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Skyy from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2012.
This place has a good selection, I tasted the Cherry Bomb for 8€ a G. Jack Herrer was 7.50 a G and was one of the fluffiest grades I've ever seen. I regret not trying the Ceres Hilton which was 16 or 15€ a gram. The menu said this grade had been cured 16 weeks.
Q from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Dec 2010.
Great coffeeshop, reasonable prices, too bad it's always overcrowded.
Raife from UK. Sent 14 Aug 2010.
We bought L.A Confidential and Laughing Buddha which was only 6.50e/g and very good for the price. The dealers are very friendly, we asked to look at probably 8 types of weed before buying but he didn't mind at all. The decor is funky too. Well worth going. A must every time for us.
Craftybrewer from UK. Visited 23/06. Sent 25 Jun 2010.
Does what it does and is a destination in itself. If people only go to one coffeeshop make it this one. Its fame doesn't help all the usual nonsense, rather rude and unnecessary behaviour of some of its customers requiring a visible bouncer and to me a slightly aggressive countenance however, good list, good advice (I had the lovely Manali at 18euros and actually this was a gooood price) and an atmosphere unmatched anywhere are there if you are polite and respectful. Just one thing try not to take 50 euro notes for them to change. They know you need to change them, but please ask first. You'd not get a pint anywhere in England with a £50 so don't try to score without checking, It's rude.
Dim from Greece. Sent 13 Apr 2010.
The best commercial coffeeshop I think. Big menu of weed and hash. Try the Rifman hash noor. mmm!
Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
Is there any better menu in the 'dam? I say no. The featured "Rifman" hashes are really nice. We had some "Noor" @ 14 eu/g, which was extremely tasty. Also tried some of the buddy. Alegria @ 13 eu/g, which wasn't as nice. Took the plunge for the Waterworks @ 50 eu/g. This was most uppity smoke I have ever tried. Killer "ice' that kept me flying until 3 am. Couldn't smoke enough indica to knock me out. This is the ultimate sativa high.
Laura from USA. Visited Feb 08. Sent 13 Apr 2008.
I'd have to say this my favorite place. I bought some g-13 (when they had it) can't remember how much it was but that was some one hitta quitta type stuff. Great shop!
Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
I picked up some "Kalimist" which was nice looking crystal covered buds, but moderate overall nothing to die for, had a sweet and skunky taste, smooth smoke and for 8.50E/G not too bad. The "Mr. Nice guy X G13" was also only moderate looking yet somewhat crystallized buds, which had a surprisingly very smooth and tasty smoke, same price. Sampled some of the hash while I was there and remember being more satisfied with the weed.
Antonio from Italy. Sent 28 Jan 2008.
Very nice, small place. Music's not too loud, soft lights (I got a few problems reading a book ^_^), Cool people. Excellent variety, good skunk.
Otto from Groningen. Sent 18 Dec 2007.
Great stuff, hadn't been there myself, The cup entry hasj tasted great, and was very good, like you'd expect, it was 16 euros for 1 g, pricey but worth it. I had some Himalaya hasj, which was also great, effect and taste. Also had the AK-47 and the Amnezia, both were super! (A friend of mine tried the Ice-o-later, it blew his mind).
Dave from UK. Sent 17 Jun 2007.
I heard this place did some nice Amnezia Haze and it was true! Couldn't stay in here though, it was always packed out.
Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 28 May 2007.
King Hassan - nice smoke, nice cat they have.
Stan from USA. Sent 8 Apr 2007.
Last visit, 2005, their Kali Mist was my favorite. Asked for it but the dealer steered me toward the Ocean's 12 Haze as fresher and good for museum hopping - just what the Dr. ordered for the van Gogh. Dampkring is one of the most reliable (if crowded spots) in Amsterdam. A trip to the city isn't the same without a stop here.
Lizard King and Ginger from UK. Sent 7 Apr 2007.
G13 8.50 a grm, and the Reclining Buddha. Nice smokes, but it seems to me that the dealer that day was a git. He definitely under weighed us. Their scales have been tampered with. Beware. We went in then went out. Crap. Full of drunken English.
Chris from UK. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
I really like this place when it is quiet, you can have a seat, a strong joint and sit back and admire the decoration of the shop. Small LCD screens showing the oceans 12 scene again and again are a bit tacky and commercial as are the prices but you can't complain at the quality of the weed. I had some Neville's Haze which had me daydreaming for a good hour. The dealer was very talkative and gave some good advice, we were also able to look and feel the product before buying. When this place is busy it's almost impossible to get a seat but it is definitely worth searching out for the vast array and high quality of cannabis on sale. Overall great decor, top quality smoke. 9/10
Doody from USA. Visited May 30-June 7. Sent 27 Jun 2006.
Still an excellent shop, even though crowded. The "Silver Haze" at 10.50 euro a gram was amazing. However, the "NYC Diesel" at 10 euros a gram was a disappointment, just not what it used to be. Still one of the best hasj and wiet menus around. Do stop in for a bier and a buzz, if in Amsterdam you have to experience this shop.
Tyler H from USA. Sent 16 Jun 2006.
