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Lounge Shop Domino

coffeeshop Almere
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Neutral Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
After passing bouncer and ID check there is this small shop and about twenty-five seats, not too special and sorta basic. Looked at the menu and saw five strains of weed up to 15€/g for boring Amnesia which didn't look too good either and was pre-packed if memory serves me right. Their hashish came with five choices as well, up to 13€/g. After choosing one item off the menu of hashish I handed the money over to the young budtendress whom then asked for my ID to write down my personal data. I refused and asked why so she explained they need to do this here for the city council or what ever. Fuck this shit! Camera surveillance is bad enough (at least no face detection yet) and I don't need my data stored at an illegal business such as Dutch coffeeshops (or Spanish social clubs by the way where I refused this but found other high quality sources as using common sense) which are only tolerated so semi-legal as well as too often linked to organized crime as well as other dodgy stuff and you never know what happens next with politics and drugs are a sensitive topic. Being an adult is way enough for entering! I explained that and we left her starring at us with open mouth behind. Priorities, anyone?
Neutral Review Ruben from Netherlands sent 20 Apr 2008
The Loungeshop Domino is probably the shop you're most likely to run into when visiting this place, with it being on the "Grote Markt" square right on the busiest city street and at the heart of Almere's nightlife. The name is a pretty strange claim, as it doesn't look a shop where you can do much lounging at all. The atmosphere is sterile, white painted walls, harsh TL-lighting and cold aluminium furniture. This really is a "shop-and-go" type of shop, and I don't advise staying around for more than a few seconds after purchase. The hash I sampled was decent, but the weed is generally considered lower quality compared to the "Blowboot"'s merchandize, the Blowboat being the competing coffeeshop in town. All in all, if you can spare the time, visit the Blowboot for superior wares and a more comfy feel, but when you want a quick and easy purchase, Domino isn't a bad place to stop.