. I sat at the bar and lit up while my tea was being made. The bartender was friendly enough, but it was early in the morning and I was the only one there, so she had time to converse. I envision that this is what the USA will be like, after the revolution. After smoking a joint I caught a real good buzz that lasted well into the day, so I was content. The price was reasonable, considering what it is that you are buying. I know that there are many coffeeshop options, and I plan to check out some other ones on my next trip, but my Bulldog experience was very pleasant.
Negative Review Escobar from UK. Sent 18 Nov 2003.
This, just like all the Bulldog coffee shops, is full of shit.
Neutral Review Doody from USA. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
The "Bulldog 90" is in the very middle of the Red Light District which can sometimes be an interesting part of town. While I was sitting at the bar in the "Bulldog 90" this one fellow, who didn't work there, told one of my bandmates to give him his wallet or he would follow him and "beat his ass." I was really starting to freak out as I had never experienced that anywhere in all of Amsterdam, but the staff at the "Bulldog" quickly took care of the situation and ushered this fellow out and asked us if we wanted to call the police, we said that was ok, they offered us free drinks so we chilled out w/ a nice fresh squeezed OJ and a spliff. The shop itself is quite relaxing inside, wood finish and brass, lots of booth and table seating, barstools and a great view out the front window to all the action out on the street. I didn't purchase any weed there, but I did check out the "Display" down the narrow, winding staircase in the basement. They had a light up menu, lots of couches and visual samples of all their products, which all looked good. They even had a microscope you could use to check out the crystals on your bud. They didn't mind we rolled our own smoke that we had left from the "Greenhouse Effect," so we did (free tips and papers at the bar), and ended up having a really nice time. They also have bier on tap which was nice, and internet service so you can check your email etc. All in all the "Bulldog" isn't a bad shop at all, just in a crazy part of town. Supposedly the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam, worth checking out if you are in the area. For an interesting walk go down the skinny "Alley of doors" right next to the "Bulldog 90," an eye opening experience to say the least.
Negative Review FiL from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2003.
The worst out of ten coffeeshops I've been to. The staff wouldn't serve my friend & I at all. We waited at the bar/counter? for 15 minutes & the only thing we got was dirty looks from the staff. We were polite & not rude at all they kept ignoring us. We never did go downstairs because we thought we'd get something to drink first.
Positive Review Aaron from Canada. Sent 11 Oct 2003.
Although I stopped in many shops, well over 15, the Bulldog has to have been the most memorable. The first coffeeshop in Amsterdam has no trouble letting you know what they sell well before stepping in the door. I mention this because I found some cafes to be slightly ambiguous in their desire to be recognized as smoke shops. I walked straight up to the barkeep at the back of the cafe and asked him to show me the menu. A pretty girl sitting on a stool at the bar pointed behind me and said to go down the stairs. The atmosphere in the cafe was fantastically filled with plumes of smoke, and the stairs down were no less conducive to the marijuana experience. A tight, narrow, and slightly winding wooden staircase lead me to the basement. A man stood behind a large wooden podium while smokers sat around tables in the corner. I asked to see his menu and he told me to push the button on his podium. I looked down at his wooden counter and saw a blacked out menu encased in glass and framed by brass embedded into the podium. I pressed the shiny button underneath the menu and it lit up for me to read. I took my purchase upstairs where I rolled and smoked it with the company of some friendly American tourists I met at the bar. My nationality is Canadian. I returned from Europe only two days ago. On a disappointing note, I found that anything edible I purchased at the coffee shops where quite ineffective. Over the course of my week long stay in Amsterdam I tried a variety of 'space' products from a plethora of shops. I found none of them to be remotely spacey. I ate muffins, brownies, teas, and cookies, both on a fresh, and polluted head, but was disappointed by their lack of potency each time. I also recommend staying away from pre-rolled joints. They are enormous in size, but extremely non-potent. Anytime I purchased a straight bag of weed or hash I was not disappointed.
Positive Review Giorgio from Italy. Sent 25 Sep 2003.
I wanted to see the first coffee shop in Amsterdam and it hasn't disappointed me. Downstairs there's a room where you can buy grass. I don't think it's expensive: 2 grams of White Widow are only 12.00€ and it's really very very good! I wouldn't buy ready-to-smoke joints, they are 3.50€, I think 12€ for 2g of W.W. are better! Free filters at the bar. "The Bulldog Energy Drink" has the same taste (and probably it's exactly the same thing) of "La Canna Energy Drink".
Negative Review Mick and Will from England. Sent 31 Jul 2003.
I personally did not like this place. It seemed way too commercialised and the dealer booth was down some really small stairs. The selection seemed a bit limited and all prices were in 2g. They also said this was the smallest they did. Don't know about the quality but we left as the staff were not friendly at all!
Neutral Review Matthew from UK. Sent 10 Jun 2003.
Great window seat to chill out in, but you still get rude and aggressive staff.
Positive Review Cal from USA. Visited June 2003. Sent 6 Jun 2003.
We stopped in to check out the Bulldog due to its nostalgic nature as one of the very first coffee shops in Amsterdam. We found this to be a very nice environment to just kick back and smoke a "fatty". The coffee was actually decent and in a large cup compared to other places. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I didn't sample the weed there as I already had a pocket full of "White Widow" and was heading back to the states that day. They had no issue with us smoking what was purchase elsewhere. Worth a stop on your trip to Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dröselmeister from Germany. Sent 21 Apr 2001.
Here you can see the most interesting people of Amsterdam. You sit on the bank in front of it and your mind will ask what is the story of this person or what bring him to Amsterdam. In Bulldog you can drink the best orangejuice and you can take a look on the women in the windows on the other side!
Positive Review Steph from France. Sent 21 Jun 1999.
(I try Afghani hash and Misty). For me the Bulldog is the best test: very good environment inside with a cool people in the bar. The choice of hemp is less variety to the Greenhouse but the price is better.