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El Guapo

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Positive Review Anon.. Sent 7 Apr 2015.
I have been to Amsterdam 6 times. I found this coffee shop on my third visit and go there every time I'm in 'Dam. Best haze by far! Pineapple Haze is a must buy! My favourite coffee shop in 'Dam.
Positive Review Skyy from UK. Sent 17 Jan 2012.
Has some good stuff. I got 4 grams of Blue Berry for 23€ but the best they serve is Sleaze, it's a LA Confidential and Sour Diesel cross only 11€ a grams. Sour Diesel and LA Confidential are becoming scarce in Amsterdam so to see this made my trip! There's another little shop closer to the RLD that has Sour Diesel but they charge 25 a gram, it is good tho, it's the only shop that had it, they had good Big Bhudda Cheese too. Anyway back to El Guapo, shop is quite small but it's definitely a good stop for some good grade.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
My first shop in Amsterdam who I was - since 1996, the old white rock style is gone. The stuff is very very strong and good and cheap.
Positive Review Paul B from UK. Sent 10 May 2008.
Now under new ownership and management run by a decent guy (goes by JJ) who talked no sh*t and knew was he was talking about. Sold me the best Amnesia Haze I've had in the Dam, put Amnesia's own to shame! Well worth a visit. He really needs a more recent review.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland. Sent 26 Sep 2006.
A small coffeeshop that left a lasting impression. Nice guy serving in there. Nice menu. Powerplant in there smelled and smoke so amazingly. It was a very nice place to sit and chill out. Music was good and different and the interior quite friendly to the stoned eyes. A must visit place in my opinion for the Powerplant and service alone. Great place
Positive Review Elliot from UK. Sent 4 May 2006.
Quite a small place but we were greeted by a friendly man who upon request pointed out the menu, remember buying a gram of Bubblegum and a gram of Diamond hash to which I promptly rolled up and got comfortable ready to spark up, halfway down the joint I started feeling it and man was it good. After 6or 7 joints I was mashed! Would recommend this coffeeshop to anyone as all the puff me and my mates bought was pucca.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 28 Oct 2005.
Located down an alley type of street, Nieuw Nieuwstraat, just South of Centraal Station off of Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. Actually a little difficult to find, but there is a Bob Marley flag flying out front to guide you in. A very small place, the interior is done in mosaics, the tables, floor, and walls, all covered in elaborate designs. They were playing some really good hip hop music, forget who now, comfortable seating, I shared my booth with a friendly cat, it all made for a very nice and chilled ambiance. Their menu was very good, with Bubblegum being what we chose, great stuff. I also got a pre-rolled mix joint for 2.50 euro, it was nice and strong. The staff was very friendly, I asked for a Chocomel and the guy said, "Of course" and then he asked me if I wanted a glass with it or not, great service. They have this interesting display of joints, really crazy ones, huge cones, some that are 6 joints combined into one that everyone can smoke on at the same time, not sure if they sell these, but worth asking. Very cool little place, good buds, friendly atmosphere, check it out if you can find it.
Positive Review Osteraffog from UK. Sent 26 Sep 2005.
Sweet decor, nice tunes and the pre-rolled joints are definitely worth their money. The dude behind the bar was pretty friendly and welcoming, which was cool. Definitely worth a visit.
Positive Review Tom from England. Sent 19 Oct 2004.
Lovely mad lighting effects, played good hip hop, sold good weed at a reasonable price. What more could you want.
Positive Review Tex from USA. Sent 23 Jul 2003.
My friends, this place is the only place you need to go. I highly recommend the El Guapo special or the Super Crystal, both are beautiful specimens of Amsterdam marijuana. We later talked to another coffee shop owner who said that El Guapo was one of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, and that High Times Magazine rated it 2nd best coffee shop. If you get the chance you need to visit this little place.