coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Negative Review Anon. sent 8 Mar 2021
Very bad management or no management at all actually. It's shame to be one from Amsterdam coffeshops. The short guy who is working on the cashier is always busy watching girl's bodies, making jokes after they leave with his colleagues to the small guy who is working on the door too. Sometimes I feel angry feeling or even fighting atmosphere there between them shouting to each other smoking inside the cashier. The floor is always dirty. It's always bad experience with them. Some kind of weed is good, some is not. Only the expensive is good. They hide the hash in their pocket. That illegal stuff I believe. I'll just not visit that place anymore. I don't advise anybody to go. I hope the owner of this place can read English! Maybe someday can read his coffeeshop reviews! Before was better. Now the quality going down. Pity to lose your costumers because of silly people working there.
Positive Review Steve from UK (living Ams) sent 1 Jun 2009
Still open and still selling very nice weed!
Positive Review Dil from Scotland sent 30 Jan 2004
A hidden gem well worth the trouble to find. Maybe not for the hip Centrum crowd but for people who smoke a lot and are currency conscious. I go here for polm which I like as my daytime puff. There limited choice always seems to be clean and tasty and does not sting my pocket as a town centre establishment might. There most expensive Moroccan is 8 euro but I go for the light polm at 5 euro a gramme. Although I have never sampled their weed I'm told it's a similar story.
Positive Review Wayne from England (living in Ams.) sent 7 Jan 2004
Discovered Eastwood about five months ago whilst walking my dog and have been going back there on a regular basis ever since (perhaps a little too regular!!??). The reason? They sell the best damn super skunk in, er... Dam!!! And at only 12 € for 2.7gms you can't go far wrong. I've been told by a Dutch friend that it's also the place to go for some "echt lekker" hash too. Due to the new tobacco laws (I think) Eastwood seems to have closed the coffee part of the shop, but thankfully the weed/hash is still for sale from a kiosk just inside the door (Yeaaahhhh!!!!).