coffeeshop in Nijmegen
Reviews of Dakota Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Fred sent 12 Oct 2017
Visited here and got such a bad impression. It's like smoking and sitting in a fish tank. Smells horrible and smoke is not to recommend. It's not a good place. Overall. Stay away. Only traffic here is bcuzz Of location. Don't be fooled by Dakota.
Positive Review Pascal from Nijmegen sent 1 Dec 2010
Let you play dices for a certain amount of bought weed (15 euro, I believe), then for every six you throw you get a card, with which you can also get free weed. For six sixes you will win a free 500 euro vacation to a place of your own choice!
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
Good smoke, good food, free internet, loyalty prizes, very patient staff and great atmosphere.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 26 Jun 2009
Good coffeeshop, worth a visit, but nothing special.
Positive Review John from Ireland sent 25 Dec 2008
Picked up 1.5 grams of Nevilles haze for 15euros. This was dried and cured and of top quality. Also got some Ice-o-later hash at 16 a gram very expensive but actually a good high. Taste is ho-hum tho. Really friendly staff who are helpful and nice because they want to be and not just cos they're at work. This place has two spacious sections. One for eating and one for smoking, with the smoke counter in the middle. Tostis were tasty and only €2. The Nevilles Haze was brilliant to smoke. I'll most certainly visit this place again.
Positive Review Owen.T from UK sent 9 Sep 2006
Open for 21 years, coffee shop Dakota is the one oldest coffee shops in Nijmagen, yet it is the most stylish and well-furnished place in town. Situated down the road from the police station, the shop is hard to miss with it's big blue Dakota sign across the window and the bikes of the locals laying about outside. Do not be intimidated by the locals as they are really friendly, I got talking to one who was saying he had been "stoning" for 25 years and he had been going to Dakota for 10 of them years. I was sat the at the bar talking to him for at least 2 hours what a nice chap. As for the staff, they are most friendly I have ever met! As well as talking to the locals at the bar I was talking to the girl behind serving the drinks and the dealer who popped around from his desk every so often to talk to me, and then there is the manager Leo he was really helpful with giving me all the info about the place and letting me take pics any where I wanted which was excellent of him. Dakota has a wide range of activates if you don't just want to sit about and stone, they have free! Internet, a nice sized T.V, two dart boards, cool artwork and games behind the bar for you to use, oh and they also have dart competitions every so often. They do have a very nice menu, a big option of grasses, from their own named Dakota which is their finest indicia to White widow which is of course was the choice when I asked all the locals. There hash menu was also something to have a look at too I purchased their own named Dakota Gold witch gives a very nice heady high and I also got their Zero To Zero which gave a very strong stoned thinking high. I found the prices very cheap too, 5 euro for 0.7 to 1.6 gram and 15 euro for 2.1 to 5 gram. Dakota offers bongs, papers and grinders which if you choose you can use with your purchases, they also have blunt wraps but I think they where given out at a little charge. Although they lend out this paraphernalia they do not sell any of them. If you thought it couldn't get any better they also serve really nice food and munchies. They do not sell alcohol but have a wide range of coffee and soft drinks at a very good price. All-in-all I was very impressed in with this coffee shop and I encourage you all to visit this shop if you stop in Nijmagen all you have to do is ask for Dakota and people will point you in the right direction if you find it that you get away from Amsterdam then go into the Netherlands and find coffee shops like this one I am sure they are plenty around. But if you are around Nijmagen/Arnhem way find this place you will not be disappointed. I give this coffee shop 5/5 for it's friendly attitude, laid back locals, roomy and well furnished. All in all one to visit if you're in the area.
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 10 Oct 2005
The other review for this shop got it just right, easily the most civilized shop in Nijmegen. The selection is above average, but the real reason to make the trip here (a little bit off the beaten path) is for the laid-back atmosphere. I can recommend the Shiva I purchased there. Definitely a good choice for those of us who are a bit older, or anyone wishing to avoid the slightly seedy scene going on over at Vlaamsegas.
Positive Review Erik from Netherlands sent 28 Apr 2004
Dakota is probably the most "civilised" coffeeshop in Nijmegen. It is tastefully furnished and well illuminated. The music played varies from reggea to rock and pop. In terms of food and drink Dakota can accommodate most tastes. There are many different and affordable meals on the menu and it is without a doubt the best place in Nijmegen to get a milkshake. The weed an hash menu is good enough to suit everyone. Pre-rolled joints come in two marihuana varieties and one hash version. If you roll your own, papers are supplied for free and of course packs of different papers are for sale. For every 10 euro you can roll a cup of dice. For every six you will receive a coupon, two coupons are worth 2.50 (one pre-rolled joint) and with four you can get ten euro's worth of weed or hash. For those willing to register, there is also a internet room with three computers. This service is free. As far as I'm concerned, Dakota is the best shop in Nijmegen.