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Maximillian Easy Going

coffeeshop Haarlem
Reviews of Maximillian Easy Going Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany visited January 2019; sent 10 Jun 2019
Maximillian is a dark shop, badly illuminated. We trusted their recommendation, which was supposed to be an imported Zkittlez. Turned out to be a domestically cured / low potent flower. 22 € / g
Positive Review Urban Hippy from UK sent 20 Nov 2012
Asked for something covered in crystals (not White Widow) and was offered a sumptuous crystal-laden Amnesia Haze. Not the cheapest at E10 per 1g but very nice. Shop to get weed, not to go in. no bar, just a vending machine of canned drinks and chocolate in a quite sterile looking box of a room, no imagination or decor. If there was music it was non-descript. The bud tender was obviously just that and seemed as if that was her sole role as once in the room I did not see her again for an hour until I left. Weed = 9/10, Atmosphere = 1/10, Price = 6 /10
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 19 Jan 2008
Very pleasant and, following the White Widow, we stared at the video games machine scrolling through its wares for a very, very long time (over 2 hrs apparently); foosball (didn't manage that).
Positive Review Lafe from USA sent 22 Dec 2006
Stopped in on a cool cloudy day in December 2006 with Mrs. Lafe and a travelling companion. I had been to the shop before but never purchased. On the budtender's recommendation I selected a frosty, dense nugget of White Widow from a Tupperware container. The container was full of these dense nuggets, some of them surely weighing at least five grams each or more. While we were there, a number of locals (it is Haarlem, after all :-) purchased quantities of both Easy Skunk and Easy Mix. We had some coffee and juice, stayed maybe an hour, and had a fine time. It is a comfortable shop with very nice weed that reminds me of buying vegetables from the farmer's market rather than the supermarket. The weed is extremely well cured, and has not been handled much at all (read: not shaken). The photos in my post at the ACD forums don't do the weed justice. My only regret is not trying it all. If I make it in April for the 4:20 trip, one of my first moves will be to go to Easy Going for some quantity. Highly, highly recommended and definitely worth the trip.
Neutral Review Martijn from Haarlem sent 10 Nov 2005
Changed owner and moved 2 years ago or so from Kleine Houtstraat to Barrevoetestraat, which is at a corner of the Botermarkt, opposite Haarlem's first and maybe best Israelian Shoarma (kebab) joint.
Negative Review Ramon from Netherlands sent 17 Jun 2004
The style of the shop is very smooth with coloured light for decoration, also a fireman in front of the door. You can find a tablefootball, pinball and a photoplay. The seats are from trains as inspired by Willi Wortel Sativa. The weed is not the best, maybe the worst:
1. Synthetic flavour - when put in the vaporizer (where only the THC has to come trough) it gives a very sharp taste like it has hairspray covering for extra high or something.
2. Pre rolled joint - I opened one sometime and only tobacco and max 0,1 weed. And the strange thing is that I get stoned anyway, I don't trust this!
3. One day I had buy for 6 euro, small gram. The day after I must go there again because the Easy is open latest in H'lem. He said that they sell only for 7 euro or 14. Very strange!
I have the idea that the sellers are only friendly to resident customers, that's maybe because there are young (19-26) they have there on friend or something. One good thing: he's open till 4 o'clock in the night. Summary: dislike the shop.