The Edge

coffeeshop in Enschede
Reviews of The Edge Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany visited 2012; sent 27 May 2019
We wanted to try this shop and so we went inside. The dealer was playing an instrument and didn't seem to care for anything except us buying and leaving fast. Sadly the light was so dark that we could barely see anything. At home we opened the prepacked bag and it smelled just chemical. The ash was definitely speaking for itself and we ended up throwing 2 grams of weed away. Couple of days later I ended up in hospital with lung problems. Please be careful with this shop!
Neutral Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Here they offered about ten strains of weed, most of them going for eight to ten euro a gram. Dealer recommended AK for ten but didn't look interesting. Also they sold Chocolope for 12€/g and Purple Haze for 15€ a g which was the most expensive strain we saw in Enschede. Not to forget laughable. Five options for hashish were there but they only sold 2gs per pack and stuff wasn't too tempting. Otherwise there were twenty to twenty-five comfy seats around a billard table. Bit of a dark place and less interesting in general.
Positive Review Man on a Mission from Australia sent 17 Dec 2012
Not a bad place to chill, plenty of big fake leather couches to sit on and a pool table. They offer coffee and tea and snacks (no hot food) and boast a good selection of bongs, although when I asked for a bong I was handed an obviously used one (dirty water and grimy walls) not that I mind all that much, asked the girl behind the counter to change the water and she did it with a smile. The menu is one of the larger in Enschede offering approx. 6 or 7 different kind of weed (including Amnesia Haze, Super White Widow, Northern Lights, Super Skunk & K2) & 4 or 5 kinds of hash but in saying this the quality is not the best around. All in all not a bad place to smoke. I personally suggest get some nice gear elsewhere and come here to chill (of-course purchasing from their menu also so you do not upset anyone, go for the Haze or the SWW - best quality smoke in the shop). On a side note owned by the same owners as 'The Saraha' and has the same menu.
Neutral Review Rob from Germany sent 3 Nov 2009
First time I was there I still would have given it a good rating. They have couches, real good to chill. I bought White Widow and Northern Lights which both had an amazing taste (smoking it pure). However, when I went there the second time, I was with a friend who became 18 earlier the same week. They thought he wasn't 18 though and didn't let us in (they obviously didn't know what the date was). The thing is that we didn't even have a chance to explain that he was 18, because the guy at the door started to get angry as hell and shouted at us. Conclusion: really unfriendly staff!
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
A decent place to relax, however the gear is average at best, catering to mostly Germans on a quick run. The guy that works there is friendly as long as you buy a beverage, clean glass bongs, and lots of board games, even chinese checkers. You have to be buzzed in here as well and show ID.
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 14 Sep 2007
Small shop small choice but nice to chill there.
Positive Review Meigel from Germany sent 18 Mar 2006
We are there nearly everytime we are in Enschede. It is located right in the town centre, few minutes to walk from the trainstation. Your ID will be checked more the carefully at the entrance, but that's common in Enschede, so don't try to score weed when you are under 18. The atmosphere in the shop is really friendly, actually. There is a pooltable as well as "tablefootball table", surrounded by some really comfortable leather couches. The price for softdrinks and tea (very large variety) is one euro. The weed was good enough, we also bought 2,5 gramms of dope for 10 euros. It was the cheapest we could buy, but it did its job quiet well. We can truly recommend this shop, had some great time there. We've been there often, and will be there in the future. It's worth a visit.
Negative Review Ganjabus450 from Germany sent 17 Feb 2006
They meen I was not the person on my passport and was so unfriendly, it was not one people in this shop.