coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Jim from UK sent 18 Jul 2009
I give this shop 10/10. It is just a pickup place, no seats just a hatch and a couple of tropical fishtanks. The menu is great, a nice variety of African hash and some awesome bud, really good cheap Jack Herer, Bubblegum, and awesome Cheese amongst others. We went to quite a few "backstreet" coffeeshops in the area and this is the one that stood out with a big menu and quality buds. Spoke to some locals outside who also said this was the best in the area. The guy even sorted the 4 of us out with a packet of papers roach book and lighter each, and 2 grinders between us. Although it's changed its name from Conan, the grinders say both Chapiteau and Conan on them.
Positive Review Dutch Ash from Amsterdam sent 29 Jun 2009
No seating but a good selection of weed and hash at reasonable prices.
Positive Review Viv from UK sent 9 Oct 2005
I have been going to this neighbourhood cafe since 1984, and was first introduced to it, by an ex member of the Kraaker movement, where in fact I was staying. The owners have always made me very welcome and have always offered great value for money. I especially like the mango tea and of course the good old 14 Maroc. I hope that this place is still open, cause I will be staying in the city in November 2005 with my beautiful new wife. I also hope that the picture of Conan is still on the wall.