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Positive Review Jimmy from USA. Sent 8 Mar 2011.
The Doors once again proved itself to be a top performing coffeeshop in terms of product quality, cafe ambience, and customer service attitude of staff. Great weed and hash, and I love their display set up. Better than a standard paper based menu. The smoke is very good, it weighed on my scale. Great weed and hash is easy to find in Amsterdam. I don't focus too much on the weed itself. Most places have great weed. Some may sell bags that are a little light, but overall, this is not the concern. As a visitor who cannot retire to his own house and enjoy with friends, I look for the ambience of a place I can enjoy a smoke in, and The Doors works well for this. Amsterdam is not a city with awesome music. Most of it sucks. An ironic quirk. At The Doors, you are at least able to escape the techno beat. Nice benches and tables where you can enjoy a smoke, and this trip I noticed lots of classic American and English rock from the 60's through 80's. Very nice. I did go in one night when the staffer was playing reggae, and I knew that if the manager had been there it would have been stopped, but at least it was decent reggae, and I didn't object. The staff remembered me from my visit last year, we chatted, and it made me feel like I was with friends. I did bring friends with me on this trip, and they all agree that our stops to visit the Doors was the best of the coffee shop experiences. Great weed, nice cozy cafe that really focuses on gezelligheid (Dutch word for coziness), and cool staff. Two thumbs up.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2011.
Brilliant place especially if you love the Doors. Also if you like graffiti as the toilets are pretty well decorated. Bought the nicest bit of hash I've ever tried here, Caramlela 4/5. Nice staff both times we went in.
Positive Review Wackness from UK. Sent 24 May 2010.
Rude staff but bought 1g of Blueberry anyway which wasn't anything special. Met some friendly Americans though who made this place a bit more.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 18 Oct 2009.
Went in and pressed the button on the light up (tacky) menu, the weed looked like old shwag, all dried up with no sign of any crystals, maybe should have asked to see the weed we would have been sold as the stuff in the light up box may have been there a while, but decided it was best to go two doors down to the Rokerij, Good move!
Positive Review Steve from USA. Sent 13 Mar 2008.
Visited location 3 times and had a good time each visit. Layed back, not hurried, not too crowded, good tunes (no Doors but that is OK by me and good tunes I was not familiar with!) and attractive people. The guy behind the counter made me feel welcomed and hooked me up with good weed. I don't know what type it was but it was a mellow, long lasting buzz. I was not concerned about the price but it was worth it. I will visit this shop again and would recommend it.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
This place is supposed to be about music. Whatever - the "Shiva Special Haze" is what this place is about if you ask me. Can you say "crystallized", also sweet smelling buds, nice taste and smoke, good deal @ 10E for 1.5G which made me come back for more and more. Never ever tried another strand here it was so good.
Neutral Review Stoner Association from UK. Sent 9 Nov 2007.
Small and crowded, weed and atmosphere was good.
Positive Review Newlyweds from USA. Sent 2 Nov 2007.
This place was nice, we some decent smoke at a good price, but beware, the guy behind the counter is nice, but tricky. We sat at the main table near the door and after getting sufficiently baked, I look down to see a giant spider! He has it on a string that goes up to the ceiling over the table to behind the bar, and he lowers it down over unsuspecting tourists. I scare easily, esp. when high, so head's up. Over all though, worth the stay and make sure to eat some herring across the street, or some delicious cheese, all a few doors down. I hope this helps, we should be going back soon, so I will write back then.
Neutral Review bl0b from Germany. Sent 26 Jul 2007.
I visited this shop about ten times in the last 3 years, my last visit was a bit crazy. I don't felt welcome, so I left quick, had some Skunk for 5euro/g and some hash which I don't remember, weed was ok, hash was nice.
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
A small corner shop just down the road from the Rokerij, this cafe is themed around the band with some really cool artwork and an old reel-to-reel player on the wall. We found their smoke selection to be really good value buying good size bags Ketama Gold hash and Xmas Cristal for e20, The quality may not be the best but is acceptable and the place has a nice chilled old skool rock feel. Overall cool shop, with cheap smoke. 8/10
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland. Sent 26 Sep 2006.
Bought some hash in here. Some Skuff and Ketama Gold. Both were nice. We sat outside and had a nice view of the people enjoying the night life. Great place to check out.
Positive Review Stuart from UK. Sent 3 Sep 2006.
Bought some 'Diesel' weed which was pretty flowering.