Nice place has good hash and weed which is above par. Not as cool to look at from the inside as from the outside.
Jonathan from UK. Sent 18 Apr 2006.
I have to say, the Stella Blue at was the best weed I tried throughout the entire trip, if you like Blueberry that is the weed to get. The only blue weed in Dam that I truly believe tastes like real Blueberry rather than some cheap spray.
TWoz from USA. Visited Mar. 8. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
Bought 1g of AK-47 for 12e. Good Bud and Great High. Very crowded though so we didn't stay long.
Dave an Rach from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2006.
Excellent as always NYC Diesel, Mako Haze, Reclining Buddah all good. Disappointed with AK-47 tho, grown better myself.
Enrico from Germany. Sent 8 Jan 2006.
I like the Rifman Hash (5 or 6 different Rifhash) it`s finest quality and very rare (only 2 shops in Amsterdam selling Rif Hash, have I seen).
Doctor Jim from Canada. Visited Oct 22-29. Sent 25 Dec 2005.
This place has to be seen even if you don't stop. The smoking menu is outstanding and we found the staff very helpful and friendly. AK-47 was absolutely superb, a real knockout. Extremely busy but (twice!) Bowie the cat had saved us seats in the window and we spent a couple of hours people watching together. We totally love this place for the decor and vibe.
Bran from France. Visited 10-13 Nov. Sent 19 Nov 2005.
It was crowded as never I see it, but waiter was helpful and smiling, that was great. Ambiance was cool too. A good crowded experience. Weed I taste (Bio Mexican, spicy with a good high) was excellent, and place is large so you can find a corner near a Buddha statue to roll it one a take a drink (they serve beer).
Doody from USA. Sent 28 Oct 2005.
Consistently excellent weed! Very crowded these days, but still a great place for a bier and a buzz. Tried the Citral (or Citranal?) at 7.00 euro gm., and the NYC Diesel at 8.50 gm., both very fruity and sweet! The Moonshine is still some of the best hash around. Don't miss this place.
AzLaker from USA. Sent 24 Oct 2005.
Went by 10/15, packed didn't go in. Went back 10/18, busy but went in anyway. Budtender was very nice considering how packed it was. Bought a joint of AK-47, very nice buzz.
Happy Chap from UK. Sent 5 Sep 2005.
Sorry to say that this is one coffee shop I won't be returning to. They only seem to be interested in pushing the most expensive weed they have on the menu, if you don't want to pay 20 or 30 euro a gramme for ice hash (and there is much better and cheaper elsewhere) they just don't want to know.
J.W. from USA. Visited 05-15-05. Sent 28 May 2005.
Very cool place small and crowded at night but an awesome selection of smoke. Bought 3 souvenir menus (they are a bit big). Tried the NYC Diesel.
Wilson from UK. Visited 24-26 April. Sent 27 Apr 2005.
Went in to show the place to my friends. They were impressed by the layout. None of them had seen the film Oceans Twelve but said the coffeeshop alone was like a film set. Tried the NYC Diesel which was a pleasant smoke on the throat but I expected more from it.
Mike Z from USA. Visited April 05. Sent 27 Apr 2005.
Extremely friendly with a nice snack menu and a large selection of smoke.
Madxav from France. Sent 7 Apr 2005.
For me, this is the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. There is an excellent choice of weed. The music is good, as the staff and the customer. With my friend we had conversations with two Hungarians, Dutch people and an American. We went to the Dampkring every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times.
Steve from USA. Sent 3 Apr 2005.
Kali Mist was awesome - the best of the trip. People friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Fatboy Scouse from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2005.
Much more of a "bar" vibe, with a menu broadly similar to 2e Kamer, but still a good place if you like things a bit livelier. Some people will try to tell you that ever since Ocean's 12 it's gone downhill, but I still think it's a great place. First timers love it too, and don't forget the NYC Diesel!
Rich. Sent 25 Feb 2005.
Friendly atmosphere best selection of hash and weed I saw. I especially enjoyed the Edelwiess, Kali Mist and NYC diesel.
Matthew from England. Visited 14-18 Feb. Sent 22 Feb 2005.
I've always loved this place, a great all rounder. I bought some Ashia Rifman hash. It was brilliant. On the down side my girlfriend was almost mugged when we left the shop, if I wasn't there I think she would have been. She was definitely sized up while in the shop, as we both recognised the man. I'm not sure what the management can do to stop this happening, but we didn't go there at night again. A real shame as this used to be my favourite shop.
Mike and John. Visited 7-10 Feb. Sent 11 Feb 2005.
Went to this coffeeshop on review ratings. The layout is comfortable, nice lighting and seating. The dealer's corner is well laid out, with a clear and informative menu. We brought some 'Oceans 12', 'NYC Desiel', 'Kali Mist' weed and Moonshine hash from bubblegum. The weed was average the best being the NYC, the Moonshine was really strong as pure gland should be and knowing the origin was good. The strength of the weed did make me think it had been shaken for Moonshine before sale. What does happen to the shaken weed? Does it become tourist weed at the Dampkring?
Choice Cuts from UK. Visited 14 Jan 05. Sent 19 Jan 2005.
