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Reviews of The Bushdocter Number of Positive Reviews 29 Number of Neutral Reviews 6 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Luke from UK. Visited 2001. Sent 25 Jan 2018.
Went to this place in 2001. Had very good weed and nice place to sit upstairs and look out window to watch world go by. Hotel was opposite so I can say it in a really good area. Can't wait to pop in this year.
Positive Review Daniel from Israel. Sent 17 Oct 2014.
The first time I came with a friend that knew the place and bought 1 gram of Wax that is 1 of the best in Amsterdam but quite expensive and 1 Isolator. The Wax was very strong and I liked it. Note: this place has very strong stuff and not the "normal" so only go in if you are heavy smoker. I am definitely coming back.
Positive Review Craftybrewer from UK. Visited 22/06. Sent 25 Jun 2010.
Usual nice Nepali resin from here but, is it me, the range in all the shops is getting shorter again 12 euros (I think) seem a lot for one gram. You can't smoke in the counter area anymore, but it does have good outside seating and excellent coffee, remarkable combination. I like this place in the morning.
Positive Review Luca from Italy. Sent 26 Apr 2010.
I stayed here some times in the past and this place seems to improve year by year. His ice-o-lator and the results are great. Helly Downg ice-o-lator is the best product I probably smoked in all my life. The price is obvious high (55e) but I assure you this is pure THC. All the kind of isolators are incredibly strong. It's the only coffeeshop I've seen in those years with 3 menus: hash, weed, ice-o-lator. Hash very good and weed of good quality. Anyway, this place is great. No cannabis cup shown here but the best smoke in Amsterdam. The same for the staff, kind and explaining the variety of products.
Positive Review Raife from UK. Visited Sep 09. Sent 1 Feb 2010.
It is a small place with 3 levels and small spiral stair cases. We bought 2g of L.A Confidential for 25 euro and was one of the most potent buds we tried we also got the Strawberry which was nice smelling and crispy fluffy buds. This place is definitely worth visiting.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada. Sent 5 Jul 2009.
Although I did not smoke their product due to it being my last night and having to smoke the rest of my stash. But the atmosphere was incredible. Their dealing practice is good since they only sell min 2grams (to keep the buds relatively intact) have a visible scale with microscope nearby. Outside there nice patio tables are set up which is rare these days in Amsterdam. The multi tiered levels are decorated quiet well. Music selection was great as 80 and 90s conscious hip hop was blaring all night. Definitely gonna check out this shop next visit.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
The Italian owner are friendly and funny, the shop is small and has over 4 stages.
Positive Review James from USA. Sent 9 May 2008.
This coffeeshop is located on a quiet square directly behind the Banks Mansion Hotel (great place to stay). I went here every day during my visit. The shop owner is a very nice Italian man. The herb and hash were excellent as were the cappuccinos. The best smoke I had in Amsterdam was the Bushdoctor's Sensistar Hash. They were out of the jelly hash during my visit, which I hope to try next time. I also tried the Strawberry and Cherrybomb. Both very good. The Bushdoctor is worth the visit.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
I got the Blueberry, which is very tasty looking bud, sweet skunk-like smell about it, sweet taste and easy going smooth smoke to it as well. The place wasn't that great and I actually expected a little more from this place, rather average as far as when I went.
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK. Sent 7 Apr 2007.
One of my best coffeeshops. Worth going to see, it's got three floors of exquisite interior. The dealers are sound, really nice blokes. They only sell it in 2grms, but that's fine with me. The best smokes in Amsterdam I say, 2grm White Widow 12.50e and Bubblegum 2gram 12.50e. Graffiti everywhere and the place has a fantastic vibe. Cool reggae music, this place is for the true tokers.
Positive Review TKO from USA. Sent 27 Mar 2007.
Good buds but watch out for the dodgy pac-man videogame upstairs. The view from there is great however.
Neutral Review Kenny from UK. Sent 1 Feb 2007.
I dragged my mates all the way down here to find Bushdoctor to try some of their jelly hash, but they didn't have any left, so I went for some isolator, none of that left either, in the end I went for 2.0g of Sherazade and 2.0g of Jack Herer, but I didn't like the fact that I had to purchase 2g and not 1 g of 3 or 4 types, bit of a rip off as it wasn't cheap either, but at least it was good smoke, but the place itself was a bit of a let down.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany. Sent 9 Oct 2006.
We were only there to buy some weed. The packs were all prepacked, we bought 2g Bubble Gum for 12,50€. The weed and its price were ok. The dealer was very friendly. Talked some time with him. He showed us the jelly hash (30€/g). Seemed very good, perhaps we try to get a half g, when we`ll be there time. Chilled some time upstairs near the window and watched the passers-by. Nice reggae music. The interior walls were "painted" by the guests, so take a permanent marker or some stickers with u.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland. Sent 26 Sep 2006.
