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The Dolphins

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Reviews of The Dolphins Number of Positive Reviews 39 Number of Neutral Reviews 6 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 19 Aug 2019
Sample: Tesla Power 15 € / 1,2 g. Friendly budtendress. Upper level is for pure smokers only. Prebagged - but you can ask to open and sniff it. Big plus: No plastic baggie. Microscope and consumption had a clean result. High was decent. Price was decent. Coffee was a €€€ rip off.
Positive Review Vlad from USA sent 25 May 2010
I stumbled upon this place for a quick smoke, and didn't buy any grass product because I was still packing some, but I ordered a coffee and went downstairs because smoking is not allowed on the main floor. Downstairs is very comfortable with enormous couches and really cool art on the walls, Bob Marley and other light songs were playing in the background. Coffee was really good. I saw some prices on the wall and it was 10 euros for each gram of the normal grass found around town and 7.50, I believe, for a space cake (they claim it's homemade, not sure because at another coffeeshop I heard that everyone gets their space cakes from a particular dealer or else they're not allowed to sell them). Overall, great staff, nice vibe, fantastic coffee.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
While its selection is small the White Widow was nice. Had some White Dolphin which was the biggest upset I've ever had. Incredible decor and it was the only lounge I passed out in. Those couches can be quiet comfy. The Verdamper vaporizer was nice to try as well and all the staff were friendly and helpful.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
Nice vapo bongs and couches downstairs and friendly owner inside this shop.
Positive Review Laughing Buddha from UK sent 5 May 2009
Came across this shop randomly. Menu wasn't so extensive so bought a gram of White Dolphin for about 10E, wow what a bud. So much crystal it locked me to the couch! Stairs to the downstairs area where so steep they almost seemed dangerous so extra caution was needed. No need to go down there unless you're mixing tobacco in your joints
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK visited 8 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
The hash hot chocolate was amazing. Lively at night and good things on TV. We didn't buy anything to smoke here although the White Dolphin looked interesting
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
I came here for the "White Dolphin" which did not live up to the hype at all. Truth be told the "Northern Lights" is a notch better. Really funny place to look around in although it didn't stay very long it seemed crowded but I couldn't figure out why.
Positive Review Dave from UK sent 17 Jun 2007
Nice place, sound bar staff, big place with loads of cushions and couches.
Positive Review Lizard King and Ginger from UK sent 7 Apr 2007
I liked the Dolphin - gorgeous artwork definitely one for the sea world lovers. Room downstairs is pretty kool to chill in. It was pretty packed there and the White Dolphin was superb. Yum yum.
Positive Review BigMan from Wales sent 24 Aug 2006
Our local coffeeshop, wiked place, White Dolphin green is really nice smoke with a lovely high. Very gud for use in the bong and in a spliff! The women staff are friendly not to mention very nice to look at!
Positive Review Cathleen from USA sent 6 Aug 2005
I loved the dolphin décor, and their White Dolphin, the house special, was an excellent high.
Positive Review Happy Chap from UK sent 11 May 2005
Good news, Dolphin has hash and weed back on the menu! They also sell the best space muffins I've ever bought, freshly made each day! One in a morning will help the day go by wonderfully. The staff are also good, knew his product, helpful. Good place to spend a few hours.
Negative Review Andy from UK visited 27-30 Jan; sent 13 Feb 2005
Watch out for the little prick in Dolphins, he may accuse you of not paying for drinks. Wont b goin there again.
Positive Review Winterdam Boyz from UK visited 11 Nov 04; sent 19 Nov 2004
Didn't make it downstairs to the underwater chillout lounge this time so just sat near the bar and chilled instead. I think they still have no licence to sell weed since being busted with too much produce a while back, tho you can toke from your own stash. The bartender did seems to be trying to push drinks on some other punters while we were there, a bit cheeky if you ask me I mean it was his fault he lost the licence! The fish tank lights are wicked, didn't try the vapourisers but I bet they pack a fair punch.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
One of the best lay-outs/theme of a coffeeshop. You get the feeling that you are at Sea World. The decor is great, as well as the bud. The bud comes in a little plastic bag with the logo of the Dolphins on it. The White Dolphin is excellent. And chill room downstairs is very comfortable and relaxing. One of the best chilling places in the Dam!