Positive Review Fiddilydee from Canada. Sent 31 Jul 2006.
I was only in this place for a minute because it was 35+ degrees in the Netherlands that day and by the time I had got there I was so sweaty I didn't stay because I didnt want to look like a junky. I got Superskunk and Afghan hash, Supersunk **** Hash ** (Although it was very moldable). Not the most friendly but not rude.
Positive Review Nibes from USA. Sent 16 Jul 2006.
Cool place, what with the Doors posters everywhere and good vibes. Bought a gram of Super Skunk (5€) which had me blitzed on the couch. Bought a beer as well (can't remember what) and was quite satisfied. The bartender also played Break On Through for me, which was damn cool. Kinda small and not the best ganja, but worth a look.
Positive Review TWoz from USA. Visited Mar. 6. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
1.4g of Crystal for 10e. Very good bud, white with a little green showing thru. Small menu but good buds.
Negative Review Matt from USA. Sent 15 Mar 2006.
Stopped in to this place just as they where opening, we had heard how cool they where and friendly! Wrong! Guy was a total asshole! He asked "can I help you". I said "Yes I want to see what you have and check out your doors collection". He said "there are some doors right there you can use them if you want" pointing to the front doors. So we did, LOL. What a moron this guy was! Here we are ready to buy 40 to 50 Euros of smoke and hash from him, not to mention drinks to boot and he starts off by being a complete asshole. Well his loss! Would highly recommend skipping this place, you won't miss a thing, trust me.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada. Visited 18/04/05. Sent 22 Feb 2006.
Wheelchair Accessibility: Totally accessible, ramp. Best music we found. Great bar service. Lots of fun!
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 19 Oct 2005.
Only discovered this on my most recent trip but will definitely go again. The English barman was very friendly and took the time to talk to us and recommend us the best hash they had. Ended up going for a Nepalese hash, cant remember the exact variety, but found it very good and strong.
Positive Review Scott from France. Sent 23 Sep 2005.
Quite a small shop, the bartenderesse is really nice, they have some Super Skunk of which I bought 2 grams for 15 euros. The power of that weed is outrageous. I love it. As for the shop, a very rock classic attitude. It's nothing absolutely amazing, but when there is a nice little sun outside, the shop is definitely a place to visit.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland. Sent 2 Aug 2005.
Always pop in on the chance there is good tunes on, but not a favourite as the huge front door makes it almost too draughty to roll on windy days.
Positive Review Natasha and Eddie from UK. Visited 1-8 May 05. Sent 24 May 2005.
We really loved this place, great music and really friendly staff. Good beer, and great weed - try the Xmas Crystal, it's a very buzzy, sweet, energetic smoke, perfect if you want to do some sightseeing! The times we visited (Christmas 04 and May 05) there were groups of slightly pissed American men hanging onto the bar, all in very good spirits, and provided some amusement! The atmosphere was raucous but very friendly, lots of singing particularly when Doors tracks were played. We bought a space muffin from there which came with a little warning inside for €5, perhaps a bit pricey but effective. Definitely one to check out on your travels.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK. Sent 5 Apr 2005.
What can I say, superb place. I have walked past this place so many times over the past few years and never ventured in, what a mistake! We found the whole ambience of this place great, we dived in one afternoon about 1pm, everyone was sitting outside in the sun, so we went inside a bit peeved that outside tables were full (we wanted to bask in the lovely weather) but it is a really nice place inside, record sleeves on walls to make you reminisce (if you old enough) concert posters etc, some nice Led Zep being played, we took to it at once, the bar man come weed man was a great guy, chatty cheery and a good laugh, drinks and weed both well priced and we settled down to lose a hour or so and that we did, Led Zep slowly drifted away and in came some Doors tunes, leading to a real nice afternoon. This place is a must if you are old enough to remember and young enough still not to give a damn!
Positive Review Smokey from USA. Sent 16 Mar 2005.
I first visited The Doors on Feb. 27th, 2005. In the week that my friends and I were there, this coffeeshop quickly became our favorite hangout. The atmosphere was intimate and inviting, the floors were level, spotlessly clean and with a candle burning on every table. The beer was perfectly chilled, and the staff was remarkably cordial. Asked about the availability of screens for our pipe, the bartender ran right out and got us a pack, and didn't even charge us for them. I highly recommend it for anyone travelling to the incredibly beautiful city of Amsterdam.
Positive Review Philippe from France. Sent 23 Dec 2004.
