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Reviews of Bullwackie Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat). Sent 8 Sep 2015.
Nice little buy and fly local shop. The White Lemon here is decent. Lemon taste and a nice kick on it. No discount on 5 G but he will give you 5.6/7. Amnesia and G13 are also nice smokes, cheap as well. They now have Blueberry for 14 Euros. A heavy buzz but I don't think it's Blueberry. The menu doesn't really change, but the standards generally stay at a good level. WW is dead just like everywhere now. The G16 Amnesia people are talking about, was just a good batch of Ami. He calls it that, and puts 2 Euro on the price. Seen another shop do it with "Purple Amnesia". Anyway, this shop ain't worth travelling to, but if you're in the area then pop in. Mind that dumb tourist shit in here though, locals don't tolerate people taking an hour to decide what bud they want!
Positive Review RemyD from Amsterdam. Sent 22 Jul 2014.
I live nearby and I go there quite often. The atmosphere is very chilled, the staff is friendly and the weed has a good quality/price ratio. I personally recommend the Haze and White Widow there. More of a stop-and-go coffeeshop than a place where sit and smoke as there is only one big table available for customers.
Negative Review Marc from Ireland. Sent 22 Jan 2013.
I recently went to the Bullwackie coffeeshop. I was staying in the nearby HEM hotel. The man who was serving weed was extremely ignorant. I asked to see the menu, he did not have the courtesy to even look at me but proceeded to ask for my ID. I had left my passport in the hotel and as I explained this to him he talked over me and told me he would not serve me. I said ok I will go get my passport, I asked could I buy some papers now because I had a little weed left from earlier and wanted to roll a joint for the walk to the hotel and back. He then shouted at me telling me to leave. I did not return.
Positive Review Jack from UK. Sent 6 Jul 2011.
Nice local friendly little place with its own glassed of smoking area (normally crammed with locals) nice weed selection. A couple of retro arcade machines which are pretty fun.
Positive Review Welsh Smokers from Wales. Sent 6 Feb 2011.
A really nice place to be, the staff were always talking to us and generally being helpful. The Bullwacke Special was good, not a bad price at 17E for 2.5 grams. The haze was also good, the hash was not so good but all round a very good shop and smoke.
Positive Review Stan Da Man from Amsterdam. Sent 6 Oct 2008.
I was there today and I saw some deals like 16 or 17 euros for 2.5 grams. They got a big menu, also nice one.
Negative Review Chris from USA. Sent 4 Jun 2006.
This place really is a bunch of bull wackie. The place is a broom closet, not a great selection of weed or hash, and the staff isn't all that interesting either.