coffeeshop in The Hague
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Neutral Review Jesscass visited Spring 2021; sent 3 Sep 2021
I went to this place in the past at some point but for some reasons returned here without expecting anything at all though. So it was then. Found about six hashes on their menu - mostly Morocs and one cheap Afghan. Their best Hia something was 17,5€ for 1,2g but this is still probably due to supposedly supply problems due to Covid-19 as merely looking nice enough. Weed they had about eight options and mostly standard strains - they got samples on display - and most were bordering on a poor look, not too expensive as far as I remember. Funnily they sold 0,3g of some random cheap Moroc for 3€ which I have seen rarely and even think it's a good idea from a shop owner's perspective but taking the menu, looks and location into consideration I can imagine to what type of customers their menu is aimed at. Pissing myself laughing reading the old two reviews of this rundown coffeeshop below on here and think they're still up to date though woman on shift was polite enough. Beware.
Positive Review Philter from USA visited Sept.2; sent 12 Sep 2006
Demo is not as good [as de Hut], but an OK place. Weed I got some fine White Widow for 6E per gram and Super Polm for 7E per gram. Excellent gear. Budtender chick not overly friendly but not rude, she was having a conversation w/ a reg. customer. Of the 2, Demo is a tad more expensive and a dark, urban type of place.
Negative Review BAC from Netherlands sent 13 Sep 2004
This coffeeshop is found in a small street in the Centrum of The Hague. The weed is of poor quality and the atmosphere is very dark and full of rap/techno music. The staff is not very friendly and a lot of the times doesn't know anything about the weed they have there. Prices are alright but I really do not recommend it.