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Family First

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Reviews of Family First Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Laura from USA sent 16 Oct 2019
My friend and I visited here and it was the first coffeeshop we visited. The guy at the counter was wonderful and very kind! I would visit here again. We wanted to relax and try a coffeeshop after we were done walking the canals and it’s in a wonderful spot.
Neutral Review Philipp from Austria sent 27 Jul 2008
I saw an old menu of this shop on the net and decided it to be as one of my "must visits". It was pretty the only one, I was a bit disappointed about. The shop is pretty small and it doesn't have a tobacco smoke area. The menu is a little smaller now and unfortunately they got rid of all black hashes which are my faves. In fact, they only had one Moroccan and a bigger choice of Isolaters (beside their weed). I bought 2g Afgaan WW for 20,- and 1g of Sensistar Isolator for 35,-. The girl behind the bar was pretty friendly and patient, but we decided to go because no tobacco smoke area. I never smoked Isolator before and was pretty nervous about starting to smoke it. We went to Vondelpark and smoked a joint with pretty much Sensi-Iso inside. It tasted very pure and kinda icey, but not really good and a bit too strong for me. And the high absolutely wasn't worth that much money. (I could have got nearly 3g Malana or Temple Balls for my money instead!) The Afgaan WW didn't look that good. It was maybe a bit old and I couldn't see even a few orange hairs like I should. The high was ok and strong-body, but it was with no doubt the weed with the worst taste on the whole trip.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA visited 15 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
We were staying in an apartment directly between here and Rokerij III, so it was in our neighborhood, but we had visited here before, and there were other shops we wanted to try. Stopped in once for the Bubblegum (2g/E13.50), which was good. It's always been a pleasant place for us, no problems with The Bushdocter.
Neutral Review Grizz from Belgium sent 7 Jul 2007
I remember the first time we got there, it had AK-47, Diesel, Blueberry, some incredible good tasting Bubble-Gum and so on. Not only a big assortment of the best weed, but also the weed was strong as it promised to be on the menu (over here AK-47 gave me the best stoned level).
Positive Review Nick from USA visited April 05; sent 5 Nov 2005
I stayed at a hotel right around the corner called Monipole. Great atmosphere and whata mean selection of both grass and hasj! I can't remember all the names but I tried Sensi Star, Blueberry, Hawian Haze, Kali-Mist, and the infamous AK-47, I'm very picky on taste, buzz effects, and appearance. All of these buds surprisingly were kick ass! Great Italian dealer guy that will talk your head off for hours, which can make him a bit slow at getting your order but hey at least he's nice, which is more than I can say for most dealers in that area. Supposedly they are more known for there hash according to the dealer, but I only tried there infamous Ice-O-Later which will melt your face off ten times over, great sit up bar with stools and small sitting area, very cosy and over looks a great canal, prices very for the hash from 7 euro to 25 a gram depending on quality, most grasses were all excellent and ranged from 7-11 euros a gram. And to my surprise a little more of a touristy crowd than I expected for that part of town. So it's very comfortable for Americans to get really high and let there guard down talk and laugh a little more noticeably. 9 out of ten stars I give this baby, ill be visiting her on my next trip for sure, only next time I'm going to try more hashes ;) see ya there next year!
Positive Review Lisa and Sam from UK visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05; sent 4 Jan 2005
Small but still perfect to watch the canal and people going by, the staff appear to work at both and everyone was always very nice even the dog! We must have drunk litres of coffee at the two Bushdoctors and I can honestly say I did not have a bad cup. We started on their Mexican Haze but over the four days purchased 3 lots of the Super Silver Haze (very high bit trippy best stuff we smoked!), the Bubblegum (a bedtime smoke very chilling) and the Kali mist Isolator Hash wow as the bar tender said you go very up then come back down never been so high!
Positive Review Dano from Ireland sent 8 Mar 2004
Fabulous grass and hash. The bonbons with Kashmir Creme was a long, long strong high quality high which I would rate 5 Star.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 22 Jan 2004
I walked in to peruse their menu, out of curiosity really as I was a bit top-heavy on gear with just 2 nites left in the Old Country. The very friendly Brit dealer told me that he was really impressed with their current holding of Sheherezade hash. I asked if he could do me a deal for a 1/2 gram at half the menu price. Sure, why not, he said. So for about 6 euros I got a nice sampling of some fine hash. Later that evening I mixed it in my bong with the last of the Grey Area Bubblegum, and it produced just a delightful and mellow effect.