The most extensive menu we came across, tried the NYC Diesel, the fruitiest weed I've ever tried & a lovely buzz. Highly recommended place to buy your goods.
John & Jo from England. Sent 19 Dec 2004.
Excellent decor inside, weed menu one of the best, bought Shiva Haze for 8 euros which was a real nice smoke. Saw the cat, wanted to chase the pigeons outside! A good coffee shop all round with one of the best weed menus.
Jul-Kev-Stev from France. Visited 22-26 Nov. Sent 1 Dec 2004.
This place serve alcohol, they have a bar & a corner with the dealers. When we visit Dampkring it was so full cause the Cup we waited for have a seat. Their menu is very attractive & so long! We got a gram of NYC Diesel for 9 euros & another bag of Ocean 12 Haze for 10€, it's a very good choice. NYC Diesel have a taste like lemon, one of the best fruity buds we could try in Amsterdam. Nice place great weed.
Winterdam Boyz from UK. Visited 10-12 Nov 04. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
Due to the imminent Oceans 12 this place is increasingly popular. Situated in the Spui area just off one of the main shopping streets. Still one of the best places to purchase your gear from. Went in twice on this trip to the Dam and managed to see the cat both times, tho I don't know how it made it from the window to his cat flap at all he looked well monged out!
Mark from USA. Visited 9-13 Nov. Sent 16 Nov 2004.
Went there shortly after it opened in the morning, around 10:15, and the place was empty except for the staff, who were very friendly, especially an attractive waitress, which prompted me to hang around a while after buying a gram of Buddha. The weed and the buzz were similar to that of the Grey Haze sold at Grey Area. There is a bar on the premises, with stools situated around it, as well as several tables and places for standing and hanging around. 3 hours later I still found myself there, but by now the crowd had picked up, and by mid-afternoon it was packed. After a while I couldn't tell if it was a coffeeshop or a pick-up bar. Lots of cool, attractive people hanging around, and the vibes were extremely positive. But seeing as I'm 53 years old, eventually I tired of the scene, as the crowd seemed to get younger and younger as the day progressed. Still, I give the place my highest recommendation.
Patrick from USA. Visited Oct '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
Arrived here at a quarter til twelve, and the place as packed! No seating, crowed, and a line. About a ten minute wait and the menu was huge, and I got a gram of NYC Diesel for 8 euros. My second favorite bud I had on this trip! What a mellow and good buzz! The man behind the counter wasn't one of the friendliest I'd met either. Probably a good place to chill if you could find a seat.
ChillinLeeds from UK. Visited 26th Oct. Sent 2 Nov 2004.
Always go 2 the each year and never lets us down, AK47 get loads sod the rest buy the best oh this was so good. Had a great meal few beers went to the ring got a beer one for the wife AK47 rolled 2 smoked 1/2, what a smoke bit much for the wife but so nice even left my beer just don't stand in front of the weed counter after buying he gets pissed at you lol.
Doody from USA. Visited May 26 - June 7. Sent 17 Oct 2004.
Continues to be one of the best! 27 bud varieties, and 18 hash varieties on the menu! The "NYC Diesel" (10 euro gm.) is the best bud I have ever tried, a must! Also check out the "Amnesia Haze" (9 euro gm.) and the "Moonshine" pre-rolled (5 euro). If you ask, they will sell you a menu for 5 euro.
Rob from USA. Visited 1-10 Oct '04. Sent 12 Oct 2004.
A little crowded, but we always found a seat. We never planned to go here, we just kept coming across it in our treks up and down the city. Loved the cat, who jumped up beside us for some scratching. Loved the Ocean's 12 Haze, too. Got really high and lost track of time. Highly recommended, in my top 3.
Adam from USA. Sent 4 Oct 2004.
Nice place but too crowded to hang out even on a Wednesday night. This was my first time smoking hash, the dealer recommended the pre-rolled Moroccan which gave me a very clean high so I was able to still wander around Amsterdam and take in the sights (and sounds - the bike bells were hypnotizing).
Rob from UK. Sent 3 Oct 2004.
Maybe I'm too old for this shop. It would be like smoking at a disco, packed with people with what seemed like boundless energy, bless 'em. I gave this one a wide berth and sought out a quieter pad. Good if you like that sort of thing.
Stuart from UK. Sent 12 Sep 2004.
Brought 2 grams of NYC Diesel and for a while thought that I might need a doctor. And the yellow Leb was very mellow. Very nice coffeeshop.
Damien from USA. Sent 8 Sep 2004.
This was a nice shop. Cool decorations, not so comfortable seating. They are definitely milking the "Ocean's 12" thing for every penny it's worth. For those who live under a rock and don't already know, Ocean's 12 filmed a scene in Dampkring. They even have "Ocean's Twelve Haze!" The Sheherazade was the best imported hash I smoked. Don't remember what weed I purchased. Must have been good. My girlfriend loved their cat Bowie. I don't really like cats but this one cracked me up. If he wasn't passed out in some awkward stoner-cat position he was acting like a guard dog. Funniest thing I ever saw.
Grok from Netherlands. Sent 1 Sep 2004.
