Correspondent's Comments: Introduction

Since the ACD launched in 1998, many of you have sent in comments on the coffeeshops you like and dislike for display on the relevant shop pages. Comments are published pretty much as sent to me. I occasionally correct spellings and remove introductory paragraphs but apply little other editorial control.

I also add the traffic light symbols in red, green or amber to give a quick indication of how many reviewers liked the shop and how many didn't.

Correspondent's ratings
smile Like the shop
indifferent Indifferent
frown Don't like the shop (or it's closed)

Got something to say?

Please get in touch, I always welcome your opinions. Just e-mail your comments to Please provide as much information as possible, especially the name you wish to be known by and your nationality.

  • Please make it clear which shop(s) you are commenting on, especially when there are others with similar names (e.g. Grasshopper, Grasshopper 2)..
  • Please state what name you would like to be quoted as.
  • Please state your nationality.
  • Please put something like "coffeeshop comments" in the subject line of your email to make it easier for me to spot your comments.
  • Please write in English because it's the only language I can read and is the international language of the Internet. Apologies if you are Dutch, French or whatever but it's a fact of life, for better or worse, that few of us dumb English speakers can read your languages whereas many people around the world read English as a second language.

I assume that most people from oppressed countries would prefer a degree of anonymity and so only use first names but, if you have a different preference, just let me know.

The reason for including nationalities is just for the benefit of readers. People from America tend to have different tastes than Europeans and Dutch people have different tastes than tourists. By providing your nationality you will help people from your country judge whether they would feel the same way about a place as you do.

Feel free to include further information, like your age group or specifying the traffic light icon that you would like next to your comment, if you wish.

Please be patient with me when waiting for your comments to appear on the site. Updates occur at irregular intervals.

Viruses and Filters

I get a lot of mail but most of it is junk. All spam and viruses are bounced back to senders by filters and other tools. On at least one occasion this has led to a genuine message from someone like you being returned to sender. If your message gets bounced or rejected because my mailbox is full of junk please send it again (a clear subject line helps).

Incidentally, if you get a virus purporting to be from me, rest assured I didn't send it. Infected messages often have faked "from" addresses. Having my email address on public display has got me on every dodgy mailing list out there!