coffeeshop in Heerlen
Reviews of Twins Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 5 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review Jesscass visited June 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Quite funny reviews here. Went to this place the first time when focus was mainly Maastricht ages ago as heard back then they sell quality and was the closest to a border we ever went back then due to many bad reviews and hearsayings about shops in those areas. Though even then quality was average I'd say but didn't visit more than once or twice for obvious reasons. Not much changed here at this small place. There are still two counters, one for beverages and one for gear. Same shrew who supposedly own the place but I sorta doubt that behind the counter as ages ago and again she still didn't let me (or others) have a look at the stuff I was interested in so one mate got their Green Crack weed for about 13€ which was nothing special. Their hash menu seemed to have some interesting things on but don't know about the quality and don't expect much at all. Don't remember how many strains for weed but roughly I'd say about seven and the same for hashish. We sat down here for some reasons and it is sorta depressing if you think about said place as it is in fact a bright, comfy, clean and well looked after shop but as others reviews here indicated they don't treat the average customer well. Mid aged woman at the other counter were more friendly and it kinda felt like good cop/bad cop but we noticed when sitting down that they were quite fussy about whom they let sit down or not for no obvious reasons so quite a face check here and elitist club feeling. Even though it was interesting to see this place again I'll doubt I will return and advise anyone else only doing so if you're desperately looking for a smoke. Better stay away!
Positive Review Xacrinha from Brazil sent 1 Dec 2014
This shop is nice, I could buy good weed and hashish for a fair price (between 8.5 and 12 euros). Sometimes they asked me to show my passport, but not every time. And it was the same about smoking inside the shop, sometimes they allowed and sometimes they said it was just for Dutch people. Maybe it depends on their mood?! I recommend if you just want to buy nice hashish, but not to spend some time there.
Neutral Review Isaac from Belgium sent 7 Aug 2014
Cozy shop with cute female doorkeeper in the center of Heerlen which is accessible to Belgians after showing some ID. Foreigners can't smoke inside the shop (shop & go if you're not Dutch). I ordered Nepal hash and some Silver Shadow weed. The Nepal seems to be old: THC poor and CBN rich but smokable (but almost no effect). The Silver Shadow was a real disappointment: It's definitely the worse weed I've ever smoked from a shop in the Netherlands! Even in the streets of Brussels it's hard to find worse stuff than their SS! It seems that the SS didn't have any working substance at all!
Positive Review Tom from Germany sent 8 Jan 2014
Silver Shaddow 8,50 Euro/gram. Germans welcome. ID card check or driver licence.
Neutral Review Simon from Germany sent 1 Oct 2009
Never trust the opening times! They open and close randomly. The doorman looks grumpy but the staff inside is nice if you are. Prices are on the premium side, quality is not. But the quality seems to be a problem in nearly every shop in Heerlen and the Capricorn still seems to one of the better ones there. Come by helicopter, it is nearly impossible to park your car close to the shop.
Positive Review Stephen from Scotland sent 23 Sep 2009
Been here a couple of times, nice hash and weed and reasonably priced. Need to pluck the courage to try the Ice but, as has been said, a tad expensive. You're met by a bouncer who asks for ID if you look youngish but no problems otherwise. Served from behind a window but the weights are on show. Seemed to be a lot of Germans as it is only 15 miles from the border.
Positive Review Durv from Netherlands sent 30 Jul 2008
I love this shop, they always have indicas and sativas and some hazes prices weed: 7 - 10 euro. They got NYCD, Silver Widow, Warlock, Nortern Light sometimes Blueberry and Bubble Gum. The hazes are Blueberry Haze, Neville Haze, A5 Haze, Mexican Haze and Hawiaan Haze, the hasjes can speak for emself how more expensive how better, and they got around 10 kinds of hasj, but the ice hasj is insane 0,09 grams knocked me over, but hey it cost 26 euro. Oh and my scale says: 1 gram is never 1 gram always a bit higher, they never rip, they really follow the rules (like no hard drugs, or 18- no way never). They throw you out, if ur not a troublemaker then you don't have to worry. Very good shop.
Positive Review Alex from Germany sent 4 Jul 2008
Very nice surrounding. 2 big aquariums, 2 floors, not that much space like Down Under but you can stay here also a whole evening. The menu is great but past 8 o'clock pm the most is sold out.
Negative Review Chris from Germany sent 14 Apr 2008
The coffeeshop itself is very nice and they've also very good weed (but a little bit expensive). The only problem is the doorman because he's an asshole. I went there with my friends and one of us wanted to sit down while we were ordering. Then the doorman came and said that he first has to order something. So he stood to us again. When we had everything he said that we could only sit on the first table, because on the others it's only allowed to smoke pure joints. What's that for? Is it for a better smell? The air mixes anyway when the tables are one meter away! Then two of us wanted to go to the restroom. They were closed and somebody came to open them. When we got in, the doorman came opened the door and said: No problem just go on! He looked at us the whole time until we were finished and got back to our table!! What the f... is that! That was the most disrespectful experience I've every made! This coffeeshop won't see me again until they've got a new doorman!
