coffeeshop in Wolvega
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 4 Oct 2017
Bright inviting shop with what it seems a black-white theme, about thirty comfy seats including a football table. About nine strains weedwise and about five when it comes to hashish. What I remember is G13 (12€, most expensive), Cherry Fuel (11€), Critical Haze (10,5€), Amnesia Haze (10€), Power Plant (9€?) and I think Cheese (?). Hash (all Moroccan): Easa (12,5€), Zero (10€), Critical Kush (9,5€)and Hya (8,5€). After explaining my desires got recommended blonde Easa and dark Zero. While Zero was a very nice stony variety providing a great price/performance ratio, that Easa was a particularly just excellent sample of classic good tasting Moroccan hashish, even packed a bit of punch for a Moroccan hashish. Exceptional! Best of this trip and one of the best I had this year and in general for sure, came back for more of it. Despite saying this - what an anal cock again myself - I disagree about the statement of the owner serving people and explaining said hashish is the best and 'won world cup'. Merely one of the best. Just pointing that out as firstly there is never the best hashish and secondly he enforced this statement without a hint of irony while he still seemed to be a nice guy. That happened a couple of times when we sat down near the bar area. So just for the record! On the other hand they also displayed THC levels of their wiet which I find ridiculous considering black market situation with coffeeshops and illegal unregulated supply so acting as say a dispensary in USA or Canada with official and sort of guaranteed quality. Also took a look at the Cheese but wasn't to my liking so went for that Cherry Fuel what seemed to be a cross with New York City Diesel; a relatively good idea for a cross me thinks. Bud was grown nice enough and indeed tasted fruity but didn't find any hints of Diesel but on the other hand I'm no expert when it comes to this strain. Great visits then and last but not least again thanks to Dim for inspiration going there.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 29 Mar 2009
Good shop, very good hash variety, easy to find. Recommended stop.
Positive Review Smokerz from Netherlands sent 14 May 2004
Dirkrayaat is a relatively small coffeeshop with sufficient free parking space at walking distance. Personally I wouldn't recommend their Ketama which was really bad but very cheap too. (3 grams for 7,50 euro) The polm gets already better, 3 grams for 10 euro. An absolute blow-out is the Hya. 7,50 per gram, but excellent quality. No need to try the more expensive super-Hya folks! Also the Skuff (6,50 euro a gram) was excellent. For the dare devils there's the super zero-zero, rather expensive but 'sweeter than sugar' as The Stones sang it in Tumblin' Dice. There is a billiard table (no pool), you can sit on the bar or in a corner, nice ambience, friendly personnel. Overall rating by me 8.5