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Easy Times

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Reviews of Easy Times Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Charlie from England sent 20 Jan 2009
Visited more than ten coffee shops during the few days we were in dam and this was definitely the best in terms of atmosphere, comfort and quality. We kept returning to it. Their basic was top notch 8euro for 1g White Widow, AK47 or my favourite - Shiva. Cheese and NYC Diesel for 12euro. Nice and comfy sofas surround the room plus 3 nice flat screen TVs, 2 usually play music vids whilst the other tends to have sport - really good for football, watched all Prem games over wknd! Guys behind the bar are very friendly and more than happy to show and let you smell the different strains, they weigh it up in front of you as well which I always prefer to the prebagged. Free skins and roach. The first shop I will be heading to when I go bck!
Negative Review JL from UK sent 6 Jan 2009
During our most recent trip over New Year, our drinks were spiked in Easy Times and had a very unpleasant 24-48hrs because of this.
Neutral Review Stoner Association from UK sent 9 Nov 2007
Great weed, friendly people and good music. Was a bit quiet though.
Positive Review Colin and Shirley from UK sent 19 Jun 2007
We spend most Christmas's and New Year hiding from the wind and rain in this paradise! Smoking our brains out, watching Charlton lose on big screen (well we were in the premiership). Quality sounds, friendly staff. What more do you need?
Positive Review Sluggo from USA sent 20 Apr 2007
I popped into Easy Times late one February morning while walking along the canals. Cool reggae and old rocksteady was humming through the room and several middle-aged people were stepping through the music. I smoked a couple of joints and drank a couple beers and said to the bartender, "Man this place is great." He replied, with a huge smile and much bravado, "Of course, man, you're in the Easy Times!" Fine place and good people.
Neutral Review Jimbo from UK sent 15 Jan 2007
One evening we popped into this shop. It was really banging in here, place was full and ragga, dancehall and reggae were pumping out the system. Good party vibe. Unfortunately the weed and hash wasn't all that. Had the Shiva, ok and some Nepalese which wasn't. Shame about the smoke but still a good atmosphere.
Positive Review Steve from Wales sent 20 Apr 2006
The first place I found on a freezing February night after arriving in Amsterdam, the guy behind the counter was great, we had a vodka and a Heineken and I asked for the menu and bought some well good polm hash and some Jamaican brown weed, and rolled the best spliff I had in years, the hash was sticky and soft but super strong, I mean this was good stuff, I ended up eating 3g of it in schpol (+2g of Purple Haze and some Blueberry and some AK-47) I also had to leave my pipe in the airport toilet, man when I went through the security they searched me and I was like falling over, it was the best plane journey I ever had hahah, anyway this place is awesome and the people were great (the bartender even lent me his lighter and gave me skins for free!).
Positive Review Alfonso from Spain sent 31 Jan 2005
Good place if you like beer and roots reggae! (for the music and for the locals), they have good stuff and they seem nice people. Highly recommended!
Positive Review Kevin from UK sent 2 Dec 2004
A cool coffeeshop to send us on our way. We were able to buy some White Widow which really done us some damage! There was some good Rasta tunes on which was classic! The dudes behind the counter were really helpful. He even helped my get my cigarettes from the machine which I couldn't really work :s
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Stopped in here for some internet access and again was quite pleased to hear some reggae blaring from the speakers. A simple shop with full bar (although a bit skimpy on the liquor) and menu. There's a big screen TV in the back near the restrooms, and three computers welcome you as you enter.