Dizzy Duck

coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of Dizzy Duck Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 29 Apr 2022
The best shop in town. Nice strong and fresh weed and amazing hash. Also nice people who help you make a choice.
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited May 2019; sent 27 May 2019
Had a feeling that everyone are friends in there. In a good way. The budtender was super patient even with a tail of customers behind us. The weed gets a neat QR code and label just in case you forgot what you bought. Small area to sit and drinks are mandatory. We got some free papers with our weed, also a nice gesture. There is a toilet, just no sign. Through that door are vending machines with snacks and a kicker table if I wasn't too stoned to remember. The toilets are just two separate cabinets, same aisle. One female, one male. looks modern and clean. Loud speak right above the throne so you can get those vibes whilst chilling there. Please guys, would you please install hooks to hang up our jackets / handbags in the toilet? The fosset / sink is tiny but sufficient enough. All in all worth the visit!
Positive Review Marco from Scotland sent 5 Jun 2018
Visited here today. The menu choice was one of the best I've seen in Holland. Tried the Amnesia Hash, my god what a nice smoke! Also got Chocolope × Cheese, which is dank. Can't remember the other ones. Boy was friendly at the till; let me smell/look as many as I wanted. Didn't go to smoker's room but looked like a decent atmosphere. All in all probs my favourite coffeeshop in Holland atm
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Very busy, pretty good. Popular, packed on a weeknight.
Positive Review Mr Langer from Ireland sent 23 Dec 2013
Without doubt the best coffee shop I have ever been in. (with 16 years visiting Holland at least once a year) The selection of weed is great with lots of different strains to send my taste buds jumping around. Good price for great weed. Also they have a massive selection of hash and very good prices too. Too many for me to try in two weeks! The best thing about the Dizzy Duck is the staff, from the moment I went in after showing my I.D. The lads could not have done more to look after me. Like asking would I like one big bud or a few smaller ones? Literally showing me every type of weed that I wanted to smell or look at, then going through the weed to remove any little sticks that might be in the bud so I get even more weed, now that's budtending on a new level to me. Nowadays most places have pre make up bags of weed like packets of sweets, if I wanted sweets what am I doing in a coffee shop? After choosing my weed then get tons of packets of skins and even a lighter on my fourth or fifth or sixth visit for nothing. They have an Xbox or PS3 and two big flat screen TVs in the smoking room, it's not the biggest smoking room in Den Haag but it's certainly the best. I can't wait to get back there soon. Keep it up lads.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 18 Nov 2012
Great as last time. Standout was their Moroccan Cheese Ice-O-Lator (15€/g). Intense taste, smell and high! Seem to have some specials as they carry rare strains every now and then (e.g. Sannie Seeds, Killing Fields (about 10€/g) and Kolossus (12€/g)). Good enough weed.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 11 Jun 2012
Hands down best shop in town for me and I visited most of them. Even one of the best throughout the country. Huge menu (especially hashish) and amazing atmosphere (locals place). Wi-Fi available (they also hand out one of those small laptops if you don't carry one with you). One comfy couch there, too. Also some gaming machines and a flipper. Not the biggest shop but really liked it! Tried most of it along with some White Cheese (Cheese x White Rhino), Kashmir and lots more. Strongly recommended!
Positive Review Wiet Jack from France sent 7 Feb 2011
Really good coffee shop standing in the middle of nowhere. Full of locals, bartender friendly, great atmosphere, crazy futuristic toilet :D I bought some Bio Purple there but I made the error to didn't care about what the bartender said the Purple was not so good, I taste their Amnesia, it was a massive high! Kushie and WW x Bubble are really good.
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 11 Mar 2010
I stumbled upon this coffeeshop one afternoon and I don't think anything in The Hague compares. Great weed, pretty cheap (got a pre-rolled joint of Bubblegum for 3 euro), great atmosphere, some of the nicest budtenders. And not a bad cup of coffee. Great place to go and hang out.
Positive Review Chango666 from France sent 4 Mar 2010
The neighborhood is great, north of the center, where embassies are. A nice guitar shop round the corner too. Great stuff, fair prices but no an affair, the place is great, lots of games available, Nintendo Wii as well, but the atmosphere remains chilled, with people having a coke or a juice while rolling fat joints. The music depends on the guy. First there was reggae with a cool dude that made me pay at the exit (around 17:00), second time I went (2:00 pm) was not so good, a dude with glasses, eager or me to pay as soon as I got weighted, who mixed rap and hip-hop, and the dudes hanging there didn't want me to play poker with them, so I left. Again, great weed, recommend the Shiskaberry, great taste, 10 euro the gram. Red lebanon: 7 euro the gram. Ice-O-Lator: 20 euros the gram. They have super-polm, and a round choice overall.
Positive Review Robert from Netherlands sent 9 Feb 2009
A good shop with good interest of people buying the weed or hasj there. Hand made joints of Amensia or mix joint. The handmade joint, I give that handmade joint a 9. In that handmade joints we have weed with schimmels or bath things. In that handmade joint only good stuff off weed or hasj and you can buy different bags from 0.8 grams 2 max 5 grams with good weed. I give you a pair names of the weed what I smoke and that is good weed what make fucking stoned. I smoke Amensia, Jack Herror, White Light, Budacheese, Superskunk and a mix with WhiteWiddow & Bubbelgum 2gether in 1 top. Come and see and smoke it by this best shop with low prices and good heavy strong weed & hasj.
Positive Review Jos from The Hague sent 30 Mar 2005
Very good shop, cewlest thing they have is 'skuff', not well known, but pretty good stuff. Skuff is something like compressed weed, looks like hash, but now its green of course. Check it out!