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coffeeshop Tilburg
coffee shop Crackers, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Crackers Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
What once was a nice oldschool coffeeshop with nice milk shakes and stuff is now sadly only a pick-up place since about two years that still friendly older budtender from back in the day told me. They sell pre-packed gear mostly available in two sizes and about seven qualities each for hash and weed. Took a look at the Cheese (Moroccan, 10€/g) and Sputnik (Moroccan, about 8-9€/g). While both looked nice I went for the latter one which was classic Moroccan resin with that taste of ginger and more of a blonde one. Nice one!
Positive Review Big J from Belgium. Sent 14 Feb 2011.
My friend took some WW which looked nice with a nice smell, very dry. Taste good, like some good old skool. I went for PP, which the dealer recommend me, well I can say his advice is good. Most clients are locals so that says something too.
Positive Review Susti from Belgium. Sent 1 Apr 2010.
I went yesterday to Crackers after reading good impressions from other visitors, which I can actually just confirm! The coffeeshop is not that big but clean, tables and chairs are clean as well and there is a good choice of drinks and snacks to sweet up your most stoned moments! I took NLX for 31.50 Euros for 5 grams, the weed was strong and lovely. The staff was probably the kindest I have ever met in the last 8 years throughout whole Holland! After checking my Id I was then invited to take a seat at the café counter where I was later given my weed, all in a very kind, careful way. The guys at the bar were chatting between them and serving me further drinks or snacks with a nice smile anytime I was talking to them! I would say that this coffeeshop is mostly attended by locals. For sure an excellent address whenever you visit Tilburg!
Positive Review Ganja-X from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2010.
Has a new interior and new smokes.
Positive Review A dude from Belgium. Sent 20 Sep 2009.
This shop has it all. Good weed, very kind people and a nice place to chill. This is one of the better shops of Tilburg. We bought some Oq Haze and Amnesia for avg price.
Positive Review Bassjunky from Belgium. Sent 2 Apr 2009.
It's a nice shop and they have good weed too, sometimes they have something special; like last Christmas they had White X-Mas, that was one of the best-tasting weeds I have ever smoked. Recommendations: can't really say; it always changes.
Positive Review Samir from Belgium. Sent 10 Nov 2003.
It's a little shop but very good in price. If you order a lot, they give you some reduction (depends on who's serving you). And they have the best spacecake I have ever eaten. If you come from Turnhout, always go straight ahead until you see on your left side a big green sign that says "Grolsh" (It's a typical bad Dutch beer I guess). If you see that sign, turn right and after about 200 meters you're there.