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Flower Power

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Reviews of Flower Power Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat). Sent 8 Sep 2015.
Been here once. Sour Kush was dead, no taste or smell, medium high. Blue Cheese was decent though, taste smell buzz, all there, real nice Blue Cheese.
Negative Review B&E from USA. Sent 11 Oct 2008.
We went in here to buy some weed and were reading the menu when the guy working there asked another customer not to smoke inside. The customer said that there was no tobacco in the joint and the guy working said, "this is a no smoking shop, no smoking at all". After hearing that, we bought what we were looking for and left, but it seems like an awful waste. It's a great space with lots of windows but apparently you cannot smoke there. I wouldn't go back here.
Positive Review Dave from UK. Sent 17 Jun 2007.
I really like this one I will be going back, didn't buy any weed but sound bartender who was English. Place is set up a bit like an old American bar with the long heavy wood tabletops. It's on a street corner with windows all round so you can sit at the window watching people walk past. We nearly missed this if we didn't have the map would have never found it I couldn't even see where it said Flower Power!
Positive Review Laura from USA. Sent 27 Dec 2006.
Visited a little before Christmas, and everyone was very friendly. They had "Woerteljes" (little roots) for E 10/g, which the guy behind the bar recommended, and they were out of it the next day. Very nice staff; I'm terrible at rolling, so the guy even rolled a couple of joints for me! The "Crystal" is also very good. They have pre-rolled joints for E 4 or so, and their Thai (mixed with tobacco) was a great high. Nice decor, with a lot of wood, and a pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended!