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Reviews of Crush Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Scott from Australia. Sent 4 Feb 2018.
Visited here everyday during a 4 week October 2017 trip. Amnesia Haze is very nice, but their White Widow is an absolute fucking madman. Their pre-rolled joints are the real deal - not weak tourist crap. Reasonable prices, friendly staff and nice smoking room. Heading back in April 2018 and have booked our hotel right across the road from Crush. Highly recommend.
Positive Review Claudio from Brazil. Sent 30 Oct 2012.
Very nice place. Good weed and good hash. 7/10
Neutral Review Weed Gourmet from Amsterdam. Sent 9 Nov 2010.
I live across the street from that coffeeshop and went there quite often. Acceptable price/quality (W.w. 7e, Jack Herer 7e, W.Russian 8e, Blueberry 9e).They have rancid coffee and the shop interior will not get your hopes up. I strongly recommend only to go for the Haze (11eur) and, even if it looks perfect, ask them to open up a bud so you can check if it's molded. This is not a gourmet shop, you are likely to get the unflushed full-of-chemicals commercial nederwiet that will fuck your mind up for the rest of the day. Aimed at the unsuspecting Amsterdam tourist.
Neutral Review Pete from UK. Sent 10 Oct 2010.
Positives were that it was quiet, hardly anyone in there, so if there is a few of you, you'll have plenty of room to chill. Unlike what other people have said about the people behind the counter, my guy was completely miserable. You could tell he didn't really want to be there, and a smile would of gone along way. I bought some Shark which was a little contaminated after seeing it in the day light, leaving a really bad tickle in the throat. I bought the Shark as had asked for something mellow but tasted great, it was neither, it tasted funny and was a bit heavy on the stone. Their Blueberry looked nice, smelt nice, but wasn't that strong, so a bit disappointing.
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 13 Apr 2010.
Worth a visit coffeeshop near to Leidseplein, good quality of weed, very good hash!
Positive Review ChicagoJim from USA. Sent 13 Apr 2009.
This is an excellent coffee shop. They will sell you just 1 gram if you want. I got the Blueberry for 9 euro per gram. It got me stoned. Spent the whole time talking to a Dutch guy. It was a good time.
Positive Review Rich from Scotland. Sent 19 Feb 2009.
The Crush coffeeshop was just across the road from our hotel just like the previous post. It had a good range of quality weed at some of the best prices we saw in any of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam (6euro - 14euro's p/gram). Sometimes pre-weighed and sometimes weighed in front of you, just depends. Didn't toke for long in the place though as not the most aesthetically pleasing, the cafe/pub next door was pretty cool tho, had many a Bavaria there. To summarize the Crush was a good place for price compared to many of the other shops in the area, the quality of the weed spoke for itself and its staff seemed friendly answering any questions about the gear and happily showed us the stuff before buying. Would recommend.
Positive Review Spanion773 from UK. Sent 15 Dec 2008.
This place was the best place I smoked in Amsterdam, and we visited almost every coffeeshop in the week me and my friends were there, it was right outside our hotel and was great for a post lash spliff and pre lash spliff :) this place was great, especially the Iscolator :D.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 24 Jul 2008.
Very nice and relaxing little place. Very close to the Leidseplein, not too difficult to get to, but easy to miss. It is down some stairs, so half the shop is actually below ground level in front, where there is counter seating with stools and windows looking right out to the sidewalk, fun place to sit and watch everyone going by. The shop opens up to a nice seating area, with tables and chairs, and also a nice couch at the back where there are big open windows letting in a nice breeze. Lots of plants about the shop, and they were playing Bob Marley, excellent, chilled vibe. There is also a little room with foosball, the employees were very good. They also have pinball, and a photo-play game for vid heads. The wiet counter is up-front as you come in, the bud tender was very friendly and sold me on the "Bubble-Gum Haze" at 12e a gm. The entire menu had 10 wiet choices, and 7 hasj choices. They also let me use a grinder and pipe, and served me a nice cappuccino. They also have "good" internet usage and pre-rolled joints, I got a puur for later, it was good. Good place to visit, off the beaten path, quiet, and very relaxing actually, worth the walk there, very scenic area with all the grachten (canals).
Positive Review Kingsp4de from USA. Sent 28 Nov 2007.
Has a pretty good sized menu compared to other coffeeshops that are small in size. Has AK-47, Jack Herer, Silver Pearl, White Widow, K2, PP, BubbleGum Haze, Amnesia Haze. Cheapest is 7 euro a gram, most expensive is 13 euro. Nice, clean, quiet and relaxing coffee shop w/ relaxing music of all kinds. Music's at the right volume and also has plenty of room 2 sit and has a foosball game table in one room. Along w/ a male and female bathroom, Internet access @ 2 euros an hour and plenty of a variety of drinks from Coca Cola to chocolate milk, all types of flavors of Loozas and energy drinks as well, only 1.50 euro. Unlike most shops, it's 2-3 euros, so after you get a good deal on your drink and your smoke, you can enjoy it all in quiet as this shop is hardly ever filled and if it is, it's not that loud. Very comforting and home-like place, especially for people who can't stand being in crowded shops. Hash ranges from Blond Maroc, SpoedNick, Hiya-Zero-Zero, King Hassan, and Diamond. Cheapest is 4 euro a gram, most expensive is 10 euro a gram. Has good hash deals, 5 grams for only 15 euro of Blond Maroc. Overall, including this quietness and relaxing and peacefulness of the shop, the 2 dealers that work there are always cheerful and can help you out whatever way possible, they're great guys. Also has the Ice-O-Lator and pure, mixed, polm and weed cones already stuffed for ya. And yes, I said pure! At only 6 euro.
Positive Review Dangerdanz from USA. Sent 10 Oct 2007.
Today I finally found some good advice from this place, he spoke good English and was very friendly. Bought me a drink after we talked and gave me the best advice for me about my weed in the US vs. weed here and about pre rolled to never buy u get crap. He gave me some hash called Mystic, I believe, sorry I forgot after he let me use the bong. Super nice guy as I'm finding most places are here.
Positive Review Mark_d from UK. Sent 1 Feb 2007.
Spotted this place from my hotel room and had to visit. Nice bright, clean shop with a very friendly budtender (seemed to be there all day everyday!) Was helpful with weed suggestions and usually had the bong clean and ready to use. Not a huge menu but nice selection with very good prices.
Negative Review Olaf from Netherlands. Sent 4 Apr 2003.
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