coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Central Number of Positive Reviews 31 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Pace from UK sent 21 Mar 2024
Central coffee shop no longer sells Power Plant.
Negative Review Once a happy customer sent 11 Sep 2017
I'd like to inform you of the rude staff behind the desk. Particularly the tall chap that wears the cap. I support your shop every year I'm in Holland but not anymore. Disgusting rude person. Not interested in the men trying to buy products only the woman.
Neutral Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
Wouldn't recommend it to go to it like every day. It's a nice coffeeshop for a quick joint if you just arrived or about to take off again.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
Right across from Centraal Station, so easy to get to, great wiet and hasj, but not much room to hang out as you can't smoke inside any more, they have limited seating out front. The menu is presented in a large box, on the left side bags for 25 euro, and on the right side bags for 12.50 euro. The "L.A. Confidential" that I got there (25e/2.6 gms) was the best deal in town, and also one of the best on the trip! A must try! The "King Hassan" hasj (12.50e/1.3gm) was top notch as well. A very small shop on the busy Prins Hendrikade straat. Friendly service and customers, decent enough coffee, cold enough sodas and juice, were nice enough to lend me a pipe that they cleaned for me, as it was my first stop before I made my way to the Prins Hendrik Hotel and my stay in the "Chet Baker Room", gotta luv it.
Positive Review ChicagoJim from USA sent 13 Apr 2009
I give an excellent rating. You get the bag you see. Bags are 12.50 euro for between 1.2 & 2 grams depending what kind you want. Master Kush was awesome. You can no longer smoke inside the shop you must go outside in front of the shop. They also have bags for 25 euro. This coffeeshop is a perfect 1st stop as they open @ 0700.
Positive Review JohnnyB from UK sent 16 Jan 2009
Stumbled upon this place on my very first trip to Amsterdam, almost 18 years ago, and have made it my first port of call on each of the subsequent dozen or so trips. Unpretentious, simple, friendly, reasonably priced, a good selection and always a great place to start any trip to Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dave sent 8 Oct 2008
By far my most frequented coffeshop. Nicely located on my ride home from UvA they have a rotating selection and for 25 euro for 3-4grams it's hard to find a better deal.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
White Russian was fairly nice looking crystallized buds, but ended up being a bit leafier, although it had the stronger berry smell, smooth yet bland hits and a reasonable price 25E/4G I just didn't really enjoy this place as much as I should have based on the price.
Positive Review WoodhamStoner from UK sent 16 May 2007
Cannot recommend this place enough, our first stop on our first ever Amsterdam trip. Visited many time since, good weed good sizes reasonable price especially for central Amsterdam. Saw someone greening out in there on one trip the man who hadn't really moved much in the hour we had been there suddenly sprung into life and sorted it out. You're well looked after then I guess. Also on first trip asked him for his best Haze he sorted me out some of his personal stash probably over priced for size but got 3 nice doobies outta it, was called Peach Haze I think, amazing joint to pop my A'dam cherry to! If you don't go you'll regret it!
Positive Review Momitos from Spain sent 3 Dec 2006
Maybe our best place, is only 5 minutes from Central Station, music is good there. We bought 1.2g of Super Skunk and it was nice smoking, we came back there to have another nice smoking experience! Nice wood box the guy had to show us all varieties of weed and hash, I really would like to have this box for my personal use :)
Positive Review TWoz from USA visited Mar. 9; sent 3 Apr 2006
Very good cannabis selection, I made several purchases. First, 4.8g of Edelweiss for 25e! This bud was the best bud I seen in Amsterdam, super sticky and super stoney, and one big fat bud. Next was Stardust, again excellent bud, 2.4g for 12e. Last was XXX, nice big bud and great high. Great bud, crowd in the place was a little shady, but definitely the best buds I seen.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 17/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: Totally accessible. Liked the display case, it was possible to put on our table. Very friendly staff. We got 5g Bioskunk for 25E (6 out of 10), leafy but fruity, and 3g of Haze for 25E (7/10), sweet, tasty, weird buds tho.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA sent 24 Oct 2005
Stopped in on 10/17 first thing in the morning, place was empty and budtender was super. He suggested B-52, bought 2 grams and chilled before hitting the Dam. Nice way to start the day.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 7/7/05; sent 7 Jul 2005
Nice menu, excellent Haze, friendly. Like someone said before, easy to get you luggage in, but taking it out ain't so. Rate it 9 of 10 liked the guys running the place and liked the place itself and the atmosphere was cool.
Positive Review Roy from Australia sent 22 Mar 2005
My favourite place to wait for the hotel check in time and then wonder if you can actually complete the transaction! Your luggage goes in easy but comes out hard. How it should be in Amsterdam.
