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Far Out

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Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Was hesitant to visit this place after all these years have passed - and general quality nationwide especially weedwise went down big time since 2010 - since Dim wrote that review. No risk no fun though so we made it there. Place coming with a billard table, Iron Man flipper and a Photo Play. All in all about 25 seats, few couches included otherwise rustic, which makes it a medium sized place. Bar in the back is selling the gear to you. Weed available that day: Bio (7€/g), Misty (9€/g), Double Dragon (9€/g), Santa Maria (10€/g), Shiva (10€/g), White Widow (11€/g), Cheese (11€/g), Master Kush (11€/g), Burmese Kush (12€/g), Enemy Of The State (12€/g), Silver Haze (13€/g). Hash: Maroc (6,75€/g), Matrix (7.5€/g), 24K (11€/g), Polm (8€/g), Royal Maroc (8.5€/g), Black Kush (8.5€/g), Super Polm (9€/g), Hya (10€/g), Brownies (12€/g), Nepal (12€/g), King Haze (12€/g), Royal Dutch Haze (12€/g) and Moeluk (12€/g). Voordeelzak/value pack (25€/each, amounts vary): Hollands Hope, Misty, NL, Luke Skywalker, Shiva, Brute, Critical, The Game, Moonlight, Pineapple Kush, Moby Dick, DrGrinspoon, Gorilla Glue, Lemon Haze, Silver Haze, Amnesia Mac Ganja. Voordeelzak/value pack (35€/each): Shakzilla, Shiva, Chocolope. Voordelzaak/value pack (45€/each): Silver Haze. Hash munten (which is roughly translated to hash coins; pressed indeed but the skuff/ice-o-lator ones were looking funny in a bad way but who knows without trying? Though would be surprised to find superior quality, all coming with different weights. Traditional ones were looking like they should though.): Svd Maroc (20€), Far Out Special (20€), Royal Dutch (?), Kashmir (25€), Gorilla Glue (1.5g=25€), Bio Munt (30€), Mix (40€), HazeXKush (45€), Haze Munt (50€) and M&M (60€). Budtenders were polite enough but one guy serving tried (?) to short-change me. Got a gram of Kings Haze hash the budtender recommended, all pre-packed by the way. Tasting of foreign genetics indeed, not overly strong but still nice enough hash. One mate got one of the Kushes which wasn't a kush in my humble opinion but one of the better offerings I saw at Dutch coffeeshops in recent times, good look and tasting of something while having decent stony effects. All in all spent a few hours there and still think worth a visit more or less despite all of the general change in the last years at coffeeshops and their wares from the black market, at least if you're in that area. Bring your car though as place really deserves its name!
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 15 Aug 2011
I was really impressed with this shop! Big variety and quality. Expensive but worth every euro you give! If you are in the area, worth a visit for sure!
Positive Review Uncle Klaus from Netherlands sent 14 Feb 2011
This is one of the best shops. The people behind the bar are always friendly and helping with information. They also show you each hash and weed. It is not a cheap one but the quality is very high so it is worth it. Try the Black Afghan for 5€ and the Shiva. But you can buy everything there. If you want to smoke something special then try the Silver Haze, this shop is famous for it. :-) For every order over 24€ you get a lighter or papers and tips for free. You can park in front of the shop so it is good for a short stop. If you get the chance to get there, get it!
Positive Review Otto from Groningen sent 12 Aug 2008
Very good shop with nice hasjes and weeds that look expensive at first sight, but it's worth it. They also have very large discount bags, but I didn't try those because I just wanted to try the Royal Polm, Nepal, Super Silver Haze and something a bit more cheap. Everything I bought was great. Since we can't smoke tobacco anymore in coffeeshops they have a plexiglass separation between the visitor's part and the bar, so it's not as nice as the bar as it probably used to be, but at least we can smoke indoor there. They also had computers that you could use for a reasonable price.
Positive Review HC Katser from Netherlands sent 17 May 2007
Excellent shop with a large variety of choice. Great bags for 25 euros, three kinds of heavy stinking Haze (Silver Haze, Mexican Haze and normal haze).
Positive Review Save47 from Netherlands sent 11 Sep 2005
They got very good quality weed and hash. Yesterday I bought 3 kinds of Haze (Mexican, Indian, other). Also you can get here nice big bags for 25euro and lies this shop on a road so you can park at the front and get fast some hash or grass. The atmosphere inside is great, nice people behind the bar and relaxed customers. It's a very good shop and I'll drive 75KM for it but it most worth of it.