Down Under

coffeeshop in Kerkrade
Reviews of Down Under Number of Positive Reviews 14 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass visited June 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Another shop I heard many negative things about. Quite out of town and comes with a big area and parking lot. There are three bouncers taking care of customers and especially parking. There were a couple of tables in front of the shop where people sat down for consumption. Inside it was busy and seems to be big with Germans but also seen people from Belgium as well as Dutch locals. Their interior considering traffic was clean with three counters I think. Medium sized shop with at least thirty seats, also food available. Menu-wise they had a couple of standard strains on as well as Moroccan hashish. The hashish didn't have names but numbers which I appreciate instead of stupid fantasy names as you have them elsewhere. Prices were both up to 14€/g both for hash and weed which is quite steep and probably caused by the border area. Got some from the hashish menu for about 12€ which was the recommendation of the budtender and nice enough quality apart from it being overpriced. All in all could be worse me thinks but it was a well commercial place as for example it seemed they squeezed in as many seats as possible and high prices for very average gear. Mass processing to say the least. Though not as bad as expected. Doubt I'd return there.
Positive Review Mick from UK (living in Germany) sent 23 Dec 2017
Welcoming, friendly and nice weed, if a bit expensive.
Positive Review Jaytee50 from Germany sent 31 Jul 2017
I went there for the first time this weekend. The place looks pretty clean and spacious, especially the car park, which is huge and guarded by two security men. Guests were mostly German, which is expected so near to the border. Occasionally they check the ID-card, but couldn't figure out if it was because of age or nationality. For longer times there was also no control, just another security at the entrance. Staff was rather friendly and reacted well on a smile. Coffee was also good. The range for Maroc goes from 10-15 EUR. I wanted for 12,- but it was sold out. The one for 11,- is light coloured, not too strong smell and easy to smoke. Leaves a more accelerated feeling. Nothing special, but ok and worth the price. The choice of grass is similar (also 5 types in the range from 12-16 EUR). I took 'Snowball' and got a nice whole bud with 2 g. Quality was more than ok. All portions were pre-packed (Maroc in 1 g each, grass in packages per weight). I see no reason to doubt them, but I didn't check the weight at home.
Positive Review Digger from UK sent 5 Oct 2015
This is an absolute gem of a place, it's seemingly in the middle of nowhere but good access and easy to find by both car and train. The staff were excellent, the location is perfect, and the weed is of a different class to anything else I have found in Limburg. Is Amsterdam quality as far as I'm concerned. I bought Amnesia and Desert Haze, the only 2 strains of weed they had, and they are both great. The Desert Haze is a real killer! They also had about 6 or 7 kinds of hash but I was visiting alone and I hit my 5g limit so couldn't try any. Has a great little bar serving non alcoholic drinks and food, think I saw toasties etc on menu. Also a nice outside seating area with good sun. Was very busy, before it opened at least 30 people showed up to queue, so get there early. I was one of the first people in and I was served nice and quickly. A little tip for those visiting by train, check Google maps first and there is a small path through a forest, almost directly from the train station, takes 5 min to walk instead of 15.
Positive Review Dylan from Germany sent 22 Jun 2015
This shop is not easy to find. Its entrance is like the name says "downunder" - so you have to get down to a kind of parking area. There you will be welcomed by the guests that are sitting in front of the shop, in the outdoor area. From the outside it looks like a cafe. A very nice bouncer will ask you for your ID and you are able to go into the shop. They have different varieties of strains: Sweet Haze, Dutch Haze, Super Amnesia Haze, AK 47; Hash: Marocc from 9 to 12 euros, depending on the quality you want. I tested the AK47 (that smell!), the Dutch Haze and the Marocc for 12 euros and was surprised about the good quality! Very good shop, very friendly service and the woman that "sells the weed" has a very funny humour too. All in one together it's a very nice shop that I would recommend! 3/3
Positive Review Benjamin from France sent 6 Oct 2011
Friendly coffee in the countryside (secure), near Maastricht. Fair price, low choice, but very good quality, nice atmosphere, the foreign (frenchy ^ ^) are accepted, ample parking. I go back without hesitation!
Positive Review Coney from Germany sent 21 Jan 2011
Very friendly personnel and security. Nice place. A lot of own parking lots. They had 4 kinds of weed, some kind of hash and pre-rolled Joints. I chose the costly: Amnesia Haze. 14€/g. A bit expensive, but it was the best weed I ever tried. Great smell and a real great impact. I just can advise the shop.
Positive Review Anon. sent 8 Oct 2010
Got very friendly staff and great equipment, which you can borrow for free. They have two different bong types and a vaporizer with two different balloon sizes (the great balloon is if you fill it complete enough for 3 persons, they got it just two weeks ago). I buy there weed since April this year and even in this short period till now I can see how they upgrade the shops quality in every month. They now have a kicker tourney and free barbeque once every month, you can go there order some burgers smoke a bit and then eat how much you want. Awesome! Now the choice of weed increased and it's a changing selection but a few of the weed sorts are common. No matter which you choose it is perfectly dry and blows your mind :) Weed Prices: 8 €: Critical, 9 €: NLX , K2 , Orange Bud, 10 €: Santa Maria , AK 47 , White Widdow , Jack White , Jack Herrer, 12 €: Haze, 14 €: Amnesia Haze. Hash Prices: Maroc 6€ 8€ 10€, Polm 7€ 9€. Pre rolled: 3 weed joints packet 11€, weed joint 4€, haze joint 4,5€ (totally worth it!) mixed joint 4€.
Positive Review PFM from UK sent 21 Sep 2010
A sight for sore eyes, personable staff, amazing €14 P/G amnesia.
Positive Review Corb from Netherlands sent 9 Oct 2008
Nice shop, friendly staff and it's nice to sit there. The music is not playing too loud, there are a few games to play and there are hanging a few televisions to watch. The bongs are always nice clean and ready to use, but they have only a little choice of weed but it's mostly good. Prices are ok and there come a lot Germans over there.
Positive Review Madman from Germany sent 14 Aug 2008
A rare kind of shop where the staff really cares about the customers. Nice folks, good coffee and always enough prepared clean bongs available. Prices have never been comparable low, but even their cheapest is finest quality. Not a drive-through-shop but a place to stay and enjoy.
Positive Review Durv from Netherlands sent 30 Jul 2008
It's a weird place for a coffeeshop, from the street you the drive down and than the big parking. The roof is the same height as the street. Lot of ppl hang out here. The weed is good and they don't rip you, and the lowest price was 8,5 euro but worth it. Good shop.
Positive Review Biker from Germany sent 14 Jul 2008
Living at Aachen I regularly visit this shop and it's one of the most pleasant ones I've ever seen. It's about 10 min from here and therefore many Germans to find. Very friendly people and staff in a very relaxed atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and you get a very good pre-rolled mixed for €3,50! There are different other shops around here, selling wet weed for too much money, so you should appreciate the "Down Under".
Positive Review Alex from Germany sent 4 Jul 2008
One of my favorite shops. When it's cold outside, there is a lot of space inside. The bouncer and the other employees are very nice. The menu is in my opinion a bit too small, but sitting outside smoking a nice one is good for every evening in summer.
Positive Review Balder from Germany sent 17 Jun 2008
It is the biggest one I've seen so far, with a very big parking place. In the inside, it also was the most pleasant atmosphere I've ever seen with a lot of Germans hanging around. I don't remember much of the menu and I am not an expert on that, but the prerolled ones cost 3,50€.