Coffeeshop 36

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Coffeeshop 36 Number of Positive Reviews 20 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Grizz from Belgium sent 7 Jul 2007
As a club-music lover this is the place to be for me to smoke a joint when I want to listen to some nice music. The guy who works there is a very friendly guy. The variety of weed is good, maybe not the strongest u can find in Amsterdam, but his prices are ok.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA sent 21 Jun 2006
This place was okay, bought a space brownie and it was really big so as far as food goes it was worth the money but stone wise it did nothing.
Positive Review Glosta Massiv from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
This was the first shop we visited, it was quiet and cool paintings on the walls, again setting a great atmosphere to smoke in. The pool table was of a good quality, and was hardly busy; cheap drinks and weed, n very nice, so nice, we came here as a final chill spot every night of the trip! This is a must for all smokers, has to be experienced to be fully appreciated!
Negative Review Al from USA sent 12 Dec 2005
Having read so many great reviews of this place we had to make an appearance, especially since our hostel was about 20 meters away. The atmosphere/decor was pretty dark and not really appealing. We took a seat near the pool table and were told we all had to order something. I don't like being forced to order things but could see where they were coming from. After a couple games of pool I picked up a gram of bubblegum (7€, cheap), put down a 15€ deposit for a bong, and was blown away by the smoothness (and potency) of the weed. The staff were quite unpleasant throughout the night, upon leaving my friend thanked the cashier for his returned deposit money by saying "danke schön" (a habit after spending two months in Germany). At this the cashier made a nasty comment regarding our nationality. Not recommended, especially with the wealth of coffee shops in this area.
Positive Review Stuart and David from UK visited 1 Apr 05; sent 19 Aug 2005
Spent a great afternoon sat in the back by the windows overlooking the lake by the Damrak, bought a bag of Edelweiss and sank into the chair, the staff were polite and the service was good. Returned a couple of days later and sampled the isolator, the dealer guy watched us and shook his head as we put the whole lot into 2 joints (apparently it's supposed to be too strong to do that). This is a coffeeshop we will return to during future visits and hopefully the seats at the back will be unoccupied. This shop is a must for anyone who enjoys a good smoke in nice surroundings.
Positive Review J.W. from USA sent 28 May 2005
Visited 1 time for a Space Brownie and Pepsi. Nice place with friendly people.
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
Nice friendly place - it was my first stop after getting off the plane and settled into my hotel, so I was happy to find some nice weed, Bubblegum and Northern Lights, I think, and somewhere to sit and skin up. I'd been past this place many, many times and never went in, favouring the "connoisseur" places more, but it turned out to be a very pleasant oasis on this very busy street.
Positive Review John & Jo from England sent 19 Dec 2004
For my wife and I this was our favourite coffee shop 3 years ago, and we were looking forward to visiting again. Once again it was right up there with the best. Lost my wallet in there last time, went in and the guy had locked it away behind the weed booth (can't fault that for honesty). This time we found the staff on hand over changing shift, so didn't get a drink! But weed guy was friendly, bought some Apple Jack for 7.5 euros which was my favourite of all the weed I smoked, good music, plenty of seating which is comfy, view of the canal also at the back. Definitely in my wife and I top three coffee shops!
Positive Review Jonathan from USA sent 11 Dec 2004
Very friendly dealer in the back, with a nice view of the Damrak. We went here right after getting off the plane from Boston and checking into the hotel. It was surreal at the time and we were so tired, but the adrenalin was kicking in. The Techno music helped get me feeling excited.
Positive Review Rob from USA visited 1-10 Oct '04; sent 12 Oct 2004
This place is in my top three. Friendly staff, cool views, good music (a little on the loud side, though) and absolutely the best Bubblegum weed ever. I mean, really, it was so sweet tasting, and such an incredible uplifting high. This place, and the Bubblegum in particular, are highly recommended.
Positive Review Groove, Massi, James, Mitch & Norby from Italy sent 18 Aug 2004
Great times passed in this coffeeshop, that August week in 2004, it became our usual "hole", even because we always found seats near the "wonderful-view" windows, in every hour of the day. Inside the 36 is a very nice, little place, with a good pool table, good sound, good weed. But the best thing is the hash, best Ice-o-lator we ever bought in Ams.
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK sent 25 Jun 2004
We asked for 1g of Jack Herer and the dealer weighed it out on an electronic scales and gave it to us along with free papers and roach, and we were lucky enough to get the great seat at the back of the shop over-looking the Damrak. Good times.
