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coffeeshop Terneuzen
Reviews of Checkpoint Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review Cloud Striffe from France sent 12 Jul 2008
Well it's closed down now, will reopen very soon (mid July 2008 I believe) and will be called "Der Angel" (if my info is right). Quality was OK but too expensive, and the queue was always too long there. I wouldn't bother with Terneuzen anymore (altho I'll probably try out Der Angel when opened). Breda is much better overall.
Negative Review Karel from Belgium sent 2 Jun 2008
The shop is closed (6months? a year?) due to 2 incidents in the last year in which the police found more than the allowed 500gr (last year they found about 5kgs and about a month ago also 5kgs).
Positive Review Karel from Belgium sent 14 Nov 2007
Usually has great weed and hash, top-quality and well dried. Also a lot of choice with prices varying from €6-€14/gram. Pre-rolled joints are usually pretty good too (especially the hash). It's a shame that it's always crowded, when you are going there for the first time you prepare yourself for 100 to sometimes 400 (!) people waiting before you to buy their precious weed (which sometimes results in waiting times up to 1,5 hour). If you do want to go there, I advise you to go in the early afternoon (2pm or something). And if you don't wanna wait you can always go to the Miami on the other side of the street.
Neutral Review Grizz from Belgium sent 7 Jul 2007
While this used to be a nice koffeeshop some years ago, it now turned into a supermarket, waiting for about 2 hours to see 200-300 numbers passing by before it's your turn have happened several times! And the price just keeps getting up, but it's like the only shop in a circle of 25km who has decent quality cannabis.
Negative Review Basswar from Belgium sent 20 Dec 2006
There have been times when coffeeshop Checkpoint was my haven for a nice and chill weed and a relaxing evening or weekend. Nowadays I always come back from Checkpoint angry, frustrated and annoyed. Since 2005 the French banlieu junkies (Lille & Roubaix) have discovered the easy route to this shop and thousands of low-educated, arrogant and pushy French druggies invade the shop. Usually people need to wait between 250 and 500 number tickets (about 1h30 minutes), even at midnight, even at 14 in the afternoon, the French seem to love it and think this is normal. We also have to pay nearly 8 euro now for decent weed, and sometimes even this weed is not even a fraction as decent as the quality that they offered between 1994 and 2004. The atmosphere in this coffeeshop has been ruined by the French and there is no way that I'll get ever used to this. I go back to the Miami criminals because the French took over my coffeeshop and to say it gently: I hate it!
Positive Review Matthew W from UK sent 20 Oct 2006
What do you do when staying for a week in Terneuzen in November? Not much, but Checkpoint makes a week's stay more than just pleasant. A one stop shop for all your needs. Dope and grass sold downstairs with coffee, soft drinks and a munchies vending machine; a bar on the ground floor for consumption of your stash, alcohol, coffee and light snacks and a rather good cannabis-free restaurant upstairs (although cigarettes are allowed) with an excellent selection of food (if you want more than snacks get there before 22:00pm and you might get to eat offerings from the main menu (watch out for the very steep stairs up and down!). Good smoke extraction systems, clean tables, nice decor, and a consistently high standard of music. I have to say that post refurbishment, this is probably the best modern coffeeshops I've been to; It's definitely worth buying the more expensive grass for a smoother smoke and a better hit. Good work all round Mr Checkpoint.
Positive Review Lancelot from Belgium sent 6 May 2006
Always very busy in this place, which sometimes gets overcrowded. No surprise, knowing some large Belgian cities are nearby, and - same as the Miami - it is the nearest coffeeshop to northern France. That's why most customers are Belgians, and there are as many French as Dutch customers inside. Prices are a bit high, but there always are enough sorts of weed and hash to please you. Recently they broke down the old wooden shed and replaced it by a huge brick building: The coffeeshop is in the cellar, the nice looking bar is on the ground floor, and upstairs is the restaurant.
Positive Review Frederic from France sent 1 Apr 2006
Really splendid since it was remakes and the quality of what one finds there is always appreciable.
Neutral Review aLiTa from Belgium sent 29 Nov 2005
As of this moment, they're in the middle of moving. They built a huge building, right next to their present one (the restaurant is already open. Still have to wait a bit for the café and the shop). Nice atmosphere, music and shopkeeps are really friendly. Very busy though, this is the coffeeshop that not only provides Holland, but also Belgium and France with their precious bud. If you going to go visit there, make sure you have some bud to kill the waiting line (I once stood there for almost an hour) and that is where they lost points (sorry guys).
Positive Review Aruna from France sent 29 Jun 2005
The Checkpoint is a best coffee-shop, Mexican Haze is very very good, as well as Silver Pearl, Top 44, Amnesia, Silver Bud, Jamaica, Skuff, Jock Herrer, White Widow and a large choice of hash: Roden Libanon, super Marocan, Nepalesse.
Positive Review Hashishin from Belgium sent 27 Jan 2005
This coffeeshop is one of the best! It always has a changing menu with the finest weeds available. Very good cured weed and the finest quality. They mostly have a Haze available, varying from Amnesia, Mexican to the original Haze, A5, C5, etc. and great Indicas like Silver Pearl, Norderlight, Blueberry, etc. You name it, it passed Checkpoint! Their Hash menu is also very good, ranging from Super Maroc to Super Nepal, Tempel, Red Libanon and lots of info if asked. Great interior and café next door (where you can smoke!) and good overall vibe. It's a long wait sometimes (lots, lots of stoned people) but most def. worth it. You can also try the vaporizer for free, and buy bongs, spacecandy, pipes, etc. Just everything you need :) They are about to move to a bigger location, so it should be even more great! Really good shop, recommended!
Positive Review Matt from Wales sent 6 Jan 2005
A good shop has a good variety of weed and hash but will only sell you 5 grams per person and also you have to take a ticket and queue like in a Tesco meat counter. The wait is not long and is generally worth it, but not a place to hang out. TV, music posters etc just boring atmosphere but v nice none the less. Nice space cake, only 2 euro each, like a cup cake but more of a big muffin in size, a nice head on from half, a full one and you're right there, two is mental but a lot of fun if you can find somewhere nice to sit down for a few hours. Also don't arrive too late or you won't eat or find a place to stay in this town unless you want to pay a lot of money. And you still won't eat.
Positive Review Ken and Mark from UK visited June 2003; sent 8 Aug 2003
Really liked this coffeeshop, great atmosphere, excellent bud, excellent everything.
Positive Review Wimmy from Belgium sent 8 Jul 2003
Much cosier [than Miami] and they even play rockmusic from time to time... :p