El Marssa

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Weed €/gram Pack What they say
Skywalker O.G €15.00 €65/5g Hybrid. Kush. Relaxed, happy, euphoric.
Green Apple €14.00 Sativa. Special. Talkative, uplifted, calm.
Strawberry €14.00 Sativa. Special. Happy, energetic, uplifted.
Amnesia G13 €13.00 €55/5g Sativa.
Diamond x SBK €12.50 €53/5g Hybrid. Kush. Euphoric, uplifted, hungry.
Super Silver €12.00 €52/5g Sativa.
Watermelon €12.00 €52/5g Hybrid. Kush. Long-lasting, calming, body-buzz.
Zkittlez €12.00 €52/5g Hybrid. Kush.
Cheese €11.00 €50/5g Indica.
S5 €11.00 €50/5g Sativa.
Amnesia €10.00 €48/5g Sativa.
Enemy of the State €10.00 €48/5g Indica.
Hash €/gram Pack What they say
Tidghine €15.00 €70/5g Morocco. Relaxed, hungry, euphoric.
Zkittlez Gelato Block €14.00 €60/5g Morocco. Happy, euphoria, sociable.
Hiya €13.00 €55/5g Morocco. Happy, euphoric, relaxed.
Super Marssa €12.00 €50/5g Morocco. Focused, happy, sleepy.
Amazing Block €10.00 €45/5g Morocco. Euphoric, creative, relaxed.
Cream €9.00 €45/5g Morocco. Relaxed, creative, hungry.