Couldn't get a seat, looked very nice though.
Andy from UK. Visited Jul/Aug 04. Sent 23 Aug 2004.
Freaky guy selling the weed. My mate doubted his knowledge of it and was defied 10 minutes later when the Kali Mist took its toll on us. We apologised but never went back. Nice atmosphere too, but a weird place. Like a bar... inside a shoe.
Troy from USA. Sent 13 Aug 2004.
Great stop. The first place to smoke after a long flight. I loved the warm cozy vibe all staff treated me with prompt and respective service the people visiting like me were all quite nice, relaxing toilet thank God, it totally lived up to my hopes and desires of that moment. Except One Thing as with everything here it is smaller than one would imagine! Still tops.
SummerDam Boys from UK. Visited 30/07/04. Sent 9 Aug 2004.
Sells possibly the best weed in the Dam, bought some of their NYC Diesel which packs a punch, and had to return the next day to try their crème de la crème "Oceans 12 haze". The prices seems to be higher than other shops but it's worth it, the fact that there's a constant queue at the dealer booth says something. The décor is amazing, and they've got large photos of George Clooney and Brad Pitt from when they filmed Oceans 12 here. Only problem was that it was far too hot to properly chill out so we had to leave, tho we were privileged to see the infamous Dampkring cat! It was KO-ing by the door, probably very stoned!
Agathe and Jeff from France. Sent 15 Jul 2004.
Nothing to say 'bout the customers, weed-hash quality and prices but the boss is very stressed, too sad for a coffeeshop, you feel like being in a stress place like Metropolitan or work, nice smoking stuff and nice decoration anyways (too bad for the boss, he didn't seem to enjoy the place that much).
Paul from UK. Visited July 2004. Sent 13 Jul 2004.
The decor is amazing and the atmosphere warm, cozy, and inviting. The menu was full and against each type of weed and hash was a description of the effect it will have on you!
Ryan from USA. Sent 10 Jul 2004.
Very cool shop with great music. They were very busy, so I didn't really have the opportunity to chat with the dealer or the staff. Huge selection of weed and hash, with a variety of prices. I tried their NYC Diesel weed. Holy shit was it good. The best smoke of my trip. The taste was incredible, and the high was so uplifting. Would love to have some of this stuff available to me in the states. Incredible, a definite must smoke when in Amsterdam. I highly recommend this shop.
Rebecca from UK. Visited 29/06/04. Sent 30 Jun 2004.
Took a while to find it. Loved the atmosphere, nice bar staff, didn't like the dealer much, he kept looking like he was going to knock me out but maybe I was paranoid.
Arnoud from Netherlands. Visited 29-05-2003. Sent 29 May 2004.
I'm blessed with having De Dampkring at a half minute walk from my work, and it's a great (if not the best) shop for lunch-time trips. Has some of the best Kali and AK in town, for good prices. They recently redecorated the outside (the pink ornaments above the entrance) for the movie Ocean's Twelve, which has a major scene with Brad Pitt that was filmed inside the shop. The downside of this was that they were closed to the public for two long days. As well was the neighbouring snackbar Picobello, which has one of the friendliest shop-owners I know.
Old Hippie Dave from USA. Sent 7 May 2004.
Had a cool Whitey there smokin some bubble hash. Boy I was glad those metal steps next door were wet and cold.
Oliver. Sent 5 May 2004.
Visited the Dampkring on April 29th. They no longer serve shakes - sad :o( But I got a very interesting weed there N.Y.C. Diesel at a reasonable price. Nice atmosphere and nice music. Service could be more friendly. Overall Rating: 60%
Spud from Ireland. Sent 29 Apr 2004.
Absolutely superb coffeeshop, found it by accident while out for a wander on our first day, our party of 5 (me, the wife and 3 mates) were gagging for some smoke and it didn't disappoint, had some "Amnesia" Haze, some "NYC Diesel" and some pollen, all were top notch! Stayed there until it was time to go back to the hotel (cool cat too). 4 stars.
Izzy from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 6 Apr 2004.
This gets my best coffeeshop award. Absolutely stunning decor and friendly staff. The pre-packaged smokes, wonderful! I ordered a pre-rolled Skunk1 and an AK-47 to spare the time of rolling. Skunk1 was my favorite smoke of the trip as it was a mix of tobacco and Skunk1. Great smoke for the tourist to take and walk around with. We saved the AK-47 for the trip to the Casino. Boy was that a mellow cool buzz. AK-47 was a great buzz. Very functional high. Need I say I won at the casino that night on AK-47. Went back to pick up some Yellow Lebanese. Wonderful light stuff. Kinda made me giddy, like my first time. Dampkring rocks! I bought 6 T-shirts to bring as souvenirs for friends.
Josh from USA. Sent 22 Mar 2004.
I stopped in here and bought a gram of Kali Mist and the best orange juice I have ever drank in my life. They have this machine that will fresh squeeze the juice right into your glass! Very cool. I also bought a couple of t-shirts that said Dampkring on them and had a cool tribal design. Interesting interior decor and plenty of seating.
Chris from Channel Islands. Sent 10 Mar 2004.
