coffeeshop in Haarlem
Reviews of Empire Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Michael from Israel sent 12 Sep 2017
So this is without a doubt my favorite coffee shop in the Netherlands. Very good atmosphere. We were staying in Amsterdam and went to Haarlem for a few hours. On our way from the station to the center we saw the Empire and I suggested to my wife that we go in before we start walking round all the shops. We were greeted by a very nice young lady behind the bar. We enjoyed it so much that on our way back to the station we visited once again, and once again we were not disappointed. We will be back in Haarlem for a week in December and will most definitely be back at the Empire coffee shop.
Positive Review Niko from Italy sent 9 Jun 2008
NYCD good but too expensive (12e x grammo), their special Afghan (6e x grammo).
Negative Review Jeff from USA sent 23 Mar 2008
Bad choice. The lady at the counter was quite rude to us. She was not the first to treat us that way. Had a bad experience at a shop in Amsterdam as well. I told her I wanted to try their best Indica. She asked me what I meant by "Indica". She truly seemed to be oblivious to what I was asking her. I explained that there is Sativa and then there's Indica. She said she had no idea what I meant. She said she never heard of Indica or Sativa. She told us, "We only sell homegrown weed here". I asked if they had a bong we could use/rent/borrow. Again, she said she didn't know what I meant. "What's a bong"? I then asked for a pipe and she said they had none because "we don't do it like that over here". We split right then and there.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 19 Jan 2008
Highly recommended. More sit-up café than slouch vegetable; never has Phil Collins sounded so good.
Positive Review Paul from USA sent 7 Jan 2008
I visited this place every day I was in Haarlem over Christmas. They normally have a few locals hanging out, but it is also a good place for tourists. It is right down the main shopping street from the Grote Markt. They have good prices, especially on mixed joints, which were quite strong.
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Franc, one of the staff, was extremely welcoming and fun. Turned us on to some of his own stash which was potent yet not paralyzing. Fun place to shoot pull and get to know some of the locals - everyone was cool! Franc even shared his lunch with us - I was too "knettered" to move. Silver Pearl was quite good (pre-rolled). More comfortable chairs would be a bonus!
Neutral Review Lindser from USA sent 14 Mar 2007
Very friendly but the Misty bud we bought was dried out and smoked so-so!
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany sent 5 Sep 2004
I was there only a minute because it was very crowded and hot inside. They mostly sell at-least-2gram-bags. But I only bought a gram of their Misty, it has a very fruity taste and a very strong high! Very good shop btw!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 21 Jul 2004
Located between Sativa and the Theehuis, a block or so from the Grote Markt, Quiet, pool table, nice fast internet computer (more expensive than Sativa, but quieter making this my choice should I want to use computer). No comfy booths, but some nice sidewalk tables. Smallish size. Nice shop with nice décor.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 4 Mar 2004
The Bally Revenge From Mars pinball machine is now retired, but take heart! Its worthy successor is a Williams Star Wars Episode One (though its green 'light sabre' - as is usual, given the custom green neon tube costs over £150 to replace - is not working).
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 15 Dec 2003
OK, we confess: this became our 'home from hotel' during our trip, partly because the Hotel Amadeus in the nearby Grote Markt is non-cannabis-smoking, as discovered only upon our arrival; and partly because this is the nearest coffeeshop to Grote Markt...but that's another story. We spent so much time here that we met and congratulated the 'pinball guy' who owns their splendid Bally Revenge From Mars machine (the last Bally ever!) on its excellent condition; turns out he also maintains the Williams Medieval Madness at Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla (q.v.), plus a few others including one in Amsterdam. The Empire is bigger than it looks, with a games area at the back containing the pinball, a pool table, and a Photoplay. Near the entrance is an Internet terminal, and the dealing end of the counter is nearest the door, with a display cabinet and pre-bagged deals. Freshly squeezed orange juice is available and the coffee is OK as well. Nice place to chill out, very friendly and helpful staff, with a good mix of locals and visitors. The paint job in the games area contains a subtle glitter effect which is enhanced by the neon strips on the ceiling; but overall, it's still fairly dimly lit. In daytime though, the tables at the window let you watch the world go by the Hema store almost opposite. A firm favourite with us, and they were surprised and delighted to know their picture was already in the ACD before we wrote this review.