Positive Review Brett from UK visited 17th-20th; sent 28 Oct 2004
This was the best coffee shop I went to on my trip to A'dam, it's really laid back and so good to go and just chill out down stairs on the sofas (which is a must). The music is usually pretty good as well not too loud, the staff were very pleasant and talkative. An all round good way to spend a lazy afternoon/nite.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 26 Aug 2004
Unfortunately this place did not have a license when I visited due to having had too much weed on the premises. However, I still stayed and had a beer. The place looks great with plenty of eye candy, especially the goldfish bar lights! Ended up staying for quite a while chatting with friendly bar staff. Recommended, although obviously cannot comment on their weed!
Positive Review Andy from UK visited Jul/Aug 04; sent 23 Aug 2004
We pretty much smoked this place out one afternoon. It rocks. They don't sell but should by September sometime apparently. The guys in there were the nicest. They brought our drinks over and we had good long chats. Excellent coffees too. If you have weed and wanna chill out, go here.
Positive Review SummerDam Boys from UK visited 30/07/04; sent 9 Aug 2004
Despite the current lack of gear licence this place still rocks. We attempted to chill downstairs on the sofas but couldn't as it was too hot, so we took a table upstairs, the fish-bowl lights are cool as! They've got some vaporisers but we were too far gone to contemplate trying them. Good location near to the Leidesplein and Global Chilllage.
Positive Review Oafish from UK sent 25 Jul 2004
Scored some Northern Lights from a girl behind the counter who demanded I smile when I asked for the gear. I smiled, she smiled ... and she lit up the whole of the cafe. Wow! Great gear, each spliff got me stoned for about an hour (I think) and it was only the gradual realisation that I wasn't stoned made me roll another. An instant high and a very slow release, superb gear.
Neutral Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7; sent 20 Jul 2004
Still have no licence, but I got a sample of the White Dolphin and it was as good as ever. They are serving alcohol though, and you can roll your own. Same amazing place, just not selling weed right now, the guy there told me, "Perhaps a week or two."
Neutral Review Ryan from USA sent 10 Jul 2004
Walked in this place for a few, but didn't stay. The dealer informed me that they were not selling because they were busted for overstocking. But he was very nice and said I was welcome to stay and smoke my own. I chose not to, simply because I was looking to 'grab-and-go', but the place seemed cool. They had three huge bongs sitting out that looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years. The music was cool, the chairs looked comfy, if I had the time I would have hung out a bit.
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK sent 25 Jun 2004
This place had a really great atmosphere, I even got talking to the guy sat next to me (which is odd for me). I, of course, sampled the White Dolphin and it was really nice. Well worth a visit.
Positive Review Bigbird from USA sent 7 May 2004
The Dolphins coffee shop now has their license back. Everyone let's go buy and smoke at this great Amsterdam institution.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
Sad. But I do hope they remain open and maybe miraculously get their license back because those couches downstairs are awesome. I'd still go back because they are so damned comfortable after walking around stoned all day.
Positive Review Oliver sent 5 May 2004
My favourite. Visited Dolphins several times during Queens Day weekend 2004. I like the lower floor. Sitting there and talking or listening to the music. On queens day it was special. From the lower floor you had a sight to the Dolphins 'Dance Floor' and the crowd. It was fun sitting there watching the people.
Positive Review Spud from Ireland sent 29 Apr 2004
Great place, shame they don't sell weed anymore, love the goldfish lights! The underground area was nice and dark and cool for 5 people who just didn't want to be out in the sun that day! We stayed in here for a good few hours, music was a bit crazy at times, but bearable for those comfy couches.
Neutral Review Slim sent 6 Apr 2004
Very recently Dolphins Coffee Shop has lost their license due to having too much gear in the shop. They are still open and their patrons may smoke out of their own stash however they are prohibited by law from selling any and all cannabis products.
Neutral Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Dude got busted with too much (+500 g) product, could not sell weed for a week while I was there. Pushing drinks on us hard, had to get my rookie friends out or we would have got too drunk.
Positive Review Ryan from USA sent 29 Mar 2004
The owner was there and he remembered me and one of my other guys I was with. This shop has got the most friendliest staff I have seen. In fact we even got some Blue Dolphin shot that had like 5 different liquors in it on the house a couple times. No other pot even comes close to the White Dolphin weed and the hash cakes are awesome and intense.
