Hunter's No. 37

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Hunter's No. 37 Number of Positive Reviews 15 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Zootdog from UK sent 12 Oct 2011
I went to Dam in August this year, Hunters was the second coffee shop I visited and got some really nice Bubblegum from here that's worth checking out also some Lemon Haze from there which was some of the nicest lemon I got apart from Greenhouse Super Lemon. There are two Hunters coffee shops on the same road as each other, one of which (the smaller one) I went into and asked to have a look at a few different strains, the Chiesle hardly smelt, and did not smell nice. The Chocolope pretty much smelt and looked like the same thing. I then thought I'd have a look at the other Hunters which I had already been in (the bigger one, with the bar and the computers) I asked to look at the Chiesle and let me tell you, that shit stankkk and was one of the nicest things I got all holiday. You have been warned!
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
Good shop with a good selection and fairly prices.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
This place is very interesting, got the "Mothers Finest" which was respectable as well as the "G13 X Cantalope" which was nice looking buds with low amount of hairs with a earthy citrus smell, easy going tasty smoke for a reasonable price of 9.50/G The hash called Sahara lights on fire very easily and is very dense and dry, spicy smell and taste, harsh, for 13.50E/G that was a huge waste of money however don't buy hash here.
Positive Review John & Becky from USA visited May 06; sent 9 May 2007
This small shop is affiliated with Hunter Bar, but offers cheaper weed & hash than their bigger more commercial "brother shop". Excellent selection of weed & hash, great prices, in fact were directed there by quite a few other shops and local people. Although never more than 20 types to choose from, always a variety of prices, quality to accommodate everyone's budget. Although a rather small shop, it is located in the Red Light District and always has nice people behind the counter. They will let you smell, touch and variety of their brands and have the best prices I have seen in Holland. This means a lot of traffic in and out for people buying and leaving, but for those that choose to stay have access to internet (coined) and also offer a nice selection of hot & cold drinks. The people behind the bar did not even charge us for our coffees made drinks because we were buying 5 grams and we continued to come back to buy and sit and receive free coffee! Therefore expect the best service possible because the shop is otherwise a small facility. No blaring music here as well, nice to relax. Close to Old Church and multiple other coffeeshops so often overlooked. Rated 9/10 after 4 different trips over 18 months.
Positive Review Burners from UK visited 4th April; sent 8 Apr 2007
Dimly lit coffeeshop that adds to the overall appeal of this place in my opinion, from the moment we walked in we were met with a smile and talked through their menu by an excellent young female budtender who recommended we try the Lavender (lovely tasting smoke) and Buddha another excellent choice. For the choice of our weed to post back home we bought Super Skunk @ 27Eu for 5g x2. The seats on the left hand side as soon as you enter the shop are so comfy that anyone entering should grab one if they are available and sit back to watch the world go by right outside the door. Internet available so I'm told but I never ventured that far back into the shop as I was stapled to the comfy seats just inside the front door. Rating 8/10.
Positive Review Eugene Speed + Co from UK sent 14 Dec 2006
Five of us went to Amsterdam in October, I had been before and the other four were first-timers. After having our first smoke in The Green Place at 10am, we soon found ourselves wandering the streets looking for our next port of call. The Grasshopper and Barneys were all quite busy, so we were pleased to find this little coffeeshop called The Coin which was empty. The tunes were loud enough in volume and mellow enough in tone, the decor was relaxing and the lack of windows gave it an 'evening' feel even at 11am! The guy behind the bar was a very friendly and helpful chap called Danny, who's knowledge of his stock was excellent. The menu was extensive, and favourably priced. The NYC Diesel became our favourite smoke, although the pre-rolled Kali Mist joints were superb, and we spent at least 5 hours every day in the place! If you do go to the Coin, I heartily recommend the Diesel, but ask the staff if you can put some in the Volcano vaporiser on the bar. I had never experienced a more pleasant high until I tried the Volcano/Diesel combo! Give it a go!
Positive Review Corbett from Canada sent 27 Sep 2006
Towards the end of my nights in the Red Light I'd go there for my nightcap and was never disappointed. Diesel pre-rolls were good but the best I had was this hash called Dutch hash. Far and away the best wake and bake I have ever had was from this killer hash. The Coin rulz!
Positive Review Bran from France visited 10-13 Nov; sent 19 Nov 2005
A real cool place in downtown especially when music is not too loud and when tables in the front are free. Weed is excellent! If you like bio outdoor weed taste them here (Purple and Sativa outdoor awesome! Good to begin)! Indoor weed are also great. Seats are really comfortable and tables ok to draw and chill out.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA sent 24 Oct 2005
Went into The Coin 10/19 first thing in the morning. Very quite and nice place to relax before hitting the city. Bought a gram of NY Diesel, and that was just the ticket to get the day started.
Positive Review Duke from USA sent 29 Jun 2005
They had a great menu, the Sage n' Sour and the Jack Herer were great here. There was a very friendly staff and proved to be helpful in those constant tough decisions with a good atmosphere.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
My favorite shop in all of Amsterdam - a nice quite, open, cafe-like atmosphere during the day that turns into a very nice dark mellow atmosphere by night. Perfect for getting a buzz before walking the RLD, just around the corner. Very helpful and friendly staff who are a credit to the business, and I have yet to be disappointed by their smoking menu - can definitely recommend the Temple Ball, Super Pollen and Canalope Haze. They sell a lovely apple pie and whipped cream to battle the munchies too!
Positive Review Stargirl from UK sent 6 Apr 2005
We went there (as you do) and were thrilled to discover that not only were we the only customers there, the gear was great and the seats definitely were worth hanging on to. My friend and I wished we had bought books - we could have stayed there all day. The Coin is almost directly opposite 36.
Positive Review Lole from Italy sent 30 Sep 2004
It a little nice place on the border of red light district and it's located near the station. The menu is various and complete. There a lot of good creams, hash (Manali Charras, Bombay black, Dutch hash) and grass (Bubble Gum it's wonderful!).
Positive Review Jonathan from USA sent 9 May 2003
This is my and my fiends and favorite place. Its located almost directly across the street from Kokopelli. It has a great atmosphere, great booths to relax in, great menu (esp Blueberry), awesome deals on tea, and stool tables and computers in the back. They even recommend the type of tea to drink based what feeling you want. When we didn't know what to do next, we had to watch our friend b/c she would just start leading us towards The Coin.
Positive Review Brian from USA sent 27 Sep 2000
A couple of doors down from Greenhouse Effect, opens at 7:00 AM (nice for us travellers from the US who arrive on 6:45 AM flights), and although a little dark and small, I've always found it to be very pleasant with a nice staff and good weed.