This was one of the best, a great atmosphere, chilled bar staff and friendly dealers. Got there early in the morning and stayed till late afternoon, spent the entire time with the legendary Damkring cat! Some wicked decor in this place, when you're stoned on the AK47 or Kali Mist it gets really weird!
Mitch from USA. Sent 4 Mar 2004.
By far my favorite. The staff was pleasant and informative. The weed-dealer there recommended his favorite smoke of the season (Allegria?). It had a spicy, citrus flavor that was very pleasant, followed by an amazing buzz. Ever been so high that you forget how to work a lighter? :) The atmosphere is mellow. They have a large menu and prices were better than in some other places.
Niz from UK. Sent 29 Feb 2004.
This has been one of my favourite coffee shops for some time. If you're lucky enough to find a seat or stool then Dampkring is worth hanging out in to sample your purchase. We arrived midday to find a nice mix of ages and nationalities. As ever, the menu offers up a mouth watering selection of weed and hash. Whenever I come here, the guys running the booth are totally cool about you asking, looking and smelling the goods. Despite the queue behind, don't rush! Bought Kalimist, Shiva Haze. 'Enjoy your smoke ' said the dealer. Nice! Squeezed juices and a couple of chairs found, we smoke some haze. Heady aroma, nice smooth taste, clear strong high. Quality weed undoubtedly. Tried Kalimist later in day. Nothing to add to its already deserved reputation, wonderful. Many places will sell you decent weed but there are few that match Dampkring's quality, price and choice. Didn't spot the legendary cat on this visit though!
Gasper from England. Sent 18 Feb 2004.
An excellent example of how a coffeeshop should be. Very well laid out, excellent dealer's area with one of the most extensive menus in the city. Worth getting there early on a weekend day and staying to watch the place fill up - the atmosphere is always excellent on a busy weekend night. Worth finding on the map.
Matt from Wales. Visited 03/02/04. Sent 4 Feb 2004.
Last time I went the Cannabis Cup was on, and I had to try their Shereswede (sp?) Sticky. It was superb, a proper punch-in-the-head effect! Disappointingly this time they did not have it on, and said it had all sold out due to popularity and wouldn't be back for a couple of months. Instead I bought the ordinary Shereswede, non-sticky if you will! The taste is similar (and so very good) and it has that sort of lingering after-taste of the sticky too. Less of a sudden impact as the sticky though. We went round to the sister coffeeshop, the Tweede Kamer, to smoke as Dampkring was quite busy and noisy.
Bonnie and Clyde from USA. Sent 2 Feb 2004.
The hash and weed are the best in Amsterdam Central. The menu for hash and weed are the largest in town and have detailed explanations of the products origin, affects, strain and whether it is Hydro or Bio. The service and environment were excellent.
Natasha from UK. Sent 20 Jan 2004.
Try one of the shakes here, they are great and interior is fab. A must.
Doody from USA. Sent 25 Nov 2003.
"De Dampkring" is definitely one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, right there with "Grey Area," "Barney's Breakfast Bar," "Green House Tolstraat," and "Het Ballonnetje." A must visit!!! It was recommended to me by a really cool staff guy at "Greenhouse Effect," so props to him. The ambiance is great, brightly painted outside, and very fairytale like inside, somewhat dark with strategic lighting, sculpted trees and giant mushrooms etc. There is a central bar w/ stools, also seating along the front windows. Several booths surround the outer walls, and the weed counter is down a little trail in the back. Overall a friendly staff, nice ambiance, they change up the music, at night it gets crowded, but I didn't mind. The selection at "DE Dampkring" is amazing!!! On the descriptive menu is maybe 20 types of weed, foreign or Nederland, whatever you would want, they have it!!! I tried the "AK-47" and it was everything it was made up to be. A fluffy, light green, and very intense bud to say the least, riddled with crystals. Serious smokers must experience if in Amsterdam. OK, then there's the hash, my oh my!!!! The "Moonshine" is the best hash I have ever smoked!!! Pricey, but worth it, think we had the 40 euro stuff, for the experienced smoker only!!! In a great part of town, The "Spui" area, you are close to several cafes and other bars such as "Gollem" and "Hoppe." Also other coffeeshops, "Tweede Kamer," (Dampkring's sister shop) is close by as well as "Dutch Flowers," "Softland," and "Kadinsky." To miss this place would be a shame; good ambiance, amazing menu, stocked bar, decent music, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, did I mention the best menu in town? 5 stars!!!
Rob from USA. Sent 24 Nov 2003.
(6/10): All I can say is that this place gets crowded, and it's basically just a bar that sells herb. I liked it and all, but it wasn't really my kind of relaxed atmosphere. The menu is extensive and has some real great items, but the Tweede Kamer has the same menu, and is generally a bit more relaxing.
Bob from USA. Sent 19 Nov 2003.