Positive Review Mike from USA visited Mar 04; sent 27 Mar 2004
I like the area the coffeeshop is in. Kind of close to the flower market if I recall correctly. We purchased a gram of White Dolphin. Pretty nice, it seemed to be a White Widow variety. The weedtender was pretty cool. The best part of the shop: they give you a receipt of the weed purchase. My friend kept the receipt-that's an awesome yet basically free souvenir! The shop also serves booze.
Positive Review SDShadow from USA sent 29 Feb 2004
My brother, wife and I visited the Dolphins whilst in Amsterdam during January 2004. We found the coffeeshop to be the best of all we visited while in Amsterdam. Upstairs is fairly typical of a coffeeshop but downstairs is where it really is special. The comfortable chairs, the undersea decor and the free wi-fi internet connection is awesome. I tried the Northern Lights, which you can never go wrong with, and the White Dolphin. Both were cured to perfection and very nice. The staff was always pleasant and attentive. We visited nearly every night during our trip and were greeted with a welcome back and good to see you. The last night we were there, I forgot the power cord for my laptop and my battery was low. Believe it or not, one of the owners was kind enough to drive me to my hotel, which was near RAI and not right in town, to retrieve it. I was in disbelief that these people could be so cool. This trip was my brothers first trip the Amsterdam and he is not a smoker. We are planning on going in April for Queen's Day and he has already told me how much he is looking forward to going back to the Dolphins. That alone should tell you how awesome this place is! 10 out of 10 for weed, service, decor and all around coolness.
Positive Review Georgene from USA visited May 01; sent 27 Feb 2004
My husband and I were able to take a canal tour at night (received a nice "goodie" package containing some smoke, papers, a lighter and a T-shirt with a sample of their menu). The canal boat was really, really nice. It was laid out in what looked like mahogany wood and the captain was very nice. Young. The tour guides were pretty cool. The owner was hysterical, but could be considered rude if you didn't have a sense of humor. Some people just shouldn't smoke.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
Like the name suggests, this place has a decor all about Dolphins. You'll either be in awe or you'll start giggling. Their own Dolphin Special smoke is a very nice morning smoke, perfect for the wake and bake. Watch out for the front door - it's a sliding one. I've sat by the door and seen quite a few people trying to push, then pull the door and then give up and walk away. You can't smoke tobacco in the upstairs but you can in the downstairs. They don't always enforce this rule but I have seen the staff have words with offending customers. On the whole, a coffeeshop with a lot of character.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This shop is great. Its name suggests its theme and this theme has been carried through to a T. The decoration and furniture is all heavily "sea" themed and offers a pleasant retreat from the bustle of the street. We felt very chilled here and the highlight was definitely the gold-fish bowl lamp over the bar.
Positive Review Jimbo from UK visited Christmas 03; sent 7 Jan 2004
They have a nice select range of green and hash and the atmosphere is quality. We must have visited it about 7 or 8 times in the week that we were there and I really recommend one checks it out on visiting the 'Dam. I found the little sign on the back of the toilet door amusing; 'No tobacco upstairs. Only pure cannabis...'. They have a fake cannabis plant downstairs which I have to admit I nabbed a leaf and stuck it up on my wall as a souvenir. In conclusion great bud, great atmosphere, quite spacious but a bit of a moody bargirl. 8/10
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 26 Oct 2003
Wow!!! The decor and ambiance in this shop is amazing!!! The whole place is made up to create the effect of being underwater. The walls are all molded sculptures of a coral reef, complete with starfish, shells etc. They even have suspended lights with gold fish in them!!! There is a dolphin jumping into the water from above and the 3D effect is done really well, you especially notice after a nice pre-rolled. One of the best decors in Amsterdam. Located just North of the "Leidsepleine," at 39 Kerkstraat, I stumbled upon "The Dolphins" when I made a mistake trying to get to the Museums, good thing I went the wrong way, the Picassos were that much more fun to look at after a bier and a sample of the "White Dolphin," (8 euros-gm.). There are two levels, upstairs the bar and shop area, with some tables and where I sat, a nice window to gaze out, downstairs several low couches and sitting areas with tables and lights, very chill, the underwater theme prevails, also a window and door looking out to the street. They were playing Bob Marley when I was there and the staff was very pleasant. The "White Dolphin" is a good old skunky type of white bud, lots of crystals visible here. The taste is fruity and makes you want another hit immediately!!! Hash lovers have to try the "Royal Dolphin," amazing stuff. They also serve bier here and a nice cold Heineken went down well before the trek to the museums. If in the area you should stop in here, try the house special "White Dolphin," sip a coffee or bier and soak up the ocean vibe. 4 stars!!!