Positive Review B4yes from England visited Nov 04; sent 6 Jan 2005
A good place to get you started. A good music system and a couple of TV screens provide some entertainment, but for me the view out of the front window is second to none. Situated directly opposite Centraal Station you can watch Amsterdam rush by in front of you whilst you sit back, relax and soak it up. A nice coffeeshop, with low lighting, good beats in the background, and the coffee is good too. However, the skunk and hash is completely average, but deals can be cheap so provides good value for money if you need breaking in before you try some of the cup winners from the other coffeeshops.
Positive Review DavesHigh from USA visited Dec 17; sent 4 Jan 2005
While its one of the smallest coffee shops it really makes up for it in friendliness and selection. The "Box" was sitting on the counter as we ordered coffee, and drooled over the selections to be had. I asked the biker looking guy what he suggested and was pleasantly surprised that he took the time to tell us much about the product before us. I took the Super Polm and my daughter took the Buddah bud. Both were excellent. I see why the locals prefer it as you can see what you buy and the product is great.
Neutral Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
This shop seemed to be quite popular with the locals, who came for their weed and went. Good selection, min buy of 12.5 euros. Bought some Super Pollen which was ok. Ok place but not really a place to chill.
Negative Review ChillinLeeds from UK visited 26th Oct; sent 2 Nov 2004
After reading so much about this coffee shop my hopes were very high. Yes you can pick your smoke nice idea, so 2gram bad of Orange Bud 12euros. Roll it smoke it and waited and waited nothing even after rolling a neat one still sod all.
Positive Review 2old2Bintothis from USA sent 19 Oct 2004
Just opposite the Central Station this is a great place to people watch during rush hour. Dutch citizens obviously on their way to Central Station and home, stop by for a quick purchase. The Pot Barrista has a board with samples, and when you decide what you like, the actual sample is taken off the board for you. This "what you see is what you get" is obviously appreciated by the Dutch, who have made this one of the busiest coffeeshops we visited. Wide selection, the place to go for brands you won't see elsewhere. Good place to wait for your train to come in or to get out of the rain while you wait for you bus.
Positive Review Lee and Deb from South Africa sent 17 Oct 2004
I liked this one. As we walked in the big bearded dude opened the big box on the counter - nice to be able to check what is available although they were all pre weighed so you had to trust they were correct (see comments on de Kuil). As we were leaving the next day I only wanted a small deal and the big dude with the beard was very accommodating. The seating was better than most with tall tables with comfy bar stools or normal tables. Nice view out of the big front window.
Positive Review Wingding from USA visited July 04; sent 12 Aug 2004
The Central coffeeshop is most easy to find right out of the central railroad station. What makes this coffeeshop so unique is that you are able to see exactly what you are going to purchase. You specifically get exactly what you want to buy. Most coffeeshops have a menu and you make an order. You do not see what you are going to get till you pay for it. If you are a grower and have good knowledge, you are able to go up and down the rows and pick specifically on "quality control". Like in all things, some varieties are grown under optimum conditions and are of highest quality. So rather then pick by strain, I choose the strain that was of premium quality. I ended up picking Jack Herrer just because of this. Few if any coffeeshops offer this "choose the bag you want". Also the shopkeeper was very friendly and offered sound advice.
Positive Review TH from Finland sent 27 Jul 2004
We had read good reviews about Central, and decided to make it our first stop in Amsterdam. We asked for well cured gear and bought 5 grams of Orange Bud, just for 25 euros (it was this stuff we smoked for the most of our 4-day visit, very nice. Too bad we had to left some of it). Naturally we had to test what we bought, so we rolled a joint and soon we were out of our minds, forgetting that we weren't sitting in our living room. We almost forgot our suitcase (rushed quickly back in to get it back - and we weren't the only ones who did this while we were there!) and got lost in the city after getting out of Central, but at least the visit to this coffeeshop was a great way to start our first visit to Amsterdam. Just think twice whether it's wise to smoke here much, especially if you're carrying a suitcase all around. Oh, and the music was some cool electronic stuff this time, very suitable for us.
Positive Review Wiggy sent 5 Jun 2004
Lived in Amsterdam for 7 months & I sampled the delights in virtually all the coffeeshops. Central Coffeeshop simply offers the best weed in Amsterdam. The choice is over whelming. The price is spot on too. 25 euro's for 5 grammes or 12.50 for 2.5 grammes. Can't argue with that. Staff & friendly & helpful. I even got free latte's, skins, filters, and lighters off 'em on various visits. Well worth a look. Believe me as I'm hardcore :o). I can't rate the place highly enough. Oh & it opens @ 7AM which is great!
Positive Review Wayne H from UK sent 1 Jun 2004
The weed that made my trip was the Nepalese black hash (squidgy black as it's known around Manchester), for €25 I got 3.4gms at Central and it was awesome (10/10) talk about being in a daze wasn't in it. I'll be back soon Central. I have now tried about 12 coffeeshops and for variety my choice shop has to be Central. His box (oo-er) has to be seen to be believed. Absolutely wicked.