Neutral Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
Seemed to be very crowded and struggled to get a seat, Good old skool pin ball machine which is very addictive as you walk in.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This was my first experience of a coffee shop in Amsterdam and I have to say it was one of the best shops in the city. My smokin bud has been going to 36 for years and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The 1g of Jack Herer that got rolled into about four joints was a most welcome smoke after 3 hours without. We followed with 2g of crystal skunk and I enjoyed the chilled out tunes and the view across Damrak. Returned to 36, 6 or 7 times during a two day break and out of all visited it had the most chilled out and un-tacky feel.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA visited Dec 16-23, 03; sent 14 Jan 2004
Update of my previous review. Since I was staying on Warmoesstraat very close to this place, I wanted to see if the Bubblegum Polm was still as good as I remembered. It wasn't. It was hard and dry and had no noticeable effect. Sorry. I still like the place itself, and they probably have better gear that they can steer you to, if you ask.
Positive Review Brook from UK sent 15 Dec 2003
Due to the music, atmosphere and comfortable seats at the back with a view of the canal this is one of my favourite hang-outs. The music is great but do expect the Dutch Trance/Techno or funky house!! It's one of the few places I can smoke listening to the latest uplifting dance and everything else to come with it is spot on! Good weed, average prices, friendly people and well worth a visit.
Positive Review John, Sharon and Smokey Daz from UK sent 24 Aug 2003
Excellent ...our 1st time to the 'Dam, this was the 1st shop me, the wife, and my mate visited, the staff was really friendly and helpful, we tried the space shake, as we were all thirsty, then tried some recommended mild smoke, had a walk to get the wife off a white one, went back there quite a few times over our 3 day stay. Going again soon and 36 will be first on the menu.... if it was up to me I'd stay in there all weekend very helpful and friendly for new triers like my wife, she loves the cake washed down with some space tea...
Positive Review Mark E. from USA sent 8 Aug 2003
My wife and I encountered the Coffeehouse 36 mostly due to its large outdoor sign. We had seen other coffeeshops along the Warmoestraat -- and being from Boston, you'd think I'd like to try the Hill Street Blues -- but we decided upon the C/S 36. The dark wood panelling appealed to us instantly and the bench by the window has always been free to sit at whenever we're there. This is good, because true pot connoisseurs don't like it too light! We both agree that the coffee is pretty good and they always serve it with a graham cracker biscuit, and as for the marijuana -- I've smoked both their "hasj" and "Thai" pre-rolled joints. The hasj has a real kick. By the time I'd smoked only half the joint, I was plastered to my seat! But then, Amsterdam has probably the strongest stuff to be found anywhere in the world. The staff is tolerant and the man behind the hash bar very knowledgeable. We have had nothing but good experiences at the C/S 36 and it has become "our" place to visit and relax at whenever the two of us are in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK sent 5 Aug 2003
One of my all-time favourites, nice staff, top-notch smoke (Crystal Skunk & J. Herrer a must). Would be better if the music was a bit more chilled but you can't have everything.
Positive Review Mick and Will from England sent 31 Jul 2003
This was my favourite coffeeshop as it was really friendly and right near to where we were staying. Nice selection of grass and hash on the menu along with great comfortable seats and a pool table. Great view from the window and friendly staff. Definitely a great place to visit!
Positive Review Henri from France sent 11 Apr 2003
For famous space cakes, prefer the "coffeeshop 36", at a few meters from Kabul Hotel, ( Warmoesstraat 36) and try the " bonbon" : not very strong but very very good !
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 28 Jan 2003
I really like this place, the atmosphere is good, you can sit down right next to the canal and watch the boats go by, the staff was nice, had to wait for the pulpit guy to come back, 5 min, so I chatted with the waitress who told me about the muffins they sell, herbal muffins packed with good stuff, cakes cookies too. When the guy returned ordered 2g white widow for think 14 euro, it was just great, nothing hits the spot on a cold winters day like a cup, and white widow.
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA sent 2 Apr 2001
This place hardly gets any press. Nothing fancy, but lots of room, and several distinct sitting areas. If they sold beer, I'd much rather spend my time in here than at any of the big-name sardine cans. Very friendly staff. I had read a glowing review of their Bubblegum Polm in The Smoker's Guide. I bought one gram for 16 guilders, but I guess the guy would have sold me whatever amount I had asked for. I'd put that Bubblegum Polm in the must try and best buy categories.