Culture Boat

coffeeshop in Utrecht
Reviews of Culture Boat Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review JustinCase sent 21 Nov 2018
Place to hang out, drinks at reasonable rates, tobacco free smoking areas by the bar, two Rookruimtes. Stash is lab. tested, test results are displayed in a book and CBD/THC is indicated on a sticker label in the stashbag you buy. Hasj was phenomenal, weed was okay. Second cup of tea was on the house. I came to sit besides a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Well, I somehow managed smoking anyway. It's too cool when the boat moves on little waves as another boat passes by. A place worth spending time. Security guard in front of the boat will watch your bike. Thumbs up!
Positive Review Andy from USA sent 19 Jan 2013
Best place in town if you want to hang out and smoke. The shop is a boat on one of the town's canals with the best atmosphere of any of the coffee shops I visited. It was one of the very few places I went that wasn't buy on entry. I bought from them when I went there, but you might be able to bring your own if you're buying drinks. Prices were average, €7.50 for around 3/4 gram if I remember correctly. They had a small selection of indica strains including organic strains and some hash but I don't think they have any sativa. Definitely worth checking out if you're in Utrecht.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 18 Nov 2012
Best coffeeshop boat (know some), clean, quite and nice. Went for some White Widow (about 8€/g) which was good enough.
Negative Review Mississippi_Bullfrog from Belgium sent 27 Sep 2011
I recently was there, at 'de Boot'. Quite a nice scenery; I admit - nice setting, nice surroundings, nice interior. Biggest downside, for starters, was that it is rather far out of the (main) city centre. You have to walk 1.5 miles (2 kilometres) to get there (from Utrecht CS). But if it's worth it, then: all for the better! Unfortunately, it wasn't. When I entered, I asked for a coffee with a little milk on the side (so that I could add it myself). The barkeeper looked at me like those villagers in the midst of the 19th century must have looked at each other when they saw a train passing by for the very first time, and kept insisting that I only could order black coffee or "koffie verkeerd" (common name for a 'wrong coffee', which speaks for itself: about 1/5th of coffee, plus a gazillion litres of added milk with that). So I skipped the coffee, and went straight for 'that other' menu; looking for good black hash (that's right; as opposed to my coffee, I do take my hash as black as possible!) - Afghan, Nepali, You know what I mean. Unfortunately, there were only two sorts of 'H' available; both 'brown' (Moroccan). So I skipped that too, and went for the coffeeshop "Andersom" at Vismarkt (near the big 'Dom' church), where I had - for the second time this year! - a great smoke. To sum it up: if you don't mind the walk, you love to smoke while floating on (and looking over) the water, you're not after a big range of different hashes to choose from, and you're not looking for a coffee to go with your 'blow': you probably might enjoy it here. If one of these things don't apply to you: stay in the city centre.
Positive Review Zizipoil from France sent 13 Aug 2011
This is the place to spend time with friends in Utrecht. Located on a nice canal, the boat is quite spacious and has a friendly staff. The menu is small but offers organic weeds. Their Amnesia is simply delicious. There are lots of tables where you can enjoy your time with magazines and drinks, and look at boats passing by. Funnily, the big fort on the other bank of the canal is a prison. One of the best shops I know in the Netherlands.
Positive Review Manasinho from Czech republic sent 24 Nov 2010
Nice environment, music, selection and price it worse.
Positive Review Crovez from Italy sent 31 Oct 2010
Unique atmosphere, good weeds, honest prices.
Positive Review Autumn from Australia sent 20 Mar 2010
This place is easily the best place to sit and smoke in Utrecht. Easy-going staff with no attitude, incredible music selection and a beautifully decorated interior make the uniqueness of being in a boat that much better. Not the cheapest place, but they have some unique options. The Bio-Shiva is fantastic and the Northern Lights is good too.
Positive Review Iamthewalrus from Utrecht sent 2 Jan 2010
I disagree with some of the previous comments. The boat is definitely one of my favourite shops in my hometown. A cosy and spacious place to sit and good weed (Bio Shiva is their best in my opinion). The quality of hash varies. Some might find the menu limited (the boat usually has 4 to 6 different types of weed) but I'm usually just looking for one type of good weed to get me high.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK sent 14 Nov 2009
Visited last weekend of October 2009. My first visit to Utrecht (although passed through it twice before by train). Really liked it. Went to the Culture Boat to buy/smoke two nights in a row. Appeared popular / busy - mainly people coming in to buy. Small menu and slight changes from one night to the next. First night I tried their Widow which was good (I've had better, but it was good nonetheless). Prices = good. The second night I tried their Bio (can't fully remember the name of it but it was bio-something) and it blew me away! I haven't had such good weed in a very long time. I always smoke my weed neat (without tobacco) and one spliff of the bio was heavenly. Although someone below said that after one visit the novelty of being on the boat wears off, I disagree; but that is because I love boats and would visit regularly if I lived in Utrecht. Over 15 years, I have visited many coffeeshops in The Netherlands and although I have one or two favourites in Amsterdam, and a lovely one in Amersfoort, the old boat in Utrecht was very enjoyable. By the way, Utrecht has got to be one of the best cities in the Netherlands. No tourists I could see and it is so beautiful.
Positive Review Cork from Ireland sent 4 Aug 2008
This place was brilliant. The freedom of smoking herb on a little boat really multiplies when on the moat of a prison for drug offenders. If you are in Utrecht I would recommend this place. The weed isn't the strongest but it's a very enjoyable smoke (which I prefer). Make sure you get a good seat though! You don't want to be leaning sideways. 1 of my friends went greener than what we were smoking!
Positive Review Tommy from Finland sent 11 Jun 2008
All ok place. Chill and peaceful. Very nice music. Ok weed.
Positive Review Aaron from UK sent 14 Aug 2007
This place has a really limited selection but occasionally some bio weeds which are nice. The staff seem nice. Once the novelty of getting stoned on a moored boat wears off its quite boring though. A good place to read a book and chill.
Positive Review Ctesibius from Israel/Netherlands sent 30 Dec 2006
While the selection is limited to 2 types of weed and 2 types of hash (neither are spectacular), and the prices are quite high, the place is excellent. What I usually do is bring my own weed/hash and pay 6 euros for some weed with my friends just to get in (never tried to get in without buying weed, might be possible). Plenty of space, nice atmosphere and a view across the canal of a jail. If you follow the street north you find the Griftpark- if you like to skate, bring a board, there's a great skatepark.