Positive Review Dave from UK visited Mar/Oct 03; sent 13 Oct 2003
Nice shop, lived there in March, largely to chill on the sofa's downstairs. Popped in this time round for a pack of White Dolphin pre-rolled for the journey home. The nightcap J might as well have cleaned my teeth and turned the lights out for me - I was still 'fuzzy' in the morning. The last one before heading for the airport had much the same effect, it's just a slight pain having to buy three of 'em. Still, cool shop, worth checking out if you're around Leidseplein.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
I finally made it to this place during the Cannabis Cup. I don't know why it's taken me so long to go there as it is easy to find and has great stuff. Basically they're located right off the Leidseplein down Leidsetraat. Their shop is narrow and long with a full basement that I didn't get a chance to visit. There are tables and chairs towards the front and down the right-hand side while the bar is situated to the right at the rear. Yet another shop that sells alcohol and excellent buds. As a bonus they have good music, actually heard some Bob Marley in there.
I think the weed was pre-packaged again but with the quality it was easy to look past. The staff are friendly and helpful while the whole vibe of the place is awesome. Large picture murals dominate nearly every wall depicting what else but ocean scenes, etc. Finally made it! This is the coolest place in all of Amsterdam. They have actual comfy sofas. Yep, you read it right, comfy in Amsterdam. They are these kind of high-back sofa pits done up in blue seashell patterns. There's maybe 8 "pits" all together complete with rolling tables and overhead lights. I also noticed some games and a television set while drinking some beers and smoking reefer. They have an exit down there as well which opens up to the street allowing a nice breeze in while it's hot and a good view of all the passers-by on the street. The walls and ceiling are all painted in extraordinary seascapes.
Did finally buy a gram of White Dolphin but wasn't as impressed as with the White Russian, Morning Glory or White Widow. Still a nice tight fruity bud though.
Positive Review Jimi from UK visited 7th May 2003; sent 25 May 2003
When I got inside I was taken back by the decor. The underwater vibe is a very nice touch. I spent 20 Euros on the house special which is called White Dolphin (15 Euros) and a space muffin (5 Euros) This place was the most expensive of all the coffeeshops I visited in my short stay in A'dam (1 nite) the skunk and the muffin were out of this world. Try it if u r in the area they have a down stairs as well
Neutral Review J.C. from USA visited Mar 20-27, 2003; sent 24 Apr 2003
I wasn't particularly blown away by the place like some people seemed to be, but it was definitely better than many others. Seemed like a lot of younger kids were there. I tried the Royal Dolphin hash, a brown Moroccan, and it was great. I'm not real big on hash, I prefer the weed, but this was really outstanding. After that, I wanted to put a little of it on every bowl I smoked.
Positive Review Nik from USA sent 26 Mar 2003
Wow! What an awesome place! Its very small with a chillout room downstairs, but the scenery inside has to be one of the best in town. You feel like you have just went 10,000 leagues under the sea. They offer a full bar along with a fairly decent hash and bud menu. Make sure if you are in Leidseplein to stop in and smoke one!
Neutral Review N_Mo from USA sent 24 Dec 2002
The Dolphins coffeeshop is an ok store to enjoy for some smokers in A'dam. I liked their bud, very decent, but the h-sh is the wonder worth partaking. The space cup-cake was not very kind to my stomach, along with its 5-Eur price tag made Homegrown Fantasy look like the winner for best edible cannabinoids. But worth a visit indeed. I'd schedule this place for a 2nd or 3rd day of c-shops.
Positive Review Rob from UK visited 27/11/02 - 04/12/02; sent 4 Dec 2002
Friendly, helpful staff and prices that are comfortable for the pocket of anyone even if you are travelling on a limited budget, the white dolphin is a great smoke real nice heavy stone and a pleasant taste too. The decor is great and the although the shop gets busy at times people tend to come and go on a regular basis throughout the day and evening. Good meeting place Overall a good, friendly, honest and safe place to be, highly recommend this one with no doubt at all.
Positive Review Nathan from Canada sent 8 Oct 2002
Some really comfortable seats, and the White dolphin buds was really tasty! Also the airbrush on the wall was unreal. A great chillin place!
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
Very comfortable seating in the basement part of this coffeeshop, not too busy on a weekend afternoon. We thought this place done the CannaBoat tours but the bar lady said not until next year. Something to look forward to for the next visit.