Positive Review Simon from Denmark sent 1 Jun 2004
A place mostly frequented by locals, a good wide menu card, with fair prices. I tried the "Red-eye king" Black Bombay, which got me pretty stoned.
Positive Review Jay and Ralf from UK sent 16 Apr 2004
Me and my mate Ralf popped in and found a fine selection of all types, from Super Polm to a quality selection of weed. Great location. Had a crafty one before getting to the airport. Nice one that hit the spot! Informative bar staff, well worth a visit. Great way to buy your shit with a good look at it and in the quantity you want. Reasonably priced. Go on, take a glegg, no danger.
Positive Review ace42 from USA sent 24 Mar 2004
Had heard good things about this place and found them to be true. Definitely a non-tourist stop. Only downside was the pre-packaged bags. Real friendly dealer, though, and a comfortable place to hang. Asked for a nice Indica, and was led to the Snow White. Bonus: the Metro station is right outside the door.
Positive Review Josh from USA sent 22 Mar 2004
This was my first coffeeshop experience. I bought a 2.5 gram bag of Afghaan and it was by far the best cured weed I smoked while I was in Amsterdam. I think I only paid like 9 euros for the weed and a pack of papers. The guy behind the bar was very friendly and helpful, although I got the impression that he didn't really want anyone hanging around too long, because the shop did get very crowded in little spurts.
Positive Review Barry from UK sent 19 Mar 2004
A cool experience for newcomers to 'Dam. The first time I went there they were playin' thrash metal. Next time, the Orb. The box to choose from is mega and you are spoilt for choice. Good weed but most of all the locals buy from here and it's cool to see the different types of people buyin'. Well worth a visit.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 30 Jan 2004
I think most regulars know this place already but it really is one of the best. I think most folk just come in and buy and leave, the tourists struggle with the overwhelming choice - there must be someone employed just to wipe up their drools. It may all be pre-packaged but it has to be the most fresh gear in town, just sit for a while and see the through put of customers - these people are not wrong. In the morning, nice and early, get to Central order your coffee, make sure you get the window seat build a biggy and enjoy Amsterdam come alive. Went for two old favourites from the box of dreams this time "B-52" weed and "Spoetnik Polm" 2-5 gramme and 2-0 gramme respectively from a 12 euro bag.
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
This is where the locals buy their smoke and me too from now on, best prices in town and handy for the station.
Positive Review Jeff The Chef from USA sent 11 Dec 2003
I was in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup and was very disappointed with most of the shops. When I wanted to look at different types of weed at many shops they had no time for it. But wanted 12 euros plus a gram! At Central you can see all the different kinds they have, what they look like, what they smell like. When I was there they had 10 different kinds of weed and they all looked different. They also had 7 different kinds of hash all looked good and were good. After going to many coffeeshops and sampling all the wears, Central is the best! First for value. For twenty five euros you can choose either a 5 gram bag of weed or 4 gram slab of hash or you can choose the 12.5 euros side and get half bags of weed or hash. 2 1/2 grams of weed and about 2 grams of hash. For very good smoke this is the best deal in town. Less than half price of other coffeeshops. You can only buy 5 grams. They are very strict about this and it's the law. I have a lot of respect for Central for they way they run their shop.
Positive Review John M. from UK sent 16 Jun 2003
This is a truly, truly nice coffeeshop. It was my first port of call both times I've been to A'dam. As soon as you walk out of central station and 'bout 100m in front is this place. It's used mostly by locals, most buy their weed and go so it's quite empty during day. When you walk up to counter the owner opens this large wooden box, 'bout 2ft sq and lays it on the counter and smiles. One side of the box is priced at 25 euro for 5-7 grams depending on what you choose and the other side priced at 12.50 euro. All their weed is top quality and they have hash too - great choices. I bought a fair amount of my weed here which was B52, Shiva, Power Plant to name a few, even has a microscope on the counter to see your buds up close, mixture of seating there's a nice high table near front of shop, so you can just watch all the people walking by this place also normal chairs n tables it opens early too, from 7am and closes 9pm music seems to depend on the person working at the time mornings were nice and chilled with mellow dance and trance, afternoon/evening goes metal. Cool staff and friendly vibe definitely my base coffeeshop.
Neutral Review N_Mo from USA sent 21 Dec 2002
Central coffeeshop isn't much of a shop, mainly a pickup point. This would be excellent for smokers stopping to get something while swinging through town. Very decent price for herb, but no pipes for use ONLY for sale, and the stairing and finger tapping guy at the counter is never appreciated. Only go here to pick something up to take with you, 12.50 for 2.5 or 3g's of something good is worth a stop.
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
This place is ALWAYS busy, very small, but they have one the best displays of weed and hash and also do very good deals.
Positive Review Pedro from USA sent 26 Feb 2002
Great marketing, their fold out, prepakaged menu is great, nice variety, friendly guys they are abit heavy with the metal music, but it beats dance/trance/whatever, they are open early 7:00 am I think very near Central station.