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smartshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Dambuster from UK sent 2 Dec 2008
This smartshop was right outside our hotel so we visited a few times. Found the staff there very helpful and bought some Liquid E at 15 euros for 2 bottles which had us flying high all night. Also noticed the chill out area in the back of the shop which looked an amazing place to chill and trip, unfortunately we did not have time to experience this but I'll defo be going back and spending some more time in Conscious Dreams on my next visit to 'Dam.
Positive Review Happy User from USA sent 24 Sep 2008
The staff members were extremely helpful. I ate two boxes of Hawaiians, drank tea, and browsed the shop's picture books. This is the best shop in Amsterdam. Pleasant dreams.
Positive Review Ashley from England sent 8 Sep 2007
Just happened across this wonderful shop on my travels. Chatted to the very friendly staff about shrooms, ended up buying the Hawaiians. As I was on my own they suggested their chill-out space at the back as somewhere safe to take them. They were really helpful, brought me cups of tea while I was tripping and let me pay when I was done 5 hours later. Amazing decor, nice ambient music, awesome people I met too. And if you're tripping, don't leave without a look at the 4(?) books of random drawings and trippy insights from other happy customers. If you wanna make the most out of a trip to Amsterdam this is definitely a place to visit.
Positive Review FL Pothead from USA sent 26 Apr 2007
Husband bought the Colombian Mushrooms and enjoyed about a five-hour "Heavy Metal" Fantasy-like trip. The staff was exceptionally knowledgeable and very friendly. A different shop however suggested putting the shrooms on a pizza to make them more tasty - it works but it delays the trip. May also lighten effects, but if you just can't stomach them any other way.
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Wonderful spot to hang out. We didn't partake of any hallucinogens but this is a great place to nurse a buzz or a cup of tea. Great music from the DJ.
Positive Review Brad from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
This was the best smart shop we visited. We purchased magic mushrooms here which were excellent. The staff here was very nice and helpful. I was expecting for the staff to be completely burnt out, but surprisingly they were very normal.
Positive Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Read about this shop b4 I went found it on Saturday. The girl in there was really chilled out, me and my m8 got a box of Hawaiian and r girls got a box of Mexicans. We saved them 4 Sunday, so we went out 4 somthin 2 eat on the Sunday got back the hotel about 5 we dropped them strait away 2 hours went by and me and me m8 couldn't feel anythin so we decided lets get more we went out and me m8s mrs started freakin out so they went back 2 the hotel. My mrs and I carried on lookin and got lost ended coming up on the mission and OMG was I recked ended up lying in the street by central station 4 about 5 2 10 mins until my head was sorted abit then it was strait in a taxi 4 the hotel got back and we were all cained as u like. Will do it again next time but wont b going out lol. ps dont eat more than half a box of the Hawaiians.
Positive Review Wilson from UK visited 24-26 April; sent 27 Apr 2005
Great shop for a nose about. Although head shops by law now sell fresh mushrooms this place had some that although could still be classed as fresh, when consuming were dry in the mouth and easy to swallow. A must try as they are described in the shop as being "uppy" and are indeed the nearest thing I have had to an E from the eighties. They are called English shrooms. Check them out.
Positive Review MadMel from UK sent 20 Dec 2004
The shop was ace, the people were sound and the 'shrooms well need I say more there where 'tripping'' we did 2 nites of back to back shrooms and the ones you have to get are the 'Mexican's' to start with then go onto 'Hawaiian's' and I assure you, you will have a awesome few trips.
Positive Review Flatbed Alfie from England sent 12 Dec 2004
They had a nice supply of really "trippy warm glow" Mexican mushrooms.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited Oct '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
The best place to get shrooms. Don't bother with the Liberty Caps, or the Philosophers Stones, get the Hawaiian! A nice store to look around in.
Positive Review Dave from UK visited Oct 03; sent 25 Feb 2004
Did a birthday trip to the 'Dam last year, and one of the 'Dam Virgins was pretty insistent on doing some 'shrooms. Who was I to argue? Basically this was the first headshop we passed when on the prowl, lucky us. Bought some Thai Cubensis from the highly informative and generally ace young dealer, then went back to Stones to watch the Turkey v England match, having scoffed the 'shrooms between three of us. Wow. I doubt I'll ever sit through such a surreal footy match again - the bar was pretty angsty (for the Dam), but it all floated so merrily over our heads, much like Beckham's penalty! :). They really hit the spot. Next time we go we'll chill round the back - sounds ace, but wherever you enjoy your purchase I can't recommend the place highly enough.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
What a relaxed place!!!! Fantastic selection of all things herbal and mycological and knowledgeable and friendly staff. The rear of the shop is given over to large cushions and low tables and lighting, the perfect place to chill out to some quality tunes and enjoy the view over Damrak. We sampled the Thundercaps from Conscious Dreams, and shall be returning to sample the vibe when we return in April.
Positive Review Brew from USA sent 2 Aug 2003
Avoid the Mexican Cubensis 'shrooms, too speedy even if they are cheapest. Get the Hawaiian Copelandia variety for it's very lush and mellow experience.
Positive Review Mick and Will from England sent 31 Jul 2003
Nice head shop, some good stuff inside. 'Shrooms seemed a bit expensive but nice selections of bongs and pipes.
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
Very nice people and some great 'shrooms (Mexicana). They also had a chill room in back.
Positive Review Jason from UK sent 5 Apr 2000
The girl in Conscious Dreams was very friendly and helpful and pretty ;) They have an excellent space set aside for trippers that overlooks one of the canals and, apparently, you can smoke there if you're tripping.