Club 69

coffeeshop in Maastricht
Reviews of Club 69 Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
Melted Candles, a room in the back with a sky view, and several grams of Club 69's finest was all we needed on our first stop in Maastricht. We bought Jack Horror, Jack Flash and some other stuff. While we sat in the back it started raining so we ran inside and got us a table, the shop was packed within minutes the rainstorm started. We just sat back and watched Tour De France while smoking. I had a bong with me and asked the owner if I could smoke it, to which he rudely replied: No bongs.
Positive Review STH from USA sent 3 Feb 2007
It's an interesting place, right between 2 porn shops. But don't let that fool you, it's just a standard coffee shop, no porn theme. We went there on a Wed. night, and it was pretty dead. The music was really chill, and not too loud. They play a lot of hippie music, I was told there would be a lot of Grateful Dead, but we didn't hear any, the other music was good though. The weed counter is in the back right of the room, and looks kind of like an out of place chimney. There's not window, just this corner area. The guy sits outside it and will take your order and grab the buds. The coolest part of this place was the candles. They just keep on adding candles on top of a huge melted ball of wax at each table. It was a good shop to just relax at. Rating: 6/10
Negative Review Shophopper from Germany sent 27 Oct 2006
Though I had just bought some weed, my water bottle attracted a harsh complaint, since the staff perceived my standard equipment as their lost income.
Positive Review Palle from Sweden sent 1 Sep 2006
Hey, this one was a really nice joint. I could have stayed there and smoked a spliff if I had more time. Friendly and helpful staff. Around 10 different selections of weed. Bought the most expensive weed of course :) "Jack Herrer", "White Widow" and some Haze. All are around 8-9 Euro for a gram.
Neutral Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
Shop is friendly, but the weed prices are high, even for Maastricht. We smoked Jack Herrer (1G/E9), which wasn't worth the price. Then again, it couldn't have been. Not like I'd dodge the place next time, but there are simply too many better options, even in Maastricht.
Positive Review Julia from Germany sent 12 Apr 2006
Between two sex-shops, but the atmosphere is very friendly. We got "I love coffeeshops" - stickers (don't put it on your car! ;-). We went there for breakfast (you get toast for 1.40 €), so I don't know what it's like in the evening. Music is chill-out and decent. It opens at 10.00 am. Prices are a little high, from 6.00 € to 12,50 €.
Positive Review Stew from UK sent 31 Aug 2005
Well established, selling quality stuff. The lads who work there are friendly and helpful.
Positive Review Stefan from Germany sent 11 Aug 2005
It was a very nice shop. Great dub/ambient music. Friendly peoples. The weed was a bit expensive.
Positive Review Danee from Germany sent 9 Jun 2005
Club69 was certainly tops in our book for selection, quality of its product and its staff, didn't feel out of place there. Would certainly recommend it to others from abroad, that is until the "drug tourist" crackdown begins and we all must go back into hiding.
Positive Review Stevemeister from USA sent 29 Apr 2005
The people at Club 69 were very friendly with a descent price on their food and coffee, they had several varieties of very good weed, first I tried the Thai weed, which was their cheapest, 6 euro a gram I believe, it was very hard brick type weed with a brown color, it was very smooth, but high in tar, it wound up really hurting the lungs and had a very strong high for about an hour then it seemed to disappear, we also bought some Mexican Haze which was a little more expensive than the Thai, it was green with red hairs, great taste and a very strong high. We also bought some Jack Herrer, cannabis cup winner, that knocked my socks off, it had a great haze taste, with a long lasting high that kicked butt. The White Widow we purchased also, was fantastic, one of my favorites, the taste is so smooth with a very strong cerebral, happy high, truly a great high, the last weed I purchased I couldn't even pronounce, much less remember the name, but it was by far the best weed I smoked in the Nederlands, the taste was unique and very strong, it could tear up your lungs if you weren't careful, just a few hits would put you into gumby land. The last day I was there I swear I was hallucinating on that shit, it was worth 10 euro a gram. With the friendliness of the staff and the high quality weed they had I would highly recommend Club 69.
Positive Review Prashant from England sent 5 Aug 2003
Club 69 is a really friendly venue with a small outside terrace (nice as it was summer when I was there). Mostly frequented by Dutch people, quite a young crowd. Really good quality grass, at fair price (average 7e per gram). No attitude at all in here, much better than the other coffeeshops on the Brusselsetraat (nearby).