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Cool Running
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Jason K from Ireland. Sent 19 May 2009.
Definitely my favourite coffeeshop in Maas. Downstairs is the best part, the lights are more dimmed and there are a few black couches (really comfy) that you can chill on with your friends. I got the Buddha Cheese, 5g for 60 euro (12E/g) , quite pricey but it was all worth it. As soon as you sink into one of the couches, take in the music and inhale a nice bong hit from Cool Running's bud, you'll know what i mean :D
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. This shop is sleazy, the stuff is very good and expensive.
Pino from Belgium. Sent 2 Oct 2007.
A really cool coffeeshop, probably my favorite. Both two floors are enjoyable, with nice music and atmosphere. Prices are high as in the rest of the town, but at least here you will never be ripped off. A special note to the dealers who are very nice and friendly (unlike the rest of coffeeshops). Great coffeeshop!
Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
Cannot decide if Cool Running or Heaven 69 is the best. Cool Running is so damn cool. Upstairs is a bar/restaurant area that rents bongs, with tables. And downstairs are a bunch of couches, graffiti all over the wall, a plasma display in the back by the dealers lounge. Bought Peacemaker, NLX here, the best smoke in Maastricht, along with Jack Herrer from H69. We sat on two small sofas in front of the plasma TV with a booming bass box next to us, smoking bongs. At times when bong is being smoked, the music can get quite annoying or disturbing to some. The bathroom is extremely small and needs locks badly.
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
It's a reggae themed place. There's a weird wooden Indian statue outside. Upstairs it kind of looks like a diner. You go in the back and then into the basement, where there's some couches, tables and a TV. Overall it's a pretty chill spot. At night, it's hard to get a couch, and the music is kinda loud, but during the day I found it a pretty relaxing place to chill at. Rating: 7/10
Shophopper from Germany. Sent 27 Oct 2006.
The salesman tried to shrink down the quantity of my order to test whether I would follow a sudden language change from English to German. Achtung Sprachtest.
Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany. Sent 9 Oct 2006.
Opens quite late (about 1-2 pm), a cool shop for chilling and smoking a bong (the last one we had was clean and leaked. It was empty when we left), if you get a place on the couches downstairs. It's always very dark (few light) in there and relaxed music. Bought there 1g "Power Afghan/10€". The hash is good, but too expensive for its quality. In general I disliked the offer - too expensive/nothing special.
Palle from Sweden. Sent 1 Sep 2006.
Nice selection of weed (around 10 different) and hash. Bought the most expensive weed "Misty" and "Peace Maker" that set me back 9 Euro per gram. Staff are helpful and friendly. Off the topic: Outside on the parkinglot, a dude made an offer to sell me 100 gram good quality weed for 300 Euro, I was tempted but the German police would probably butt-fuck me if they ever caught me on my return ride over the border :-s No thanks.
DM from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2005.
If you want to chill and crash down, Cool Running is the place to be! Upstairs it's a rather average coffeeshop with a nice bar, kicker table and a computer with internet access. Downstairs is the chilling zone. Extremely comfortable seats, wide screen TV and chill music. They have a great offer in weed, but if you want some good stuff you have to spend more than 7€. The weed you get is certainly worth its price, but if you don't want to spend more than 6€ for some good weed there other places.
Jelle from Belgium. Sent 25 Aug 2004.
Coolrunning is the relaxest coffeeshop I know. I went there when I'm 17 and I was going there every day. When you come in you see a kicker table, you walk on you pass the bar (where you can borrow bongs), than you go downstairs and there is where all the fun begins. You see darkness, smoke, smoke and the dealer. You see a lot big sacs of weed, there is a list you won't find in a other shop, White Widow (9euro), Crystal Skunk (8euro), Suddendeath (7 euro), Cytral, Happy Brother, Misty, Snow Ball and the bad weed: Jamaica, indica jam. You have a lot of couches there where you can reeelllaaaaxxx, there's the greatest music, greatest girls, and the greatest high!
Romano from Belgium. Sent 5 Oct 2003.
This is an excellent place to get stoned, it's very expensive but buy the Primeur, it's only 5,9 euro and it's good. The other hashish (Hia, Gold, Nepal etc... ) are SUPER but they are damn expensive (8,5 to 12,5 euro). but it's a very nice place with good music and big couch to be comfortable and relax.
Mark from USA. Sent 7 Feb 2003.
A bigger shop with a dark decor, and in order to get to the pulpit, you have to go downstairs, into a dungeon like atmosphere, with all kinds of graffiti on the walls, I ordered crystal skunk, for 8 euro a gram, a little high, but good smoke, what the heck this isn't Amsterdam, the crystal was great, best in Maastricht. you can share bongs they have with others, and there is plenty of room downstairs.