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museum Amsterdam
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Positive Review Andy from USA. Sent 19 Jan 2013.
I'd recommend going here if you have any questions about the coffee shops in Amsterdam or marijuana in general. The 'donation' to go downstairs and see the garden is now €3, but it also includes a lifetime pass to use their vaporizers (bring your own weed, they're happy to suggest shops).
Positive Review Niklas from Germany. Sent 4 Jan 2012.
Provided us with valuable information to avoid ripoffs and long walks. They have a map with their recommended coffeeshops. We tried about half of those 10 recommendations and were blown away by the different ambiances and styles. And the guy was really nice.
Positive Review Max from Germany. Sent 21 Apr 2011.
The guys in there are very friendly and hospitable. They answer every question about everything connected with cannabis. For 3euro you can see their little cannabis garden in the cellar. We paid it because it's a donation to the Cannabis College. Also we could try the Verdamper for free. A friendly guy, who has sitting in front of the verdamper, said we should try it and we could smoke, no sorry verdamp ;) (vaporize) his stuff. It was Silver Haze, really tasty. We also tried our weed with the verdamper, it was Northern Lights and it has tasted really good. The guys explained to us how it works and were really informative. Everyone who visits Amsterdam and is interested in cannabis should visit this college. Great Experience. Will visit there again when I'm in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
We went here to get a good look at the garden growing downstairs and to pick the brains of the staff. The museum bit upstairs is OK to have look at but the E2.50 is well worth paying to see their grow. It had 4 plants on the go which were very impressive, all our questions were answered and many great tips picked up. This place is very different from the Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum down the road as it is much more interactive. After the tour downstairs we came back up and had a go with the vapouriser which is worth searching out either in here or in some shops. This place is very friendly and you are welcome just to in and skin up and have a sit down in a quiet relaxed non coffeeshop environment. Overall great place to learn about growing and the finished product and try a vapouriser. 9/10
Positive Review Crosby from England. Sent 18 Nov 2006.
Really informative place with really friendly American staff, especially the chap downstairs who seemed to love his garden very much, paid €2.50 for a look at the garden which was hella impressive but a little smaller than we had thought. Afterwards you get to have a go on their vapourizer which is also really impressive. All questions answered, nice people.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Visited May 30-June 7. Sent 18 Jul 2006.
I find this is the best place for all us cannanerds! Not only do they have an amazing garden that you can visit for a 2.50 euro "donation," but they also have all the information you would ever want to know, concerning all aspects of cannabis. Very inviting, the staff was amazingly friendly and so eager to answer questions. They have lots of free pamphlets etc., and you can buy just about any cannabis related item except buds, none for sale here, but they might turn you on to some if you're nice. Across the canal from here is the "Flying Dutchman" seed shop, and just south of here down the canal is the "Hemp Museum" and the "Sensi Seed " shop, a lot of information all in one area. All these places are great, but you will get the best "one on one" answers here at the "Cannabis College," from folks who love what they are doing. Check it out!
Positive Review Izy-B from France. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
Very nice place where you will be informed about all you want to need about cannabis (growing, history, construction material, coffeeshops advices, etc). There is a big table in the entry with many magazines and facts. Very very nice staff. Meeting place of a few coffeeshops dealers. Very funny and relaxed atmosphere. When i was there I've met one of the founders of this place: he offered me some buds (very very seldom in this city :)) Beautiful garden where you can admire some plants for a 2.50€ donation. I love this place.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA. Visited 10/17. Sent 24 Oct 2005.
Nice place next to the hash museum. 5 nice plants growing downstairs and will answer any questions you might have about pot. Very friendly staff.
Positive Review Mike Z from USA. Visited April 05. Sent 27 Apr 2005.
The garden is a sight to be seen. It's well worth the 2.50 euro donation. Very friendly people. They are so lucky to be around that awesome garden.
Positive Review Happy Chap from UK. Sent 5 Nov 2004.
I have visited a couple of times now and I'd still say this is a must for anyone who has any sort of hemp related question (they even have building materials made from hemp!). They really are a fountain of info. They also have the most amazing garden down stairs. I've seen many grow rooms over the last several years, but none quite like this one! This is one place you won't be disappointed with, don't be afraid to ask anything about growing, curing, smoking, drinking or eating cannabis- information can only help.
Positive Review Sarah from UK. Sent 19 Aug 2004.
for anyone who loves to smoke, but wants to kick the tobacco. Check out the vaporizer and be sure to look at the cannabis garden. These guys are volunteers and do a mighty fine job on behalf of promoting a positive understanding of cannabis.