Boasts the finest, most extensive menu of all of the Amsterdam coffeeshops. I found it a little crowded, but understandable given the extraordinary offerings therein. You may find that the menu takes a little study so allow plenty of time. You may go for the "sweet fruity taste" of the Somango, which the menu claims produces a nice high. Or perhaps you lean toward the "pungent" Ak-47, which comes with the warning, "Heavy stoned, sit down". After trying the Ak-47, I can report that it was easy to follow the instructions. If you have time, you may wish to sample all 27 varieties of weed offered, or you may prefer the 19 varieties of hash. By the way, if anyone is able to do that, and still knows how to type, please leave a message here. I will keep an eye peeled.
Michael from Austria. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
Wonderful menu, with good descriptions of each strain. It's not the cheapest coffeeshop but very very good stash. Lavender, Kali Mist, NYC Diesel, Ak47 and Warlock Haze all those strains were very impressive. For my taste The Dampkring offers too many indica strains, but therefore was the best Kali Mist available that I've ever been allowed to test. Rating: very good
Koikkalainen from USA. Sent 14 Nov 2003.
You always find it, your walking tour always take you by Dampkring. This is THE coffeehouse in town, worth hanging around for a while, you won't get bored. Very nice staff, beer, coffee, toasties, and they can handle the crowd too. You always end up waiting for the chair or corner spot for a while but the churn is pretty good and you get lucky quite soon. Very customer friendly shopping experience. Always is. Everything behind the dude is easily reachable for him, therefore he easily shows the stuff and lets you take a good whiff of it - maybe even touch. Too many places don't display their crop and they just go under the desk for whatever they got there, I don't trust these places. They know I'm a tourist and easy catch. But not at Dampkring. You see the stuff behind there. Just do them a favour, these guys are too busy for you Mr. Tourist, they want to sell the bud and take the next patient. Don't waste their time unless you're there 10am sharp and nobody behind you. I always smoke their Super Citrus here, I just love the lemony taste of it, ladies like it as well. It was less citrusy this time but it took care of my headache! I was done for the night. This is after Tweede Kamer and 5 miles 3 hours of walking in the city. Here, hang your jacket, hang around for a while, finish your night here. THEN go next door for the best freakin' fries on this earth (yes, the mayo is a good choice, it's different ! + get the chilli sauce) on our way to hotel and goodnight. In a nutshell, great shopping, good bar, great atmosphere for people watching what not and just a fun experience. probably the best spot if you're 'shrooming. + the fries next door ..... don't skip 'em !
Qenzen from USA. Visited Nov 2003. Sent 6 Nov 2003.
Dampkring had the "atmosphere" I was looking for. Great assortment of music, the coffee girls were pretty/happy - the most enjoyable place to have a smoke along with your coffee. I was not too impressed with the smoke though the last time I dropped in I had the Bubblegum hash which was very strong in a knock out sort of way. The smoke bar was busy non-stop which left me feeling kinda rushed which is why I probably selected weaker smoke the first two times I went in as I didn't want to hold up the line. It's not like the smoke was bad more like if I had the time to check everything out I would have selected something else. Conclusion - Don't just buy off of the menu as freshness and crops change.
Dave from UK. Visited 10-11 Oct 03. Sent 13 Oct 2003.
Having done my web-research, this was gonna be first stop on arrival in the Dam. It didn't disappoint. The general layout has been dealt with, but the decor really does hit the spot. Far and away the coolest ambience in which to indulge yourself, very Middle-Earth. The dealer was cool, despite being quite busy at 11AM Friday morning. There were five of us, but got a table no problem at that time. A couple of us went to peruse the menu, which again is as thorough and helpful as previously described. Went for some Buddha's Sister and the Citral (lemon I think). Both left us well trolleyed when we eventually headed into town. The music was cool (The Cure - Fascination St) when we walked in. Soon after Ian Brown's 'Getting High' came on - one of my fave tunes and appropriate as hell as the Buddhas Sister really kicked on. The fruit shakes and toasties were fine, the dommelsch went down well, and the staff were all cool. The sound bloke behind the bar on Friday recognised me when we returned later that day. Returned 3 times in all over the wkend, noticed how busy it gets, most everyone in there is chilled and friendly. Oh yeah, and how stoned is that cat? Permanently. As one of the lads said, it's got the best job in the world. Unfortunately I completely forgot to buy one of their menu's, guess I'll be back though.
Chris from Switzerland. Sent 12 Oct 2003.
The guy at the Dampkring was very relaxed. He showed us what he had to sell, gave some advice and gave us the time (which is not the case at the Abraxas). Maybe it's me... I like to go to places where I don't meet the same people as at home ...
Rhys from UK. Visited 25th Sept 03. Sent 30 Sep 2003.
We arrived in Amsterdam about 9.30 pm so we needed a late coffeeshop which also sold booze... the Dampkring was about 10 mins from our hotel.... I settled on the Warlock Haze while my friend, Tony, went with Shiva. The haze was exactly what I was looking for a great eye opening high with a very pleasant buzz. The Shiva went straight to Tony's eye lids.... he got a real kick out of it... probably a bit heavy for me. The atmosphere was great, a nice mixture of Dutch and tourists, even when 4 more of our friends turned up making a total of 8. They were real cool about things even when Tony smashed a glass.
Brew from USA. Sent 2 Aug 2003.
