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Negative Review Terrence from Amsterdam sent 5 Jun 2018
Terrible place! Weed is not flushed. Very bad quality hash. Not even smoke it for free. What a shame! Throw it all away.
Positive Review A.B. from UK/Belgium sent 30 May 2011
Two ladies doing the bar. Served nice coffee at a very reasonable price (a good thing in touristy Amsterdam). Sold me Nepalese Temple Ball. I was allowed to look and smell but not to touch. Liked the place very much: no hustle and no hassle. A much nicer experience for an older person than many shops I've visited.
Positive Review Glenn from Canada sent 14 May 2008
This little place sold me a gram of Nepal Temple Ball for 10E. A gooey black chunk of joy. The dealer and staff were friendly and we smoked, drank our pops and left (although in the wrong direction, gee I wonder why?).
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
I had to pick up some "Hawaiian Haze" which ended up being sweet almost berry like smelling with nice looking buds, smokes stronger then I thought, with a moderate to actually quite harsh hits, nice strong stone to come with it. Also the "Silver Pearl" was nice looking buds, smelled skunky and a little fruity, again with harsher hits, light to bland taste, rough smoke for mild high.
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
The menu was great, the buds quality was fantastic and it is very lively.
Neutral Review Dave from UK sent 17 Jun 2007
Not very nice inside and I didn't like the bar staff but it's worth coming here with a spliff ready rolled, getting a coffee from inside then sitting outside with it. It's a really nice view, had a job trying to skin up outside here in the wind and rain.
Negative Review Paul from USA sent 6 Mar 2007
Did not like Dutch Flowers at all. It was more like a bar or a pub, too loud, too full of cigarette smoke instead of weed. Probably because they serve beer.
Positive Review Harry The Dog from UK visited 06/01/07; sent 10 Jan 2007
Went very late, very few people there but music was cool and the decor appropriately skewed. No problems with the barman or dealer that your other reviews commented on; even had a quick chat about music. Then we just bought some skunk - no drinks - took a seat and got high. Nice place to finish a Saturday night.
Negative Review Wills56 from Ireland sent 2 Aug 2006
The dealer was very unfriendly, tried to chat but he was not interested. We sat down outside, I went back in and asked for coffees. The guy behind the bar really made me feel unwelcome. Tried polite conversation and there was no reply (maybe he has a hearing and speech impediment)! Drank the coffee, had a smoke and left. Won't be going back to D. Flowers again. The "gentlemen" should consider a course in public relations. A very unfriendly place.
Neutral Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
Had walked by this place a bunch of times, and never stopped in, finally did this trip. Small place, service wasn't bad, but I never felt really welcome like other shops. The view here is great though. Sat at a big table up front, looking out an open window, idyllic Amsterdam views. I tried a puur joint which was way overpriced, 5.50 euro, but at least it was good weed, believe I had the "Super Skunk." Worth checking out for the view, but "Tweede Kamer" just across the way might be a better place to purchase.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Really friendly, I would recommend the Spirit of Amsterdam, it's excellent.
Neutral Review Mike Z from USA visited April 05; sent 27 Apr 2005
Seemed like a very local joint, but it seemed the locals didn't really want us there, though the staff was friendly. Had to bus my own table when I got there. They serve beer and sell weed.
Positive Review Stargirl from UK sent 6 Apr 2005
I have been to Dutch Flowers many times over and the guy has always been ok (even though he looks like a totally psychotic crack-head), he even let us take photos of all the artwork there (love the paintings). Not once have I been shouted at, rudely served or made to feel unwelcome - it is a bit intimidating walking in to see this psycho and his mates all lined up at the bar but as a few people have pointed out, all you have to do is be polite and generally not falling-all-over-the-place trashed! We bought and smoked the "purple" which smelled remarkably like lavender and made us giggle for hours!
Negative Review Sean from USA sent 22 Jan 2005
I was in the 'Dam with my gf for NYE and we decided to stop into Dutch Flowers for one of their pre-rolled weed cigars. Nope, no longer on the menu. Got a gram of Silver Pearl, looked OK but a bit crumbly. We got a table, drank our cokes and smoked a joint. About 20 minutes later the bartender comes by to wipe off our table and pick up the empty cups. He asks us if we're going to get another drink, so I say "Sure, another two cokes would be great". He stood there staring at me for about 10 seconds before yelling "So what the fuck do you think I am, a fucking waitress? You order drinks at the bar if you want them!". Of course, there was no one at the bar, because he was standing there in front of me! My gf and I were shocked and just looked at each other, trying to decide what to do with this huge guy standing over us, so he says "If you don't want those drinks, just get out. Other people want this table", so that's what we did. This was the ONLY place we were treated rudely! I think the guy is very anti-tourist or something. The shop is in such a nice location he knows he can treat people like shit and they'll still be coming through the door non-stop. Take your business elsewhere.