They don't always play the old tunes we like but if you go and ask nicely the person behind the bar he/she will for sure change it and put People are Strange or Alabama Song which help a lot to get straight to the moon. The weed is just as good as we have always expected. Price wise it is in the average but who cares. If you go the The Doors you just love the music and the cool atmosphere plus we have always appreciate the fact that you don't have to purchase weed to smoke which is a +. Nothing to envie to many other coffee shop that are pure tourist trap. It is definitively a place to go no doubt.
Positive Review ScoobyDoo from UK. Visited 30/08/04. Sent 2 Sep 2004.
Many thanks to Daniel (the barman) at The Doors for looking after us during our visit. Unfortunately our visit was fairly brief due to a mixture of not eating and just stepping off the plane from the UK. We purchased some standard mixed weed joints and then smoked them, within about 10 minutes 2 of my friends passed out and one of them was sick outside. During all of this Daniel was giving sound advice to all and continually giving them Sugared Water to bring them back down to earth, my thanks again go to Daniel for saving the day. May this be a lesson to all you newbies "Do not smoke on an empty stomach or after just stepping off the plane".
Neutral Review Andy from UK. Visited Jul/Aug 04. Sent 23 Aug 2004.
The barman is a dude. He didn't play the doors but every song was played from the heart, man. He sang along to each one and didn't stop even if someone came in to be served. A nice guy. When we asked for coffee he asked why, on such a hot day and told us we should have beer! We agreed. Didn't buy any bud there, but there was more hashish than skunk. All looked ok, maybe overpriced.
Positive Review Mike from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 27 Mar 2004.
The first thing I noticed was the helpful weed/bartender. Very nice. We tried the Super Crystal, but weren't that impressed. I didn't see many crystals on the bud. I'm not saying it's bad weed, don't get me wrong. I'd be happy to have some here in the states. However, it just wasn't that appealing. I really did like the classic rock they were playing though. This place is more like a bar that sells weed. Good if you're in the mood for a joint and some brew.
Positive Review Dirtyfloyd from USA. Visited Halloween '03. Sent 12 Dec 2003.
I have visited this coffeeshop often, and have had many good times here. I noticed the bar stools are ridiculously high as I watched one of my mates fall to the floor after passing out one time. hehe That was a good visit. Staff is always super helpful. Music is much more diverse than the name suggests. Listened to an entire James Brown concert on one mushroom induced visit. Felt like a god damned sex-machine before I left! :) The menu here is nothing really to write home about and I've smoked my own plenty of times. They do always have some nice reliable superskunk, and I did purchase one of the finest samples of white widow I'd ever smoked here before. The beer is cold, and large if you want it to be. Can be fun to visit any time of day, but I suggest dropping in around midnight. Good times.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
I didn't try any of the weed here, was just stopping in to burn a quick one before catching the last train to Haarlem. Great place for that and the staff didn't mind it was our own stuff. They do serve bier here though, so that was nice to go along with the super spliff we rolled. They were playing what else but, "The Doors" while I was there, actually made for a nice ambiance. It is somewhat small, but there are also terras seats out front, a great place to watch the goings on in this busy part of town. The staff was friendly and talkative, even joined us for a puff. If looking for a last second stop before catching a train or bus, this is the place to be!! On the Singel canal (#14) right across from Centraal Station and just down from "Rokerij II," another shop you might want to check out as well. Mr. Mojo Risin'...
Positive Review Little Alex from England. Sent 3 Nov 2003.
Top tunes and friendly attractive barmaid.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
I think the spirit of old Jim and Co. has dwindled down a little because it was all modern day rock 'n roll while I was there. Don't get me wrong, I like it, and sure they could be sick and tired of Jim and Co. by now.
If you're looking for a nice place near Central Station, "The Doors" might be right for you. It's located at a fairly busy intersection but don't let that scare you. Be forewarned though, as far as being uncomfortable at a coffeeshop, this one takes the cake. The chairs are almost painful to the body after just a few minutes. I hit this place on my initial visit and haven't been back since due to the fact that I don't spend a lot of time down in that area and their smoke didn't leave a lasting impression on my mind. Still, if you find yourself down there with some smoke of your own and you want to just duck in for a quick spliff, check this place out.
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK. Visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002. Sent 14 Aug 2002.
When we went there was work being done to the outside of this coffeeshop, but not a negative thing just harder to find, wasn't all that busy for a weekend night, small coffeeshop, wicked tunes.