The Bulldog Palace

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of The Bulldog Palace Number of Positive Reviews 14 Number of Neutral Reviews 9 Number of Negative Reviews 9
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 10 Jun 2019
The Bulldog chain Palace location is a rather odd and uninteresting place to buy your products. However it is an ideal and central location to roll one up, eat and drink something while smoking. Beware that this location might be considered as a tourist trap, if you don't know how to use it properly.
Positive Review Anon. sent 14 Jul 2018
I was treated very well here. I didn't have the correct form of payment so the gal behind the bar let me slide on the Coca-Cola in the small glass bottle. Loved it all!
Negative Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
Horrible loud atmosphere. The staff kept asking us to buy things. Not a fun place.
Neutral Review Missy from USA sent 29 Sep 2010
Stopped at the Bulldog one afternoon while in Amsterdam. Had our own stash of really good sativa so we just ordered beverages and borrowed a pipe. Kind staff but not as personable as other shops. Grabbed a table in the back and watched the crazy videos on the TV while enjoying our smoke. Not sure what the weed/hash selection was like since we had some from another shop. Perhaps a little more touristy than most - has a restaurant attached to it.
Negative Review Fredster from UK visited April 08; sent 14 Jun 2008
Why would anyone with a bit of sense step into this place, I mean if you are missing the UK, grit weed taste, this is were you find the most common taster to that. These dude like to drink beer, smoke ciggies and push bad shit weed all day everyday! Not nice smoke here, had to throw it in the bin, usch. A place for British! Beware.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 13 Mar 2008
I know this is a tourist shop but had an excellent time. I visited in the afternoon and the place was crowded but not full. I did not buy weed here but I was not hassled about smoking weed from another shop. Tunes were good and the people attractive. I will return because of the fun atmosphere and it was easy to find.
Negative Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
It's the first one you see in this area but don't go there, you'll just get lumbered with moderate weed for the whole trip. Commercial coffee shops are the worst.
Negative Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
I stay away from. Bought an "quality expensive" prerolled at the Leidseplein location, lit it up, and it proceeded to pop, seeds. I opened it up and it was some shwag looking gear, I went back to the dealer, and he said it was a mistake, but, it wasn't the place is a tourist trap, and I have never been ripped off anywhere else other than here and at that time period. The atmosphere was really loud and like I said just a bunch of tourists, no locals which is always a bad sign.
Positive Review John & Becky from USA visited May 06; sent 9 May 2007
We were looking for a close coffeeshop to hit to kill some time before the concert event down the street at the famed "Paradiso". The Bulldog Palace was close and although we like to avoid the big tourist style shops, this was a matter of convenience. The place has plenty of seating and we found a corner of an adjacent room that had a fine pot plant growing inside a glass contained environment that was nice to sit near and smell and all of the other Bulldogs had plants inside as well. This room was cool because they allowed patrons to place stickers on the wall so there was plenty of neat language stickers and graffiti to look at and trust me you can't help but get up to take a better look at the items adorning the walls. We all needed to use the bathroom and provided you bought some drinks they would allow you to get a coin from atop the cigarette machine to gain access to bathrooms without paying. I thought that was really cool considering other people complained about paying. I honestly think a little sunshine goes a long way. If you treat most of these owners nicely, you usually receive nice service. Prices were a little high but the quality and selection were notable and considered better than most as well as a stellar location to watch the city go by. The service was nice considering always busy. Overall visit was 7/10.
Neutral Review Wiggs Dannyboy from USA visited July 05; sent 14 Aug 2006
First coffeeshop experience, it was right around the corner from the hotel. Did not find it very friendly. The man behind the desk was not helpful at all. Scored some good White Widow Spliffs.
Negative Review Tyler H from USA sent 14 Aug 2006
I cannot recommend you not to go here enough.
Negative Review Matt from USA sent 15 Mar 2006
What a waste of time! People that worked there where not only rude, they seemed to enjoy the fact that there was a bum inside the place hassling the customers? What the hell is that all about? Bought some smoke from them and several beers and they still wanted 1 Euro to use the bathroom!
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Packed got the Misty smelt like paxo really nice good stoned aswell didn't stay long coz I was busy.
Neutral Review Dan from England sent 19 Sep 2005
The prison theme is pretty cool, but the weed is bad value for money. Try the nearby Global Chillage (walk up Leidsestraat and turn right onto Kerkstraat) or if you're feeling adventurous the Greenhouse Tolstraat instead.