Negative Review Do from Belgium sent 5 Sep 2007
Good weed without doubt but the security is totally paranoid and most often wrong about whom they decide to let in. The boss sells to one person for 7 euro/gram and another for 4. There is no atmosphere in the shop, they just want to make money. The boss, a wife, doesn't smoke herself.
Positive Review Corb from Netherlands sent 6 Aug 2007
It's a friendly shop with two stages, the prices are ok and not much different than other shops around here. The people who work there are nice, the doorman also, but they have different doormen and one of them is not really nice. You always have to bring your ID with you, they ask it everytime! Even when they know your face. It's a nice, green, shop with nice music and some televisions to watch commercials or programs like Discovery. They also have a arcadegame to play on and many little games like card and chess. Most of the time you don't have to wait long to order, nice shop.
Positive Review Flip from Netherlands sent 29 Jul 2007
I'm a resident at this shop. I live about a 5 min walk from it. The service is always good by Verona (the girl who sells). I'm not saying this cuz it's my hometown. I've been to more than 160 shops and this is a good one. They are proud of what they are selling, so expect quality. They have a small but very decent menu. My advice is if you wanna smoke good weed buy the Silver Shadow. It's good value for money. The Charras hash is my favorite, it has a pretty hefty price at 8.20 euros p. gr. but it's a real joy to smoke every time. The doorman is very strict, but he has to be. The deal is that they are checked very often, so make sure you have an ID on you. Without it yer not getting in and who can blame them.
Positive Review Marok20 from Germany sent 22 Jun 2007
I visited this wonderful place last week. I was totally surprised of the quality of the weed and hash menu. The prices are cheaper than in Maastricht. I bought some really good White Widow for only 7€, the best weed I ever smoked (better than the G-13 haze from Barneys Amsterdam I tried a month before). The Swiss Air Outdoor weed for 5€ was very good too for its price. They also sells Nevilles Haze (11€) and another Haze (10€ I think) which I didn't try this day. The hash on the menu is top quality and very special: Paristaneese Pollen (15€/g very strange hit and a special flavour, try it!), Charras (8€/g very oily and clean best Carras I ever smoked) and Himalaya Gold Hash or something like that (20€/g strong hit with a very special flavour). Nice Place and nice personal but it is a little bit too small and hectic. For buying some weed, the best place near to Germany, better than Maastricht in weed and hash.
Neutral Review Reinhard from Germany sent 12 May 2007
I visited the Capricorn yesterday for the second time, because at first it was Monday and then it is closed. I think it has 2 areas and downstairs there are different couches and an aquarium. The stuff was quite nice, and the dealer (a girl) gave me good advice. Until now everything was quite good, but when I saw the prices I was really shocked: Everything was between 8-14, I asked for White Widdow and she said I should by a weed called Murky, it would be the same. So I bought 3gr Murky for 7,50 each gram, 1 gr. Swisz Air for 5,- (outdoor) and 1 gr Chatama Dope for 8,-. The Murky was ok, it wasn't so good as different other weeds I've tested, especially not for this price. The Swisz Air and the Dope were good, in relation to the price. I wont visit this shop again, it is better to drive 10 km more and you are in Maastricht or visit the Quiam in Eygelshoven.
Positive Review Elecman from Germany sent 23 Oct 2006
When I visited this great shop, I was totally surprised because it's not very far away from Cologne and I still like and visit curiously for new offers: Top Gum (Bubbelicious Bubble Gum), Capri Blues and so on. Moreover the prices are reasonable / average. The quality is better than I thought. Enjoy it.
Neutral Review Steff from Germany sent 29 Jan 2006
This was a friendly coffeeshop, except for the doorman. He was an unfriendly sadist. I went to go to the toilet a little time, then he comes into it and ask me unseriously questions. He say to me after a 20 minutes period that I must now go in a very unfriendly tone. Everything else about the shop is very good.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 9 Sep 2005
Specialty is Silver Shadow (my favourite) at EUR 6,--. Landlady is certainly not too greedy ;) Variety of choice in weed or hash. Friendly service. Cozy shop with 2 floors and 2 bars (sells only non-alcoholic beverages) to chill at. Must have ID with you (they do check)! Strict parking policy. If you don't park your car properly (properly means no annoyance to non-coffeeshop crowd), you will not be served in the shop.
Positive Review Chris from USA (working in Europe) sent 3 May 2004
They moved from the location you had them at [Akerstraat Noord 180, Hoensbroek]. They are now in the city centre near the post office. Again a very laid back Dutch shop. It is owned by a mother and daughter team. They had a Dailey special on White Widow. It was only 5.5 Euro per gram. It was pretty strong. I mixed it with some Skoda Hash and watched German cartoons.
Positive Review Sharif from Netherlands (resident!) sent 30 May 2003
Capricorn moved from Hoensbroek to the very centre of town here.