City Hall

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of City Hall Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review JED from Wales sent 28 Nov 2022
Sold us 60 euro of weed and said we were welcome to smoke it there later. When we came back and bought drinks, he told us we could not smoke in there unless we bought more. Then proceeded to pretend he didn't remember us with this really obviously false confused act. Absolute scumbag, just mugging people off for money, gives his city and the people of Amsterdam a bad name. Amsterdam has changed over the last 28 years I've been going and this attitude typifies what has changed for the worse which, I’m sad to say, is the reason I will not be going back. Amsterdam is not what it was, best avoided now!
Negative Review Scacciagabbiani from Italy sent 26 Oct 2022
This coffeeshop is close.
Positive Review Tony from Algeria sent 11 Nov 2010
I bought 5 grams of I think it was Silver Skunk and smoked it with a friend in 1 hour. Got really stoned for a good price. The owner was a very nice guy and kind of chatty. Very nice interior, reminds me of the bars in my home town of Tizi Ouzuo. I will definitely come back there and I recommend everyone to go there too.
Positive Review Raife from UK visited Sep 09; sent 3 May 2010
One of the best shops in Dam. We went there and had the Northern Lights Haze which was potent, it about blew my head off. Really good space cakes in there and friendly owner, definitely would recommend, decent coffee too.
Positive Review Noh from Malaysia sent 30 Jan 2007
Great decoration, it's cool man! So, when I arrived, I open the door and can smell the good smoke. They have a great weed menu. I chose Jamaica weed, the cost is 13 euro. It's enough for me to smoke for 3 days. Coffeeshop staff is very friendly, I chatted with him and got lots of information about Amsterdam. He always promotes the city. I was shocked and surprised when one of bar tenders could speak Malay language. His name Kafel and he has visited Malaysia many times. That's why he can speak Malay language. The music played in the bar is very cool (rap, hip hop, 70's funk), Kafel dedicated me Bob Marley song, "Could You Be Loved" hahaa. I really recommend to every smoker to visit CityHall.
Positive Review Ben Lah from England sent 17 Nov 2006
Been here twice now, and have loved it both times. I spent a good few hours here on either visit, the service was good & friendly, and they have an alcohol selection as well as soft drinks. Their menu - although greater on the first visit - was great, they got good grass and hash types and an adequately big choice too. I bought the Brain Damage and Blueberry, and both were awesome. Brain Damage gave me just that for a few hours, as I spent a lot of time on their pinball machine, wasting money and being high as a kite! Great stuff! Tune selection wasn't great (Just rap & hip-hop, with occasional reggae), but good considering what most coffeeshops play! The seating is quite nicely laid out - a long bar to sit at, 2 booth seating bits, a raised up area with a cushioned bench along the wall, and a big round table at the back - so you can play cards! All in all, a brilliant coffeeshop, I'm coming back again in '07!
Positive Review Alex K from England sent 19 Sep 2006
This is my favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Nice selection of weed and drinks; bottled lagers, draught lager, all varieties of coffee and also soft drinks. Nice underground/brick wall feel, but warm lighting. Has a wide selection of tunes perfect for when you're stoned, good quality audio and not too loud. No nasty fruit machines, just a very addictive pinball machine. It's relatively small inside but there isn't a sense of being closed in, and I have not seen this place too busy either. Many people come in alone, sit at the bar smoke a joint and drink coffee/beer and watch the small TV and leave. Everything feels authentic and genuine, totally uncommercial. There is the famous 'card table' which you may hear about, which is a nice table elevated above the shop floor at the back which gives a nice private feel which would fit five or six people in comfortably. Although there were very minor problems such as bad toilet facilities, the four or five people I went on the trip with loved the place. This place is seriously cool without even trying! (Behind the bar appears to be a collection of mini football kits (the ones you might but in car window) which are presumably given by customers upon return as they are all very random ones). I love City Hall.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 21 Feb 2006
Right besides the Greenhouse Centrum. Went in there because the Greenhouse was totally overfilled. Didn't buy any smoke in here. But bought nice German beer and watched a Dutch football match in there. Staff was really friendly.
Positive Review Sam, Ben, Jon from UK sent 25 Mar 2005
Visited this coffee shop many times first time we went, so was looking forward to seeing it again. Still just the same but with few new additions to an already very good menu. Quality atmosphere, friendly staff, good skunks (Jack Herer, Blueberry and Brain damage) & wide range of drinks, alcoholic and non. There is also a decent sized card table at the rear of the coffee shop which we would often sit at. This coffee shop is a must see for anyone visiting the dam.
Positive Review Lee from England sent 24 Feb 2005
City Hall is one of the best coffee shops I have been to. The beer is a good price, great menu and decent music, the staff are friendly and helpful. Went there last year, had a space cake, a real head fuck trying to tackle the steps. You have to go down about seven steps to get in. A definite thumbs up.
Positive Review Cypha from Austria visited 15-21.04.2004; sent 22 Apr 2004
After I tried out a few coffee shops in Amsterdam city I found City Hall, right next to Greenhouse (who has a good menu, but never gets the atmosphere of City Hall) and just loved it! I was during high season in Amsterdam for a week, was my 4th time, and never saw so many people there! But down this coffeeshop it was still always relaxed and only a few guests there! The bartender was a very nice guy, always good for some flipper game, and DAMN, he rocked at that, hehe, more entertainment then cinema or so :) and if his Dutch friends arrive, the show really starts ;) they also serve good, cold beer there, got a nice 'menu' and a few good special offers! I think I can say, one of the lowest prices for a few different sorts of grass there! Oh, and by the way, if u like chilly musik like ragga, drum and bass, u are at the right place there!
Positive Review David from N. Ireland sent 30 Sep 2003
City Hall was the best coffee shop we went to while in Amsterdam. Great joints and the beer went down a treat. I'd advise anyone who goes to Amsterdam to visit this place. The barman even gave us complementary drinks.