Negative Review Luke from USA sent 24 Mar 2005
I can tell you, how rude these people are that work here, I tried to ask the guy working for a coffee or something and he wouldn't even talk to me, or take my order, just ignored me and the people around kept staring at me, I went in there very polite also, I tipped a 2 euro to the lady selling just to be nice even tho she didn't deserve it at all. I was looking at the menu when she kept tellin me to hurry up. So she sold me way over the limit she was supposed to also. I got 4 joints of White Widow, a 2.3 gram sack of Purple Haze, and 2 grams of hash. all equalled to 30$ for me so it was a good deal even tho they were scumming pricks. I recommend no one to stop at this tourist bullshit. I enjoyed the more local coffeeshops way more, as they had better products and friendlier people.
Positive Review JR from Ireland sent 11 Mar 2005
This was the most over the top, out of place, touristy hole in the wall we went to. They have beer upstairs, and karaoke (if you're into that, I am not). What can I say, it was the last place of the night and was within perfect stumbling distance from our hotel. Sometimes that's all you need from a shop. Didn't buy here.
Negative Review Mary from USA visited 2-8 Nov; sent 9 Nov 2004
Please! What a tourist trap. The weed sucks bigtime. I got some pre-rolled (sorry, but it was!) shit, last year on my birthday (this same time). God what a mistake! It was worse than anything I have ever smoked here in the US and you know that's pretty bad! It was harsh and nasty and put me in a pissy mood for my birthday! Didn't make the mistake of doing it again this birthday trip. Good news though Bulldog, your hot choc w/whipped cream isn't bad at all. More bad news, come on guys, what is with the computers? Went there after the Steve Earle and the Dukes concert and all 6 were just completely whack! Couldn't email anyone and my feet hurt too bad to walk elsewhere! Sorry Bulldog but you are rapidly dropping from my list of anything! Neat shirts and yes, I do wear one even after all of the crappy comments! Hey, just keepin' it real!
Positive Review Georgie from England sent 11 Sep 2004
I love this place so much, the service is great and friendly, the guy behind the bar with the shaved head made us feel most welcome. The bud is lovely, and there's a great selection of drinks - the milkshakes and hot chocolate are lush! The music was pretty cool too. I can sit in there for endless hours feeling so chilled out, I love the atmosphere in there. Makes me sad to come back to England! :'( I also went there in march and unfortunately whiteyed, which was a bit embarrassing but a nice lady gave me some sugared water and made sure I was ok. Can't wait to return!
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7 '04; sent 3 Sep 2004
This is a fun place to hang, but bring your own smoke from somewhere else. The weed here is high in price and questionable in quality, but the outside terras seating is amazing! Right on the Leidseplein, there is always something going on, and you can catch a nachtbus till 3am. There is an upper club type bar that gets very crowded with mostly tourists from all over the world. There are bouncers, but they were very friendly to me. Downstairs is another bar, the gift shop, and the weed counter, didn't try any while I was there. The bartender was very nice and gave ma a nice stiff drink. Great place to hang outside, enjoy a drink and a smoke, and watch the wonderful world of Amsterdam go by.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 26 Aug 2004
Not a bad little venue. Stumbled across this on the way back to my hotel one night and requested a weed pre-rolled, but unfortunately they had none left. I had a nice hash one and a juice, seemed like a nice enough vibe in the place.
Neutral Review Andy from UK visited Jul/Aug 04; sent 23 Aug 2004
Was ok. Bouncers were pretty rude and wouldn't let us buy anything from the downstairs weed area as they were closing at 3am and it was 2.45am. 15 mins is long enough? We sat out the front and smoked with a ginger American kid who was on ecstacy. Nice seats.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 11 Aug 2004
I have to admit, why I live in Holland, is because every person at the Bulldog wishes they could live in Holland. Prices are high 2.80 for a hash or skunk joint. The weed was small, and pricey the hash was the same as everyone else. Hard to get a drink when it is so crowded. This is the place to be in Amsterdam smoking. I would rather sit outside on good weather day, and watch the people, hard to roll though wind blows so hard. If you buy a hasj joint for 2.80 and a bottle of water that's only a 5 er and you can watch the people, trams, and all of Amsterdam passing by. 10 out of 10, this location rules.
Neutral Review SummerDam Boys from UK visited 01/08/04; sent 9 Aug 2004
Situated in a great location next to the Satellite Sports Café on the Leidesplein. A more commercial touristy shop comprising of a bar upstairs and the coffeeshop downstairs. As it used to be a police station the old jail cells make up part of the coffeeshop, there's one with a massive plant next to 2 jail style benches - this combined with the awful 80's music being piped through made it a proper "hell in a cell" experience!! Wouldn't recommend buying weed from here tho.
