Cafe Palace

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Cafe Palace Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Noah from UK visited Feb 2013; sent 2 Jun 2013
Friendliest coffee shop in Amsterdam. Maybe needs to upgrade weed menu. And pool table expensive at €2 prob needs new tables and lower price €1 per game but, apart from that, top stuff. The lady behind the bar "hello my darlings" is ultra nice. And will play The Doors or other choices if asked. Went in 3 times in my 2 day visit. Going again in 4 weeks for 3 nights. I will spend more time in this building than any other during my visit. Not the most glamorous of coffee shops. But ticks my boxes.
Positive Review Bobmarleytate from England sent 16 Dec 2010
I went to this coffee shop in July on an absolutely scorching day. Went in and thought this place looks cool with like posters covering every bit of wall of Hendrix and all my legends so I walked up n got the menu served by a woman who wasn't friendly but not unfriendly and I got some kinda diesel jack herrer mix. It was dry n fluffed out gorgeous, it taste it too, wish I could of stayed longer but acdc was awaiting me :D definitely going back in my return journey in a couple of days :)
Positive Review Geoff from England sent 19 Apr 2007
Friendliest coffee shop in Amsterdam, I've called in every visit since 2003, great place to chill and smoke. I'll be back there in 3 weeks for some more punishment.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
The quality of weed there was not up with Barney's or the Grey Area, but it is more spread out and less crowded, so we went there and had drinks and smoked our stuff from Barney's.
Positive Review J.W. from USA sent 28 May 2005
Visited several times during our visit due to closeness to our hotel. It was always friendly and never crowded. Smoke selection was very small.
Positive Review Sam, Ben, Jon from UK sent 25 Mar 2005
If you fancy smoking a spliff, drinking a beer and playing pool this place to go. It has two pool tables up stairs and a big painting of Jim Morrison on the wall. Upstairs never seemed to get too busy so there was always a free table (we did go in the low season though).
Positive Review Rici from USA sent 23 Mar 2005
Stayed right next door in Bob's Hostel during the 04 Cannabis Cup. This is by far my favorite combination coffeeshop and bar. There is usually great classic rock playing, and alot of room. There is two floors: downstairs has the bar and tables and upstairs has two pool tables and smokers lounge area. The walls are covered with really cool pictures of music and movies. Pretty good weed: have tried the White Widow, and Northern Lights. The price of beer is pretty good to. Great scene, friendly people.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
During our week visit, we went here the most. Not really because of the smoke (in fact, they were often out of stuff) - but because the bartender was super nice and remembered us from previous visits (could it be the 5 euro tip!?), the rock n' roll music was refreshing and the place, for a coffeeshop, was pretty roomy. My husband was more than happy to master the 2 pinball games and also kick my butt in several games of pool upstairs. Great place to hang out and drink n' smoke!
Positive Review Tid from UK visited 19/09/03; sent 20 Sep 2003
It was our last coffeeshop of our holiday and we F*cked ourselves for the plane home on some AK47, but it was very enjoyable with friendly prices for drinks and weed. We also enjoyed playing on the pool tables, the only available ones we had discovered all visit. The music was alternative but not at all eardrum-breaking as some have described it to be.
Negative Review Greg BP from England sent 16 Jul 2003
My friend and I entered here as I was a Doors fan of old and we were looking for a nearby smoke. On entering I wasn't surprised to find a dingy lit quite lengthy bar , the walls covered in collages of the Doors posters, clippings etc.. first impressions are of rockers bar and to be honest that is what it is.. The 'menu' was limited having the usual suspects... we ordered 2g of Northern Lights (an old favourite). 12 euros was a good price the weed which was quite nice, we were just getting a nice 'stone' from a healthy joint when 2000db's of death metal screamed out from a speaker just behind our heads., the Doors were not played at all just someone screaming "I'm going to kill you in the head" again and again, we left very shortly, which was a shame because I was expecting a cool place which it certainly wasn't.