Too loud/trendy/brash and deliberate in atmosphere but, a superb selection of smokeables. Interesting entrance design. Persian I think.
Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
Okay, I have to admit that this is probably my favourite shop in all of Amsterdam. The place is super cool with a tight selection of buds and hash (see Tweede Kamer). Although the place is a little hard to find the first time, it's well worth the search. Basically just look for the University and follow one of the alley's until you hit the strip. It's a small shop located just off the main strip next door to a night club and eatery. Walking in knocks you back as the place is dark and ornate. The huge swirling bar to the left is flanked by beautiful tables to the right as a pathway down the middle sends you back to the dealer area. There are more sitting areas both at the front of the shop and near the bathrooms located in the middle. They have his/her bathrooms. Everything is done right in here. While the chairs might not be the most comfortable things you'll ever park your bark on, the decor and ambiance more than make up for them. They used to have a pretty hot waitress staff but you know how things change. Everything is served here. Toasties (look pretty good I must say), fruit shakes, EXCELLENT coffee and cappuccino, and so on. A full alcohol bar is presented here with both spirits and beers. Full pints are served here for you American's but I have to tell you that I usually opt for the local size as it's easier to forget how many you've consumed. There seems to always be some type of treat or candy scattered along the bar for you to indulge in. Of course the stuff is what you've come for, and this place has it. The bar is stunning. All the weed is kept on one row while the hash is on another for all to see. The large transparent containers are taken down at your request and shown to you under direct high intensity lights. Matter is then weighed out digitally with a large display mounted on the wall for your observance. With the similar menu as Twede Kamer you won't walk out of here without some nice stuff. The menu is very complex and in depth detailing not only the type and origin but also the effect you should expect from partaking of that one particular variety. There really is almost too many to choose from here. I like to stick to Bio-Indica's and I swear they have quite a few.
TG from UK. Sent 22 Jun 2003.
I'd read some favourable stuff about this place and decided that I would have to check it out next time I was over. After a short walk from Leidseplein, we found the De Dampkring tucked away off a side street just off the flower market. I was under the impression that it was a pretty big place and I suppose in terms of some coffeeshops it probably is but I was with a large group of friends and the locals there seemed far from impressed as we all headed in through the door. The bar is on the left as you go in and the counter is just behind it. We all tried to spread out when we got in so as to not take up too much space but the hostile vibes were definitely coming in our direction from other customers and staff alike. The menu was excellent, probably the best I saw all weekend and between us we bought pretty much all the weed on offer. I can't remember everything they had but 2 stuck in my mind. For the rest of that night, there were lots of joints flying about, but the only one that you knew what it was straight away was the NYC Diesel. It had such a distinctive taste and was a really smooth smoke. I thought that it had a woody/oaky taste to it and most of the rest of the group said something similar. The other memorable one was the Buddha's Sister. Unfortunately only one person bought any of this and it went straight away. It was the best weed I had all weekend, and I sampled quite a few. However, despite the fact that we probably spent about 150 euros between us in 25 minutes, it became quite clear that we weren't welcome. I sat near the corner of the bar and was barged a number of times by staff coming past and was told to move out of the way on several occasions, even though I was sitting well within the area of the bar. Our plight was not helped by one of the only non-smoking members of the group taking issue with the bar maid over the music policy. I thought the blend of breaks/chillout was fine but he didn't agree and the barmaid basically told him to fuck off. That pretty much coincided with our decision to leave but some of the group, who were standing by the door, never even noticed what was going on! The general feeling was that it was a good place to go but there were too many of us and the locals didn't like it. Most people said that they would go back (in smaller numbers!) and sit and have a beer. At the very least you should go there to score some top quality weed.
Matthew from UK. Sent 10 Jun 2003.
The best menu, the best place to chill out and a great atmosphere. AK-47 best smoke for years. Comfortable, just the right light, friendly staff who hand out chocolate for the munchies. Went back 3 times in 24hours. Will definitely be on my No.1 place to visit next time. 10/10.
Matty from UK. Sent 9 Jun 2003.
I went to Dampkring a couple of years ago for the first time, nice staff, and my mate was with us, he looks young though and got asked to leave other coffeeshops but he was cool in Dampkring. The second time I went I got a really strong spliff and nearly whitied in the shit house, went blind for a few minutes and literally crawled outside ( I was wrecked) Then a staff member came outside and made sure I was OK and gave me energy tablets and told me about the 'dangers of smoking pot with low blood sugar'. I thought it was really kind of them. The decor was amazing (even better stoned) with lots of candles and lanterns. The beer was top and the pot was even better - even though I tripped. Strong shit kind staff.
Ari from USA. Visited May 03. Sent 8 Jun 2003.
Dampkring is large and roomy with a friendly staff, a well stocked bar, Dutch munchies and top notch smoke. Its unique well done decor is a fusion of 60's coffee shop, and eastern mysticism. In many ways what a coffee shop should be.
Nikesh from France. Sent 6 Jun 2003.
It was the first coffeeshop I went in. Since 1999, I visit this nice place each time I go in Amsterdam. Atmosphere is nice, staff is nice, and weed are nice too... What to ask moreover ?