Don't remember much about this place. Was very stoned. But the inside and smoke were nice. Worth going in if in the area.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
We found this to be an extremely welcoming shop with fine gear. We smoked the best White Widow of our trip (2G/E12.50) on our first visit, then went back the following week specifically to try the Jelly hash. The budtender advised the stuff is "almost too good," and said he would only smoke it sparingly and late in the evening. While I'm still skeptical that anything is worth E30 a gram, I must confess that Mrs. C.J. and I went through 108 grams of weed and hash in 13-and-a-fraction days, and the only thing we left was a partial bowl of that Jelly hash we just couldn't finish in time. I got high several times for that E30, so I can't say it wasn't worthwhile. Also bought Bubblegum (2G/E12.50), which was merely adequate.
Negative Review Billy from USA. Sent 18 Jun 2006.
Had a really unpleasant experience with the apparently deranged shopkeeper. I have visited dozens of shops in several different towns around the country, and I have never run across anyone in a shop who was such a prick. For some reason, I bought some of the jelly hash anyway. It is amazing stuff, but hardly worth doing business with someone who not only doesn't appreciate your business but treats customers as a nuisance. I will never darken their doorstep again and I urge others to avoid this shop as well.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
Place was okay, can't complain on the prices but wouldn't go to hang out. G13 was a very nice strand there, and I would have liked to try others. I did get half a gram of their jelly hash which is sticky and ooey gooey and harsh as can possibly be! At 30 euros a gram it's not cheap by any means, I would rather get 2 grams of Grey Haze Crystal over at Grey area, heh, but it was still a K.O however.
Positive Review Jonathan from UK. Sent 18 Apr 2006.
We were dying for some crazy hash and from all the reviews and all my friends I gathered that the price was worth it. It most certainly was, I bought a gram of Stardust Ice-Olator for 25 euros and it knocked my socks off. It crumbled into dust in my hand and bubbled when ignited, but I was very disappointed that they were out of jelly hash, which one of my friends recommended as his top smoke of the trip. The crazy Italian guys were funny too.
Positive Review Phil + Paul from Germany. Sent 19 Jul 2005.
The shopowner is a freaky and friendly (!) Italian guy. Sometimes he's a bit slow but always friendly. The hash they offer is really worth buying. Don’t buy much weed there, it's too expensive. But some of the sativa weed strains should be tested in my opinion (Mexican Haze, Domina). We smoked the following hash-types: black Manali, Kashmir Cream, Caramello. All worth buying, especially the black Manali. Be sure to bring some time with you if you visit, sometimes the guy has to weigh all the hash-types first if he gets a new delivery. This can take an hour. But we waited and drank our own beer and listened to music and finally we bought some Caramello and he apologized for it taking so long and thanked us for our visit. Be sure to visit this shop and chill on Thorbeckplein if you visit Amsterdam.
Positive Review Eric and Chanda from USA. Sent 24 Feb 2005.
Had a crazy array of hash and Icealator hash. Oh my. My entire body was buzzing and I've been smoking for 10 years. Good prices based on the fact that the smoke was awesome. You can use the vaporizor in the corner and we found that this is one of the few coffeeshops that make a mean coffee and cappuccino. Probably due to the fact it's own right now by an Italian. A definite must go and chill.
Positive Review Lisa and Sam from UK. Visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05. Sent 4 Jan 2005.
Became our favourite haunt after our first visit! The menu was huge and they were always helpful especially on the first trip as we were still very new to the variety they explained the differences in the weed and recommended what was good to start with. There are three floors in this place and we always got a seat probably because the stairs look so scary nearly vertical and twisty. Lovely views from the top floor great place to people watch. We spent New Years Eve in Rembrantsplein and when it all got a bit hectic it was a perfect place to view the carnage!
Neutral Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France. Visited 22-26 Nov. Sent 1 Dec 2004.
We didn't stay long, just stop and go. The dealer isn't very friendly. They have a great hash menu. We bought Kashmir Cream for 11€ Seherazade for 8€ & Super Pollen. Good taste specially for Kashmir Cream. Nothing special about this place.
Positive Review J-live from Italy. Sent 7 Aug 2004.
The place has some good seats outside if you go there in summer and the area is very calm. The guys at the counter where kinda weird, one was pretending he didn't speak Italian while he obviously was. Besides that the best hash list I've ever seen even though it seems that they really want your money. A must.
Positive Review Ghost, Herb an Sgt. from UK. Sent 9 Jul 2004.
Loved the place! Had a great selection of smokes, we tried the Domina - wow the sweetest smellin smoke I have ever had. Big respect to the doc, great place.
Positive Review Qahouaji from USA. Sent 4 Jul 2004.
This is a great shop and has one of the best menus in Amsterdam, or anywhere. They have usually 32 types of hashish, including Nepali, Manali and other Indian, Kashmir, Afghan, Moroccan, and Ice-o-Lator. For a connoisseur, one of the very best! Their weed selection is also very good if a bit pricey; small place but three stories and plenty of room on the upper floors to relax. Has a small computer with internet and a decent selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Watch out for the dog, he may not like you if he doesn't know you. Kudos to the Bushdocter!