Negative Review Kris from UK sent 11 Oct 2004
I've been to the city several times, but had never made it to Dutch Flowers until my last visit. I had heard the rumours about the dealer being so rude, but I didn't think anything like this would happen to me. I got to the shop not too long after they opened on a frosty Saturday morning mid-January. I was the only person in the shop besides the dealer and his mates sitting at the bar, and they were all well pissed up. I got a gram of weed, sat down, rolled it up, and was in the process of smoking it when the bloke who sold me the weed came over to my table and started yelling at me "Gee, so are you going to buy anything to drink, or are you just going to smoke that and fuck off, eh?". I'm quite mellow and non-confrontational, so I didn't respond. I simply stood up, and started gathering my things to head outside with my spliff. Again he started shouting at me "fucking tourists come in here and think they don't have to buy anything to drink", and then some rather harsh sounding Dutch to his mates at the bar. At this point I had had enough, so I simply told him to fuck off. He flew into a rage, slapped the joint right out of my mouth onto the floor, gave me a push towards the door, and told me "fuck off and don't fucking come back in here". I paused for a moment, but his dodgy mates were already getting up from their barstools. I decided it would be best to leave at that point.
Positive Review Grok from Netherlands sent 1 Sep 2004
We bought some fine, mild, organically grown SilverPearl and watched the Amsterdam nightlife walk by.
Negative Review Polite Guy from USA sent 26 Apr 2004
As others have mentioned here, the owner is such a prick, there's really no reason for you to waste your money in here. I asked the guy, "Can I get two grams of the silver haze, please." And then, upon looking at the menu further, I added "Oh, let me get some skunk, too." Because I only said "please" once, he gave me this long lecture about how he speaks English very well, and I should say please etc. etc. I let him rattle on for a while, until finally I decided I didn't need a lecture from the Dutch Emily Post. I was tempted to tell him, "Will you suck my dick, PLEASE?" But I decided to avoid a scene. If you want to give your money to some loser who obviously has a dislike for Americans, it's your call. But I can tell you I was sufficiently polite, and this loser, who does nothing but sell dope all day yet somehow thinks he's some kind of freaking royalty or rock star, was a complete a-hole. The weed's okay, but I would suggest going to Abraxas or Grey Area. The stuff there is just as good, and you don't have to deal with some loser's attitude. And if the aging longhair who runs the place reads this, let me tell you something: The only thing that allowed you to keep your teeth that night was the fact that I was with my girlfriend travelling in a foreign country. Otherwise, I assure you, you'd be learning all about proper manners in an alley at the end of my boot.
Positive Review MHM from USA sent 25 Mar 2004
I have no idea why this place has bad reviews. I've been there numerous times and always had a fantastic time. The weed is great, the beer is cheap and the view is unmatched.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
This bar-style coffee shop is in a quieter location and offers simple and stylish surroundings for the wandering smoker. The only down side of this shop was the temperature. I loved the shop but had to escape to the convenient wooden beach outside as the heat was bringing on major monged feelings.
Neutral Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Lovely view, shame about the rest of the place.
Positive Review Wigan Herb Merchants from UK sent 7 Dec 2003
For years now we have been visiting the fair city of Amsterdam and due to the freaky similarity of the Dutch guy who helps run this fresh establishment to my brother's friend Calypso the weed bandit, which freaked me right out when we first saw him, I have to say that Dutch Flowers rates very highly on our list of good herb smoke outs with a nice vibe.
Negative Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(3/10): Rude staff, bad herb. The only thing that saves this place is the fact that they play great music, and have kind of a nice layout. Also low prices on coffee, but otherwise I would steer clear.
Neutral Review Mikko from USA sent 24 Jul 2003
The first time I visited Dutch Flowers, my travelling companion and I were trying to make our way to the Gray Area, which had come highly recommended, and we just wanted to stop in and have a quick smoke before we continued our search. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the herb (didn't try the hash, wish I had now) and the beer was a premium choice for some gullet-moistening action. We were surprised to hear from the shop keeper at the nirvana gypsy that most people consider the atmosphere and service to be particularly bad there despite the good smoke. I dismissed it until we went back the next day and were rudely lectured and taken to task for apparently slighting the barkeep, although I still don't know what I did wrong, I went to the bar, ordered a bar, looked over the menu and bought a gram of Hawaiian haze, and then was thoroughly yelled at. In any case, its worth a stop for the beer and smoke, not to mention a pretty location. Just be careful what you say (or don't say?) to the staff.
Neutral Review Pete and Stu from UK sent 20 Jul 2003
Everyone seems to have different opinions on this one. We went in the evening, stumbling (probably quite literally) across it by accident, and man was it busy! Taking this as a good sign, we stepped in, and I have to say that people's comments above about the staff are right. They weren't openly rude, but pretty gruff and not all that friendly. We found it too crowded and left quite soon anyway, but the saving grace of this place was the bud - absolutely excellent! Bit of a shitter that it doesn't come in proper baggies though... Oh, and the prices are quite good here too. Maybe try it in the day...
