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coffeeshop Tilburg
coffee shop Caza, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Caza Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
Another Moroccan shithole where nothing changed at all. Until yet at least as there seemed to be a major renovation going on if that was about the shop. Couldn't get more information as that usual old and polite enough Moroccan guy wasn't that talkative this time and seemed to have a bit of a bad day. Still he showed us what we were asking for. Now there are barely ten seats to sit at including worn out and dirty couches and a couple of bar stools so not recommended for a stay at the minute. The menu put a smile on my face when reading strain names almost exclusively typical for Tilburg: Amnesia Haze (12€/g), Demolition Haze (11€/g), Moon Flower (10€/g), White Widow (9€/g), NLX (8€/g) and Gruis (6,5€/g), Enemy Of The State (10€/g) and Moby Dick (10€/g). Their offers for hashish were: Afghan (5€/g), Maroc (5€/g), Super Pollen (7€/g), ZeroZero (8€/g), Sputnik (9€/g), Hia Hia (10€/g) and Twisla (11€/g). Two of the latter ones took a look at and both looking promising. Twisla it was then and the best piece of resin this return to Tilburg. My guess would be Afghani respectively Pakistani genetics involved as this was a typically oily and very dark cream providing a nice mix of stoned and high with a great taste reminding me of said genetics.
Neutral Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 11 Sep 2008.
The shop looks old and dodgy from the outside, and the inside isn't that much better. An old counter and some old couches (which are great to smoke your joint in). The choice is limited, and quality is OK. The weed is dry but sometimes the buds are bruised and crushed.
Negative Review Barry from Belgium. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
Lower quality weed and looks sloppy inside as well as outside. Comfortable couches though. You can also play a game of pool. Don't like the shop.
Positive Review Dragon from Belgium. Sent 23 Oct 2007.
A very nice shop, the dealer is friendly and their prices are good as well. The menu - Amnezia Haze 10€ gram, White Widow 7€ gram, NLX 7€ gram and Skunk 5€ gram. All their weeds are good quality and are dry! It's a little but friendly coffeeshop and they're very good to tourists too! If you visit Tilburg this is the place to go!
Positive Review Senny from Belgium. Sent 4 Sep 2007.
This coffeeshop is quite relaxed to sit down, they have good comfortable chairs. Not a lot of choice on their menu. 3 buds like Skunk (5€/g), White Whidow (7€/g) and NLX (7€/g). The quality was correct although there is much better in my opinion in this cosy town called Tilburg. There are way more better shops in Tilburg than this one. Friendly staff, regular price for this region, not lot of choice on their menu, medium size coffeeshop.