Neutral Review Hessenmob from Germany. Sent 23 Jun 2004.
Went there, because they play mostly Hiphop in there. The guys weren't very friendly, but the "King Hassan" hash for 11€/gram was the best hash I had on the trip... We went upstairs (really steep steps!) and after 5 minutes they changed the music and played some kind of trance =(... We went a few minutes after that!
Positive Review Nic from UK. Sent 18 May 2004.
I always start and end my day off in Bushdocter, if I'm staying nearby, as the staff who I have met are all friendly and very helpful. The dope is good stuff unlike some of the shops closer to the centre and the close atmosphere is something which I enjoy, or sit outside and have a fat one in the square if you're too cramped. Its location is perfect as it's just on the edge of all the hustle being in a very peaceful corner of Amsterdam. A downside is that you can only buy green in 2g bags, but it is what you ask for, so no complaints here. The hash can be bought by the gramme, and a gramme is all you'll need, as the bubble hash will give you a powerful dosage. Buying your dope here is a very good idea. 9/10 on all counts from myself.
Positive Review Izzy from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 6 Apr 2004.
Went just to look and the bartender noted that the White Widow was really strong. Was he ever right!
Neutral Review Darren from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2004.
We found this whilst on the way to our hotel. The people in front brought a gram of Blueberry and when it came to our turn the dealer said only 2 gram deals were available so we were forced to buy 2 gram deals. So we bought 4 grams between us and went upstairs! Not really a place to get hammered in as it's quite small, we never ventured into the basement, the stairs are VERY steep and narrow we saw some guy fall down them whilst we were in the top section! I wouldn't really recommend this place to stay in but the weed was nice. There are plenty more coffee shops around.
Positive Review Mike from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 27 Mar 2004.
We didn't stay long. We just went in to grab some of that ice hash everyone was talking about. The weed lady demonstrated how the ice hash bubbles when lit. Kind of cool, kind of like you're in science class but with hash instead. Anyway, I purchased the Ak-47 bubble hash while my friend picked up the Kali Mist bubble hash. Although steep @ 25 Euros a gram, it does pack a wallop. You may feel bad paying that much, but trust me, you get really high! A little bit lasts a while. I didn't have a chance to check out the shop but it seems like a cool place.
Positive Review Dano from Ireland. Sent 8 Mar 2004.
Fabulous grass and hash. A great outdoor cafe where you can smoke and enjoy trees, canals and some atmosphere away from the tourists.
Positive Review DoughGirL from England. Sent 7 Mar 2004.
Last time I was in Amsterdam I only found this cafe on my last day, which was a shame 'cos they sell some of the best weed in 'Dam. I eventually found my way back there this time and after a lengthy chat with the dealer decided on 2 grams of Blueberry and a gram of Ice-0-Lator hash which BUBBLED and BOILED when u heated with a lighter for 1 second. The weed gave a very nice stoned effect and the hash was probably the nicest hash I've had in a long while. Staff very friendly. 8/10
Neutral Review Jon and Shell from UK. Sent 6 Mar 2004.
Small, but friendly place if a little uncomfortable, worth a visit if you're passing but I wouldn't make a point of going there.
Positive Review Michael from Austria. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
The menu consists of 2 pages, one for grass and foreign hash and the other one of hash made in Holland with Ice-O-Lator (it's very strong), you can find there hash made from ak47 to Kali Mist and Sensi Star. Red Leb, El Ninio and Ak47 Hash were tested. Totally said, I think although the shop is very new it's one of stars of 'Dam's Coffeeshops. Rating: good till very good
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
A little hole in the wall located just off the Rembrantplein. Its deep red sign makes it easily recognizable. What this place lacks in character it makes up in product. While I did not buy any hash there, the weed was stupendous, easily in the top five. Expect to receive extensive knowledge from the bartender plus primo smoke. The bar is very small but there is a couple computers with pay Internet access as well as a video game or two plus an upstairs seating area as well as some outdoor tables for nice days.
Went back this time to check on their hash, which received high marks during recent cups. Unfortunately the dealer was a complete prick proclaiming that the cup was bullshit and he would recommend the "isolator" hash or the shit that costs at least twice that of normal hash. I said to him that I was looking for the "Daisy Cutter" or something (which supposedly placed 3rd in the cup not even six months before) and he had no idea what I was talking about.
Positive Review Charles. Sent 21 Apr 2001.
Bushdoctor is right off the Rembrandtsplein at Thorbeckeplein 28. What a really cool shop, tons of rare hazes and hashes, and they make their own KaliMist and AK-47 water hashes there. The best hash I smoked there (even better than Dutch Moonshine 45). They have a second location on the opposite side of the Rembrandtsplein too, but I didn't go to it.