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Here we have another cool corner bar located in the Spui area. It is basically a few doors down from Twede Kamer. They do have a unique menu featuring several types of weed and hash. I like buying there because they always seem to have something good and most of the dealers are eager to be friendly as well as obliging. Several beverages are served as well as an excellent cup of coffee or cappuccino.
As you walk in there are a couple of tables to your right at the front picture window and more tables to the left before approaching the bar. A dealer stand is set up at your approaching end for convenience while patrons sit alongside the bar at various spots. I think this is the place with the slanted CD racks to alter your perception a bit. Like I said, they have a nice selection of weed and hash and they sell alcohol as a bonus. It's usually very crowded in there at night due to the latter but I always seem to be able to find a seat. Another clean shop with a decent bathroom and a limited number of outside seating.
Negative Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
This nice looking coffeeshop was less than a block away from our hotel so of course we stopped in for a bit. That was a mistake. The service was absolutely horrible. The bar guy was very rude and gave us dirty stares for no apparent reason. Aside from that, good grass and cheap beer. If it wasn't for the bartender, this would have been one of my favs.
Neutral Review Nik from USA sent 1 Apr 2003
I liked the atmosphere of Dutch Flowers and found the bar and dealer to be quite helpful and informative. The buds were decent but not the best I had seen in town. The beer was quite cheap, try the Heineken and Bavaria beer on tap. If you are in the Spui area, stop in for a joint and a beer. I wouldn't say its the best coffeeshop in town, but it is rated fairly high by others. I guess its just my own opinion, so check it out.
Neutral Review N_Mo from USA sent 25 Dec 2002
Look, these guys didn't even have bud baggies, just some mini-wax envelopes! By the time I got back to the hotel the herb was halfway dried out. Though still useful, Tweede (2e) Kamer is right around the corner and is untouchable by almost any store on all levels. Another shop worth noting but not spectacular.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited Frequently; sent 15 Dec 2002
A great hang out on a Friday afternoon and watch beautiful women riding past on their bikes especially if you can get the window seat overlooking the canal or a seat outside. Very friendly and helpful staff with the added attraction that they serve beer. Unfortunately they have installed a TV which has changed the vibe for the worse in my opinion. But still a great hangout.
Negative Review Petrone from UK
52 years old, I faced up to eviction for the second time in a year. And here to do the business, emerging from the far side of the room, Ronnie, the coffeeshop goon, a heavyweight, bearded, six-footer. { I think you should leave. You sit here, you buy only one coffee, you don't buy anything for smoking. You sit chewing gum. OUTSIDE.OUTSIDE. HAVE A NICE DAY.
DUTCH FLOWERS may have a good setting, the lay-out may be fine, but in my opinion, it's wasted on a staff who run such an aggressively, commercial establishment. Scratch the surface, my friend, scratch the surface.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 24 Mar 2002
I have frequented Dutch Flowers on my visits to Amsterdam and it is my favorite coffee shop.
Negative Review Christopher from USA visited Christmas 2001; sent 8 Jan 2002
While in Amsterdam over the Christmas Holiday, I stopped into Dutch Flowers ( I had been there last year, and liked the pot) What We were treated to was apalling, we came in and like good customers, we went to the bar to order some soft drinks and hash. Upon gaining the proprioters attention and beginning to request 4 cokes, He then SCREAMED at me "What do you think this is, a fucking 3rd world country, you cant bring those drinks in here". Had he been paying a small bit of attention he would have seen the guilders in my hand. He continued "You get the fuck out of here,..." This does not seem to be inline witht the mellow, friendly atmosphere that a coffeeshop should be. I admit to drinking water like it's gold, but upon entry to ANY other shop, I was simply, and politely reminded that I should purchase from the shop I was in, But Dampkring in particular, gave me a small glass of ice for a bottle of water I had'nt bought there. I more than understand that the shops need to support their existence, and I DID buy a drink in EVERY coffeeshop I went into. In closing you may want to warn future travellers of this issue, I will return to Amsterdam...many times, I will not return to Dutch Flowers.
Positive Review Dan from USA visited 29/10/01- 09/11/01; sent 27 Nov 2001
Also frequented Dutch Flowers (the first shop I went to when I arrived-within staggering distance from the Tulip Inn) on a regular basis who defiantly had the best hash. People at Dutch Flowers and the Grey Area were the most friendly, with those at Dutch Flowers being more local regulars than tourists- I liked that.
Positive Review Scott from USA sent 12 Nov 2000
Dutch Flowers is such a relaxing place, perfect for an afternoon smoke.
Positive Review Brian from USA sent 30 Sep 2000
Only been a couple of times, but I liked the music and the view.
Neutral Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Nice decoration - I really like the crazy shelving but it is not a place I want to stay in - little in the way of atmosphere and comfortable seating.