J.C. from USA. Visited Mar 20-27, 2003. Sent 24 Apr 2003.
This place is in a pretty busy part of town so it seems like just about everyone stops in for a while. It seems like more of an alcohol bar than some of the others, and it was a lot of fun to be there. Tried some of the bubble hash #2(they were out of the #1, and about half of everything else on the menu as well) and that was some pretty crazy stuff. Almost too strong. Better save that one for late night. Since they were out of so many buds, I was really happy to have met someone who had picked up some of the NYC Diesel earlier in the week before it was all gone. Very interesting flavor, nice buzz, but not the strongest. I heard folks recommending the Buddha's Sister, but that was all gone too. But I liked the bar so I will go back. The Twede Kamer has the same smoke, but no alcohol and better music.
Debs from UK. Sent 4 Apr 2003.
Bought a ready rolled - BubbleGum Hash spliff. Expensive but worth it as really strong stuff. Smoked it a bit at a time in between other spliffs, kept us topped up nicely!. Didn't get to smoke in the Dampkring as no seats free and having already been warned by the bar man of the spliffs strength, we thought best to find a comfy seat.
N_Mo from USA. Sent 25 Dec 2002.
Surprisingly, encountered rude staff. All just for asking for a water pipe...I left without indulging. Highly noted by many but not to be found on my list. Just personal, nothing against the shop overall. Attractive, but I'm always in it for the atmosphere and the level of quality in the harvest. Both must be met to get my business on a repeated basis.
Jeff from USA. Sent 7 Nov 2002.
My favorite coffeeshop so far (although I haven't hit all of them yet. There's always something to look forward to when I go back). I'd love to recommend a strain called Buddha's Sister for everyone. It's the best weed I ever sampled! Out of all the Cannabis Cup winners I've ever tried, this is king. It has an incredibly smooth toke, very fruity aroma and taste, extremely clear and cerebral high in your head (without feeling too tired and burned out over time) and an amazing body stone that lasted for hours! It's the kind of weed you can smoke and still keep going and stay clear headed. I kept going back for more. It's medicinal quality smoke and I can definitely understand why. It felt like my body just soaked it in and said, "Yes! Thank you!" Soma has the best genetics. He even e-mails you back if you have any questions about his genetics. (He has the coolest web site, too).
Tom and Clairey from UK. Visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002. Sent 14 Aug 2002.
Very dark place, always busy, rather cramped coffeeshop, but has one the best selections for weed and hash, and also has THE BEST MENU layout, with effects and info. regarding the product.
B-Li from USA.
This shop has been written about many times over by connoisseurs everywhere, and there's good reason for it. Located a couple of blocks down from the Leidseplein and the Singel, The Dampkring is famous for its abundant selection of primo quality buds and hashish.
The place is perpetually dimly lit, decked out in trippy, cavernous décor, and because of its heavy reputation, constantly packed. The bar sells beer in addition to the usual coffee/soft drink/Looza staples, and small snacks like toasties and non-pot brownies.
The 'menu' consists of two pages separated by indicas, sativas and hashes, while the counter is stocked to the gills with glass jars clearly marking the different wares to choose from.
I've been to the Dampkring many times before and sampled four or five of their strains, but on this particular trip I stuck with El Nino during the three times I patronized the place. This particular strain is a medium range indica with a fruity flavor and smell that is ultra sticky and packs quite a wallop. At fl 17 a gram, it was cheaper than a rival chain of popular Cup winning shops.
I recognized the dealer from when he worked at another popular smoke seller, and he seemed a bit taken off guard by this. When did you see me working at ____? he inquired.
About two years ago, I replied.
He was noticeably surprised, and after a bit of small chit chat I tipped him well and he hooked me up, and I hit the door.
The only time I got a seat this time around, oddly enough, was on Queens Day morning. The coffee was good but the service was detached to say the least, so there isn't much to be added about the atmosphere.
In the long haul, The Dampkring is a tasteful and well-run organization worth making several purchases at during your stay. You can't really go wrong with the smoke. Just try and get there early so you can sit back and enjoy your stone.
Brian from USA. Visited Sep 2000. Sent 30 Sep 2000.
I didn't have a good experience at the bar my 1st visit in Sept. 99 (got one beer then I couldn't get the barmaid's attention - neither could the guys next to me), but after my visit in September this year [2000], I decided it was an isolated incident. The barmaid was really friendly and the guys working the smoke bar are always nice and extremely helpful. Really like that you can buy whatever amount you want. Good for folks like me who like to sample as much as possible when in Amsterdam, and I can't get over the variety compared to other shops. Liked the Victory and the Citral was very tasty. Highly recommended.
Jason from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2000.
The Dampkring is rarely not busy. It has one of the very best coffee shop interiors in Amsterdam. It serves beer, soft drinks, food, seeds and a good range of gear. The Dampkring is almost a work of art in itself and is well worth spending an afternoon in.
Don from UK. Sent 2 Jul 1999.
Nice décor, potentially good atmosphere, full of noisy American "Weed Tourists" - I think some American travel company runs charter trips to Amsterdam for smokers - maybe "High Times" involved - anyway, I left.