Neutral Review Darren from UK sent 28 Mar 2004
On the whole this place is just like a main chain pub like we have back here in the U.K. It's very expensive 8/9 euros for most shots and around 4 euros for a plain coke whereas you can go a few coffee shops down and get a coke for 2 euros! Inside was ok, plenty of space, loud music and a pool table in the back. The weed shop down stairs was packed out and we decided not to go in as the bouncer was moody which put us off totally!
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Fun place to hang out, as was a police station and still has the cells.
Positive Review Si from England sent 2 Sep 2003
The Bulldog was the first and best coffee shop I went to on my first time there. I had some amazing times and met some amazing people, Robbie the teacher and Jack the commando being the most memorable and even the black kid that whited out and fell over against my stool (you know who you are...LOL). The smoke was great and so were the staff. The only bad time I had there was the second to last time I went and that was only because of my mardy girlfriend which I ditch the minute the plane landed back in the UK, ruined the vibe totally!!! But all that aside it's my base coffee shop and it's the closest to my regular place of lodging. I'd have to give this one a high recommend to anyone going there, the only thing that I didn't like the last time I was there was the bouncer on the door with the frisking fingers and the metal detector but once past the goon all was well and good. It'll be the first stop on my next savage step into the vortex that is the 'Dam in 30 long and now dragging days.
Positive Review Rob from UK sent 6 Jul 2003
Went in on a Friday and Saturday afternoon - the place alternated between quiet and busy, but never packed out. The old guy behind the smoke counter was a bit gruff, but still helped be out in choosing something pre-rolled that my girlfriend and I would like after a break of a couple of years. Bought a couple of coffees and milkshakes (great, but not as good as at Rusland) and spent a couple of happy hours feeling nice and mellow. Well recommended, but because of it's name, it will attract the football crowd - don't be put off.
Negative Review Matthew from UK sent 10 Jun 2003
The worst of all. Waiters rude, keep putting you off your vibe. Did not even sit down before they demanded I bought a drink. Crappy bar, crappy waiters, crappy gear. Unless sunny and you want to watch the shows in the square whilst getting high on other coffee shop gear. 0/10.
Neutral Review TG from UK sent 4 Apr 2003
This was the first coffeeshop I ever went into in Amsterdam as we were staying in the area and it is the most obvious one as you get off the tram! The best experience I had here though, was the day when England played Argentina in the 2002 world cup. My friend and I managed to pack our girlfriends off shopping for the day and we started off at Grasshopper 2 and then moved on to Rookies, picking up some charas along the way. We got into the Bulldog about an hour before kick-off and bagged a prime location by the front windows. The upstairs bar area is big, with lots of screens and pool tables at the back. The place got VERY busy during the game and I would imagine it is a similar story any time there is football on. I had recently broken my leg and was in a wheelchair (surreal in Amsterdam, believe me!!!) and I had random people going to the bar for me so I would definitely vouch for the service!!!! I have bought weed from here a few times and have not been overly impressed. I remember something about buying a ready rolled hash joint but by that stage the final whistle had gone and we were having to get our girlfriends to skin up for us as we were incapable! The mentality of the Englishman abroad prevails here but I didn't find it to be offensive or 'in you face'. It is the kind of place you would go to if you have either a) just checked into your hotel, which is in the area, and you have never been to Amsterdam before and are looking for a smoke or b) you are looking for a open, chilled, bar style environment to start or end the night with. FACT: You will always find a group of very stoned and red-eyed British lads in this place, no matter what time you go.
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 18 Feb 2003
There are several Bulldogs, but this seems to be the biggest of the chain, the smoke is good, but the prices are higher. I ordered 2 grams of White Widow, for 18 Euro, and it was really good. The place has a bar upstairs, and the smokeshop is downstairs, nice decor and helpful staff
Positive Review John from USA visited December 2002; sent 2 Jan 2003
Conveniently located in the Leidsplein area, adjacent to the Holland Casino, where we went most every evening we were in A'dam, I stumbled in the Bull Dog Palace the fifth of December "St. Nicholas Day" for my first visit to this tourist shop. Having made two other purchases earlier this day from award winning weed shops, all of which were too wet to roll pure joints, I approached the dealer and asked what he had that was dry enough to roll pure. Digging through the stash box he found some White Widow or Haze, damn the short term memory loss, that fit the bill. I found this to be acceptable and surprisingly inexpensive for a tourist shop. 3 gr. 12 Euro. I returned each evening there after a total of 3 more times, two of which I made only a drink purchase and rolled/smoked a joint and always found a friendly nod from the dealer and excellent service from the wait staff. While the two purchases I made here were not Cup winning prospects, I found them to be quite acceptable for the price.
Neutral Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
Plenty of room with decent tunes, this is a very popular place amongst us from the UK but unfortunately we found the selection to be limited to pretty much only sensimellia choices, which ain't all bad but we like to try different strains of weed and hash.